Solar Eclipses & You


Solar Eclipses & You

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A little bit of background info,
solar and lunar eclipses always arrive in pairs one for the new moon and one for the full moon respectively.

And since we just had our penumbral lunar eclipse on February 11th, we have a following Solar Eclipse on the February 26th.

So how does a solar eclipse affect you exactly????
I mean, if you don’t look directly at it (blindness and burnt retinas, same as lookin into a welding torch flame) lol.
In truth, any eclipse is a major event in our skies, as they bring change and the unexpected in very dramatic ways.
But the Solar eclipse specialty is to bring up the upheavals, changes, and unexpected truths in a way that starts out small, but increases in importance over time.
Solar eclipses specialize in subtlety, the iron claw in the velvet glove if you will.
Bonus though, its a great time to pull all of your crystals out and Charge the heck out of them 😀

Scientifically, this is what happens:
A solar eclipse happens when the moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, there by cutting off the Sun’s light. So the Moon is actually covering up the Sun from our point of view.

Astrologically, this is what happens:
A solar eclipse means change, Unlike lunar eclipses, the changes are generally less apparent less quickly. Things unfold in a more subtle way. Also keep in mind that the effects of a solar eclipse can be seen for up to one year after the event occurs (yikes!!!!).
The subtleties of the initial manifestations of a solar eclipse are due to,
a solar eclipse being a New Moon times three!!!
Triple the power, triple the energy, and since New moons are times of releasing and new beginnings, triple the release and triple the new beginnings.
Opportunities during a Solar eclipse?
Solar eclipse is like a triple new moon comma what you want to do this over the time between now and the solar eclipse write down anything you want to get rid of out of your life or conversely anything you want to bring into your life.

When a New Moon (beginning of the lunar cycle)appears, the Moon reflects no visible light from the sun, but with every night that goes by in the lunar cycle, the light that the Moon reflects gets stronger until it becomes a Full Moon (btw, a lunar eclipse would be a Full Moon x 3, fun fact ) which is the peak of the lunar cycle. And so it follows, astrologically solar eclipses (New moon times three) act in same way, beginning with less obviousness and getting stronger in its effects as time goes by.
This has been nicknamed the “slow burn” effect.

Fun fact:
The year that holds eclipses in your sun sign, your rising sign or your moon sign will be very vital to you. Solar eclipses denote change, so whatever it touches in a natal chart – Be it a planet, a house, an angle, or some other point – will experience that change. FYI, The February 26th solar eclipse will be in pisces, and August 21 Solar Eclipse will be in Leo this year.

Here are some ideas of what happens when a solar eclipse conjuncts your top three:

a growing awareness of your own individual personality and talents over the year, a new way of seeing yourself, new expectations for your life in general, or a new sense of self-esteem & life purpose.

*Rising sign,
a growing personal awareness over the course of the year, a new way of being “you” in the world, or a new phase of living your life.

* Moon,
a growing awareness of your emotional needs over the year, a new way of making sure that your emotional needs are met, or it could manifest as a growing focus on matters regarding your mother or parenting in general.

How to utilize this opportunity?
Use the triple-powered new moon energy to release anything that no longer serves you, or to bring a lot of energy into anything that you are wanting to start.
So grab a piece of paper and a pen and write a few things from each column down (Release and start) and you can either meditate on them during the eclipse or you can burn the paper that the items are on releasing them to the universe for further action.

Solar eclipses for 2017:
February 26
August 21

****But don’t just take my word for it , get out there and research it!****

~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS