Quick tips: Clearing your space

Quick tips: Clearing your space

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Nasty energy vibrates at a lower frequency then positive energy, Plain and simple!
Make your home inhospitable to nasty stuff.
Now mind you, this is NOT just more of the same “Picture a white light” crap.
You already know THAT (And besides, most people that I’ve met haven’t had much luck with it anyways)
You will hear a lot of Spiritual people say “Raise your vibration”,
I promise you that they are NOT just being hippy dippy.
When you raise your vibration, it makes the negative energy want to pack up and move somewhere homier.
You had NO idea that it was that scientific OR that simple, did you?????????????
Now, Nobody can be high vibe all the time, we’re ALL human.
But here are some ways that you can keep other peoples garbage outta your home or space.
BTW, Energetically clearing and Protecting your space is vital.
You’ve gotta have someplace to come home to, a Haven from the rest of the stresses and pressures that we get hit with all of the time.
If that space ain’t clear, All kinds of stuff goes buggy!

one more thing that I’m gonna mention here,
And I will probably catch some flack for this.
Your space is ALSO affected by WHO you bring into it.
If you have a buddy full of drama who is always hangin at your pad,
that buddy’s energy is gonna hang out too.
So, if your doin everything right and you have a Mr. or Ms. Drama paying steady visits, here are 2 things to do.
1 Clear your place every time, right after they leave,
2 Fill your home SO fully with your energy that it’s a lot harder for someone else’s energy to take root.
Or you can just hang with them in a public place and flush afterward.

So, Here are some tools and some tips to cleanse & protect your home:

Environmental factors-
Singing bowls-
easiest way to clean out a house, energetically speaking(No it will not clear the dust bunnies, sorry to get your hopes up…I know you did …just for,like, a second there.
It would be nice but NOPE, go get your broom and dustpan for that) the sound that they emit breaks up negative, stale, unpleasant energy through vibration.

Water fountains- These act like energy purifiers and they reflect nasty stuff. (Also, if you are a spiritual freelancer like myself, these act like a shrine to a diety! Cool hunh, I thought so)

Plants- life means less room for negative crap to float around. Also they give off their own calming energy.

Happy music- Blast it loud

Dance- Nobody is Fred Astair- except for Fred Astair- just have fun!

Sing- Nobody is Frank Sinatra- except for Frank Sinatra- Again Just have fun!!!!

Crystals- their energy is almost always positive!

Incense & Essential oils- Use them! Diffuse them!!! Put them to work for you!!!!

Nothing brings a good mood like some sunshine!!!
And nothing kills ambient nasty energy like sunshine!!!!
Let alone the breeze, moving air is always good!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Keep your drapes/blinds/etc open for a few days while you’re at work, and I will bet you it feels a lot better in your home afterward)

White Selenite- automatic energy flush, very rarely (if ever) needs cleansing itself.
Black tourmaline- negative energy blocker and absorber
(Quick note, with the Black Tourmaline & White Selenite, I recommend that you use them to grid your house, a link to a diagram will be up as soon as I can get the diagram done)
Obsidian- reflects negative energy. Its a volcanic glass, so by its nature, nothing wants to get too snugly.
Himalayan salt lamps- cleans the air and the energy

Salt-purification personified!!
Sage-clearing and blessing herb, used since druidic times.
You thought I was gonna say the Native Americans, didn’t you!!!
Although, the Celtic Druids DID throw a little oakmoss in with their sage.

*Sage alternatives (if you dislike the smell of burning Sage, like I do. Or if you are allergic.)-
Palo santo- Brazilian holy wood( much the same properties as Sage)
Yerba Santa
Mugwort (Black Sage)

Essential oils, resins & Incenses-
Palo santo

There are a few other things that will help, but these are what I have found to be most helpful 😀

****But don’t just take my word for it , get out there and research it!****

~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS