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This Blog is a compilation of multiple series of articles & mini articles designed to clear up common confusion on a variety of metaphysical, mystical, paranormal, spiritual, and occult subjects….and provide useful, helpful information on different topics for day to day “Make your life a bit easier” topics such as Gemstone therapy-Essential oils-Herbs-etc.

This Blog will also be about our adventures here at Des Moines New Age Shop & Community Center.

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Links for the series and all associated posts are provided below in addition to links for specific articles.

Here is what I know: Ley Lines

Eastern New Year 2017

Lunar Eclipses & You

Comets, Influence & Myth

Retrogrades: Jupiter

Here is what I know: Energetic Links

Solar Eclipses & You

Quick Tips: Clearing your space

Quick Tips: Personal Energy Clearing


Gemstone Therapy: Grounders

Himalayan Salt Lamps, Hype or Help

Retrogrades: Mercury

Divination Styles: Crystal Ball Reading

What is the New Age?

Alittle bit about Worry Stones

What are Negative “Attachment”‘s & Such?

Retrogrades: Chiron

2020- Year of the Metal Rat, What to expect!!!

Crystal Care: Tips on how to take care of your stones

A bit about Moldavite