Des Moines New Age Shop & Community Center Events

*Each event has a link to the event description on our Facebook page 😀

June Events (So Far);

June 8th, An evening with Spirit Medium Melinda Carver, Friday, 7pm to 9pm


MAY EVENTS (So far):

May 1st, Reiki Healing Circle- 7pm-8:30pm

May 5th, Intuitive art Healing group- 6pm-8:30 pm

May 9th, Spirit Guide & Angel healing pop up- Wednesday,  6pm-9pm

May 12th, Past Life Readings- Saturday, 1pm-5pm

May 12th, Psychic Medium Don Davis- Saturday,  1pm-4pm

May 19th, Naturefest Psychic Fair- Saturday, 11am-7pm

May 25th, Intuitive art Healing group- Friday,  7pm-9:30pm

May 26th, Psychic Medium Don Davis – Saturday, 1pm to 4pm

May 26th, Past Life Readings by Dr. Susan Kellogg- Saturday, 1pm-5pm

May 26th, Who is on the other end of my psychic hotline?  lecture by Dr. Susan Kellogg , Saturday, 12pm-12:45 pm