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Des Moines New Age Shop & Community Center Events

*Each event has a link to the event description on our Facebook page ūüėÄ (Since Fb is being stupid again, the descriptions will be on here instead.)

October 2022-

Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Día De Los Muertos Psychic Fair 2022       Sat. Oct. 8th   11am to 7pm

Día De Los Muertos is not a day to mourn the people that we have lost. Rather, it is a day to celebrate and remember our loved ones.
We will have vendors and readers offering their services and selling their wares.
*Our vendor lineup has shifted abit due to a few things.
**Please join us as We wish the vendors who could not be here on Saturday blessings. Wounded warrior of chiron a great moving(Much needed)experience- new spaces =great things, Bluntforce Tarot good health, Psychic Jeff healing for his current health complications.**
Terre Vici: Gorgeous #handmade #jewelry featuring #crystals and #charms
Spiral healing energies: #reiki #angelreadings #hilothealing #candlespells
Wundercraft Emporium- Jewelry, Crystals, Dreamcatchers, organic skincare, and More!
Tarot by Maddie- #tarotreadings and Spiritual consultations
Jen’s Nails– Colorstreet nails
DPART- Des Moines Area Paranormal Research Team- #Paranormal Consultations
Angelynn- Psychic Medium, #petpsychic
Halloween Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD

Halloween Psychic Fair 2022       Sat. Oct. 8th   11am to 7pm

It’s the time of year when people are looking for a good fright! Or they could just be looking for some candy, who are we to judge? Whatever your motivation, come join us as we celebrate Halloween at Des Moines New Age Shop with a variety of vendors and readers annnnd an Awesome Dungeons & Dragons Artshow (hosted by Dean Sturtevant or Green Unicorn art)!
Costumes are encouraged!
Vendors (so far):
Psychic Jeff–¬†#clairvoyant¬†#psychicmedium
Spiral healing energies: #reiki #angelreadings #hilothealing #candlespells
DPART- Des Moines Area Paranormal Research  Team- #Paranormal Consultations
Angelynn- Psychic Medium , #petpsychic
Wundercraft Emporium- Jewelry, Crystals, Dreamcatchers, organic skincare, and More!
Tarot by Maddie- #tarotreadings and Spiritual consultations

December 2020-

An Evening with a Psychic Medium                            Thurs. Dec. 31st           8pm to 10pm


January 2021 Events(So Far)-

Dragonball Artshow                                                       Fri. January 1st           4pm to 7pm                             Sat. January 2nd        11am to 7pm

4th Annual New Years Psychic Fair                             Sat. January 2nd         11am to 7pm


Friday night talk –¬†The Akashic Records

Friday Oct 5th, 2018

Howdy Folks,
The Friday Night Talks are back at the Shop!!!!!!!!!
This Friday We will be discussing the Akashic Records ūüôā

We will be dropping Some great tips.

No attendance fee, but Donations are appreciated ūüėÄ
For more info, give the shop a call at #515-276-7755

July Events (So Far)

July 6th, Friday Night Talk: Supernatural Safety, 7pm-7:30pm

July 7th, Psychic Medium Don Davis, Saturday, 1pm to 4pm

July 13th, Friday Night Talk: Crystals for Abundance , 7pm-7:30pm

July 20th, Friday Night Talk: Energetic Shielding, 7pm-7:30pm

July 21st, Psychic fair , 11am to 7pm

July 27th, Friday Night Talk: Programming your Crystals, 7pm-7:30pm

June Events (So Far);

July 1st, Reiki Healing Circle, Friday, 7pm to 8pm

June 8th, An evening with Spirit Medium Melinda Carver, Friday, 7pm to 9pm

Event Change

June 9th, Psychic Medium Don Davis, Saturday, 1pm to 4pm

July 16th, Tarotfest, Saturday, 6pm to 9pm

July 23rd, Summer Solstice Psychic Fair, Saturday, 11am to 7pm

July 29th, Reiki & Spirit Guide Readings, Friday, 1pm to 4pm

MAY EVENTS (So far):

May 1st, Reiki Healing Circle- 7pm-8:30pm

May 5th, Intuitive art Healing group- 6pm-8:30 pm

May 9th, Spirit Guide & Angel healing pop up- Wednesday,  6pm-9pm

May 12th, Past Life Readings- Saturday, 1pm-5pm

May 12th, Psychic Medium Don Davis- Saturday,  1pm-4pm

May 19th, Naturefest Psychic Fair- Saturday, 11am-7pm

May 25th, Intuitive art Healing group- Friday,  7pm-9:30pm

May 26th, Psychic Medium Don Davis – Saturday, 1pm to 4pm

May 26th, Past Life Readings by Dr. Susan Kellogg- Saturday, 1pm-5pm

May 26th, Who is on the other end of my psychic hotline?  lecture by Dr. Susan Kellogg , Saturday, 12pm-12:45 pm