New Summer hours!!!!


Hey folks, we are trying out some NEW Summer hours!!!!!!!!

We are trying out some NEW Summer hours!!!!!!!!

Mondays, Thursday’s & Fridays…We will be open till 9pm ūüėÄ

Making your weekdays alittle more fun ūüėÄ

Tell us what you think ūüėÄ



So big news!!!!! Link to video for this
Saturday, June 24th 2017- Des Moines New Age shop is moving from our location at 3009 Merle Hay Road Suite 6 !!!!
We are going to the hexagon or spaceship building as people are calling it,
at 6307 Hickman Road.
We will be evolving to Des Moines New Age shop & Community Center.
We have class & meeting space available for rent, as well as some rooms for retail and/or office space that can be rented!!!!!

We have a few spots open, so if your interested please contact our

Leasing Coordinator Antoinette Brown at cell# 469-774-2661

For more info call us at 515-276-7755

Abundance stones & You


                                                        Abundance Stones & You

Gemstone Therapy: Link to Article on Gemstone Therapy

Why it works: The Gemstone’s energy catalyzes, boosts, and/or rejuvenates your energy.
(*Remember to Cleanse & Charge (shower and feed) your crystals -link to my article on crystal care)

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, let’s dive in to our topic!

Abundance means having a very large quantity of something
Abundance stones & crystals are not just about getting money, getting rich, etc.
Abundance comes in many different ways, most particularly, I have found that it comes in the thing that you need most at that moment.
You might think that you need money desperately…when what you REALLY need is an opportunity to MAKE money, i.e. a job!

Will these stones help to increase prosperity? ‚Äď Yes – they will BRING ABUNDANCE INTO YOUR LIFE IN ALL OF ITS GLORIOUS & WONDERFUL FORMS¬†!
Abundance Stones (yes, all of these stones have other properties as well, but these are what they shine at!):

Green Aventurine- Abundance in all of its awesome forms! Best Abundance stone out there! THE good luck stone! Completely outdoes Jade (in my humble opinion)!( aventurine comes in a few different colors – red aventurine does well in the prosperity department too, but is mainly used for health.)

Citrine(this one is in the basic 5 stones that I have anyone beginning their journey in crystals)- Prosperity puller, helps with self-esteem, muzzles an over active inner critic, keeps you perky & optimistic, reflects others negative energy- it’s an AWESOME stone ok, just go get one!

Pyrite(Fools gold)- grounds, protects and Draws Money-the irony abounds!

Sunstone Рa leadership stone,  it brings good luck & abundance. It also switches negative energy to positive energy (even protects against psychic attacks)

Green goldstone – manifestation, abundance, growth, and prosperity. *A heavy hitter on the energy output.

Tigers eye – Grounding, protective, energizing, prosperity inducing, helps with focus & concentration.

Ruby ( this one is a little harder to come by)-
This is a manifestation stone, it also helps in the retention of wealth of all varieties. It’s also a good stone for recharging your energy, and bringing vitality

Moss agate- brings abundance in¬†wealth, is a soul refresher stone, new beginning’s, and helps with self-esteem.

Jade- it is purported to be the absolute best good luck, good fortune stone. I prefer it for its protective value as it is said to keep the wearer from harm. It will bring good luck!

Now there are others out there, but these are some of the best ones that I have worked with myself ‚Äď and, as an added bonus, they are all readily available ūüėÄ

*Sorry, no trips to Tanzania to hunt for an ultra-rare crystal that only appears every other Blue moon ‚Äď lol, I know I kind of let you down on that one ūüėÄ

****But don’t¬†just take my word for it, get out there and research it!****
~Alicia Anspaugh-McCullough, DMNAS
~Edited by: Sadie Ackerman

How the F*** do I Sage?


                                             Hot Topic: How the F*** do I Sage?

What is Saging/Smudging?
Cleansing, removing stagnant & negative energy, and raising the vibrational resonance of yourself (or your space).
The principal of Saging is using the smoke of a sacred or holy plant to clear out any temporary or permanent energy that you don’t want in your space.
What you will need:
-Sage (One 4 oz. sage bundle will cover  about 384 square feet or a 12x12x16 room)
-Lighter or matches
-Chant (from whichever religion you choose, such as: the Lord’s Prayer. If you are a spiritual freelancer -like myself- there is a Navajo chant which I will link you too-, or this one)
Suggested, but not necessary:
-2 braids of Sweetgrass (one for burning, one for hanging over your door) to bring in good luck and juju after you sage, or “charge” the space. link to Charging your space article here.
-Abalone shell (it’s pretty traditional) Рto catch the ashes from setting a bundle of leaves on fire
-Feather or feather fan (for moving the smoke more evenly)
-Himalayan singing bowl- great for use in conjunction with saging or on its own
-Obsidian, apaches tear (to hold on to while saging) – its volcanic nature repels anything nasty while you are trying to do a cleansing. That way, nothing decides to stick to you.

Varieties of Sage used for clearing:
-White Sage
-Wild sage
-Mexican sage
*There are many breeds of sage, but these are most commonly used for clearing.

Sage alternatives:
-Palo Santo
-Blacks age-also known as Mugwort, for kick a** clearing.
-Tobacco (Native Americans) believed it to be THE most sacred herb
-Himalayan singing bowl

How to Sage yourself:

Link to personal energy clearing article
-Light the sage bundle (I recommend bundles as they are easier to light than loose leaves, but if nothing else, bundle your loose leaves)
-Sage the bottoms of your feet first, then take the light bundle and pass it all over yourself (as if you are washing yourself with the smoke). Then do this for everyone else in the home, including children and pets (this clears all of the negative energy clinging to individuals, as well as any negative energy that has formed a connection with one household member in particular‚ÄĒnew energy will do this.)

How to Sage your space:

link to space clearing article
1) Open all of your cupboard, closet, windows, etc. (This allows the smoke into EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY OF YOUR HOME. Opening your windows gives the Negative or Stagnant energy a place to go.)
2) When you are saging to bless a home, go in a clockwise motion (to your right for those, like me, who are directionally challenged)
3) When you wish to cleanse your home, use a counterclockwise motion (to your left)
What to do after Saging the space:
-Get a bowl with the crystals appropriate for your situation (glass or ceramic, as they conduct energy better then plastic)
– Use Salt (to put under the stones in the bowl)
-Get 2 white tea light candles (on either side of the bowl, to charge up the stones. Let them burn until they burn out)
-Use Dragonsblood, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood incense (burn 1 stick per day for 2 weeks after the cleansing if it was particularly dense energy. 3 sticks per week for a month after cleansing if it was a light cleansing)
-Place obsidian in the heart of the home

If your sage has a hard time staying lite or the smoke is very thin, this means that the energy in or around you is extremely dense.
(Alternatively, your bundle is bound too tightly together lol)

****But don’t¬†just take my word for it, get out there and research it!****
~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS
Edited by: Sadie Ackerman

Works Cited
N.d. The Wellness Sanctuary. Web. 30 May 2017. <>.

Retrogrades: Venus


                                                             Retrogrades: Venus

Retrogrades: when the planetary forces are moving backwards or are reversed.

Translation: Things tend to get a little backwards and mucked up.
We turn inwards first in a retrograde, examining our motives, excavating hidden desires, even exhuming a few past demons which we haven’t fully dealt with.

RE= Revive, Reunite, Repair, Restore, etc.
Venus Represents: Love, beauty, wealth, pleasure, romance (and relationships in general), Negotiations, harmony & compassion.
Ruler of the signs Taurus & Libra

Venus Retrograde:
Venus retrogrades for approximately 5-7 weeks every 18-19 months.

Venus, in astrology, is a symbol of the human capacity to appreciate the gifts that life brings Рto savor and enjoy the pleasures and relaxing moments, preferably immersed in the beauty, Venus indicates what we want for ourselves.

The planet of Romance going ‚Äúbackwards‚ÄĚ makes people re-examine, and reconsider their relationships (and not just the romantic ones). Any relationship that has issues that you have been letting slide (or making excuses in) will come crashing in, on you, and the people around you. While the planet of Negotiations, Advice, and Counsel is in Retrograde, any arguments you make during this time will be harder to settle, and any advice you try to give others will be poor and uncertain.

Lady Venus also represents Value, when in retrograde it is harder to determine the true value of something (e.g. not a good time to make an important purchase, or changes in any relationship). Your values and ideals will be called into question.
It is a high probability that your inner self will start calling for you to act cautiously over your wealth, talents, or people. Keep in mind Venus retrograde is essential for the development of self-awareness, our thoughts, and our self-worth.

While balanced, Lady Venus knows what is true & bases her decisions on this instinctive compass. When we are in touch with our body, we can feel when something attracts or repulses us. When Venus is out of balance, we mentally tend to project our desires onto others ‚Äď we blame them when our circumstances are making us unhappy. Our personal gyroscope becomes distorted, and we focus on external pleasures. We love materials, and use unhealthy coping mechanisms to create artificial happiness. We love them, but not ourselves, and expect others to love us enough for the both of us.

*Remember that retrogrades have a tendency to rule the past and therefore bring up past issues. In Lady Venus’s case, past issues with our love lives, former flames, and intense friendships.

*Also for the Venus ruled out there (Taurus and you Libra) don’t be surprised if you feel a little off, and if you want to spend a bunch of cash. Keep calm, and keep your wallet closed!

The three phases: (remember a retrograde is like an Oreo cookie- 1st shadow zone, retrograde, finale):

January 30, 2017, Venus enters shadow zone :
During this phase you will get an idea of the love and money issues that will be of concern during the retrograde phase.

#2¬†Second Shadow zone or Retrograde: the planet during its retrograde phase ‚Äúrevisits‚ÄĚ that issue or event, which may also entail delaying the resolution or realization of action.

March 4, 2017, Venus Retrograde:
Areas of life that were a major focus during the first shadowzone are up close and personal & can now be worked on.

April 15, 2017, Venus retrograde finale:
In the completion of the final phase of Venus retrograde 2017 (Which lasts five weeks & ends on May 18) Your love and money issues that were in focus during Venus in retrograde motion can now be finalized.

Advantages, Opportunities & How this helps us:
-A Venus Retrograde can bring a refreshing pause to the dramatic scripts of our love stories and intense relationships-pulling the rose colored glasses off of us so to speak.
-It helps us to step back and gain called PERSPECTIVE!
-This is a great time to get a understanding of yourself and how you relate to those around you. Also to realize, accept, and re-work some of your entrenched negative interpersonal patterns.
Reassessment of decisions: Do I really want this? Is this really how I wish to proceed?
Is it really worth it? It’s goin’ to be a time that personal values reinstate themselves.

Things that can help mitigate its influences:
Preparation and allowances for hiccups and difficulties in the above mentioned areas, wait six weeks on any large purchases or being too spendy in general (Everything will still be there, so calm down), waiting 6 weeks to make any major decisions in any relationships (personal or friendship).

-Rose quartz

Or, if you wish to use this time to your advantage:
Slow down, meditate, and practice compassionate inward reflection.
Take an accountof what you really want & who you really are.
Examine how you can improve in your behavior toward your loved ones.

Venus Retrograde dates:
2015, July 25 to September 6
2017, March 4 to April 15
2018, October 5 to November 16
Here is what you can do to counteract it:
You really can’t, so sit down and enjoy the ride!

****But don’t¬†just take my word for it, get out there and research it!****
~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS
Edited by: Sadie Ackerman

Gemstone Therapy: Cleansing stones


                                              Gemstone Therapy: Cleansing stones

What is Gemstone Therapy?
Using the innate energy of a particular gem, crystal, stone, mineral or set thereof to boost, catalyze, influence, initiate, or prop up your own energies. Example: You’re having a horrid day and your feeling really down in the dumps. You go over to your mega positive friend’s house and hang out with them for a while. Strangely, you feel a lot better. You leave and the uplifted feeling stays with you. That, in a nutshell, is what crystals do.

What do crystals do?
Many different things! They can de-stress, help jettison emotional baggage, keep you in a sunny state of mind, bring harmony to a home, help to facilitate honest communication, etc.
Today though, I am focusing on Cleansers!

Cleansing –¬†an energetic flush. Pushing out any unwanted or foreign energy, and making sure that there is nothing left behind.

Cleaning out your energetic body is as necessary as showering every day. People leave energetic residue wherever they go, and on

People leave energetic residue wherever they go, and on whomever they touch.
We all have enough of our own energy baggage; we don’t need anyone else’s overlaying ours.

#1 it prevents us from dealing with our stuff because we are so busy wondering wtf is going on with us
#2 it just plain feels bad
#3 it is bad for our mental-Emotional-physical and energetic state of being.

Here’s a visual (Since I’m hyper visual, lol):
Picture a lightbulb (the lightbulb is playing the part of YOU).
Now roll the lightbulb around in dust, it’s a little dimmer, and it feels & looks yucky
Now roll it in pastel chalks, it’s much dimmer now, and while it has pretty colors- you don’t really want to touch it.
Now, without cleaning it off, roll the lightbulb in some ink- by now you can barely see the light and the bulb looks nasty.
Whatever it touches gets ink & chalk & dust on it.
That’s what happens when we don’t clear ourselves, our light is dulled, and our energies are limited. We get all that nastiness on everything else because we are diffusing -not just our energy, but also all the crap that we are collecting.
BTW, this is also true of your crystals, so be sure to clean them off too! (Link to article on crystal care)
Some side effects of not Cleansing:
Anything that you pick up from other people- That has nothing to do with you!
-Extreme Sadness & Mood swings
-Phantom pains
-Excessive fatigue
-Stress (& stress related illnesses)
-Feeling drained, Panicked, Angry, and overwhelmed

What we pull from others or what is left on us from others, can make us SICK (Mentally & physically), and there are a lot of different ways to cleanse yourself-  article on Personal energy cleansing
For those of a more tactile persuasion- I give you CRYSTALS!

Some Top notch Cleansers:

Selenite or -Maria Glass, Satin Spar, Desert Rose, Sericolite (Italian)¬†‚Äst(Don‚Äôt get it wet or it will dissolve)
All Selenite removes energy blocks, particularly from the physical and etheric bodies. It can also remove energy blocks in the bodies of other crystals and stones. This makes it excellent for enhancing the properties of other stones and for clearing and charging them.

*White Selenite- #1 best crystal for energetic flushing, energetic cleansing. Plus it almost NEVER needs to be cleansed itself. Anybody dealing with the public needs at least two chunks of this!

*Peach Selenite
This is good for an energetic flush or energetic cleansing when you need a softer touch. It’s a great self-care, after care stone. If you have been dealing with a great deal of long term stress or trauma (even if you have gotten used to it) this is the stone to start your cleansing with.

*Clear Selenite
It brings clarity of the mind, it opens the crown chakras. With this stone, you can access angelic consciousness and higher guidance while having a strong anchor here in this plane. Excellent for meditation work.

*Angel wing selenite-
On top of the basic selenite properties, it connects you with your higher self. IT is one of the most beneficial to the Soul star chakra-it connects your crown chakra with your higher self and the universal consciousness beyond.

*Clear quartz-programmed with intention-
Clear Quartz is the “master healer” and amplifies energy and thought, as well as the¬†effects of other¬†crystals. It also acts as a balancer when it comes to intention programming (impressing a concept through willpower & concentration) — you can program it for things like protection, motivation, and energetic flush.

*Halite crystal (Rock salt) –¬†(Don‚Äôt get it wet or it will dissolve)
It’s salt! Salt raises the energetic vibration around you- nothing nasty can stick to you. It also cleans up the spiritual & physical environment of unhealthy habits, relationships, incomplete projects, etc. It will cleanse the heart of emotional wounds, and help you to take positive action towards a more self-loving lifestyle.
*Some use it in bath water to clear and restore spiritual energy. One piece can be used repeatedly until it eventually dissolves.

Himalayan salt–¬†(Also don‚Äôt get it wet or it will dissolve)
It’s also salt! Salt raises the energetic vibration around you- nothing nasty can stick to you. It pulls the positive ions out of the air and replacing them with negative ions, which means better breathing. This type has the added caveat of acting as a natural air purifier by pulling moisture (and the toxins-allergens) from the surrounding environment into the salt- Hygroscopy. It also neutralizes EMF, Boosts serotonin and concentration. (Link to HSL article)

Black Kyanite- (Also don’t get it wet or it will dissolve)
Full of healing energy, it is a Chakra aligner and auric field hole fixer. It is both grounding and energizing at the same time. *Used in conjunction with White Selenite it will break up any stubbornly stuck energy.
Meditating with it can help you come up with important insights resulting from exploration of the subconscious mind. It is often used to explore past lives, and to anticipate how current actions affect future lives. (Neat huh?)

Black tourmaline (2 chunks)-
This is THE Empathic blocker stone, but it also has a tendency to absorb negative energies so if you’re in a particularly nasty environment, switch your stones midway through your day.
*Then clean them out with either early morning sunlight (between sunrise and around 11am, when the sunlight is at its strongest) or a nice chunk of white selenite.

There are others for different types of grounding, but I’ve found that these are the most effective.


****But don’t¬†just take my word for it, get out there and research it!****
~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS
Edited by: Sadie Ackerman

Retrogrades: Saturn


                                                                  Retrogrades: Saturn

Retrogrades: when the planetary forces are moving backwards or are reversed.
Translation: Things tend to get a little backwards and mucked up.
*We turn inwards first in a retrograde, examining our motives, excavating hidden desires, even exhuming a few past demons which we havent fully dealt with. RE= Revive, Reunite, Repair, Restore, etc.

Saturn Represents: Responsibility, structure, rules, Karma. Ruler of the sign  Capricorn
Saturn retrograde:
Saturn retrogrades every 12 months for around 140 days.  giving us plenty of opportunity for reconsidering things in our lives.
Saturn, in astrology, is the disciplinarian. We will have to work a great deal harder in EVERYTHING that we do, rewards will seem to take more effort, as will appreciation, attention and notice. And we will be hearing a lot of truths that we have needed to hear for a while (yup, you guessed it, its gonna be hard to swallow most of the time).
Saturn retrograde, demands some serious hard work and dedication from us.
But as one of my spirit guides is fond of saying (like a mantra) – Work and worth, sometimes the work is its own reward-
All lessons learned during¬†¬†Saturn retrograde¬†will be enough to test the strongest mettle, but sometimes those are the most worthwhile lessons to learn. So lots of growth, lots of life, lots of gird your loins……….but every single hurdle is gonna be WELL WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some astrologers call Saturn the lord of karma, well during a Saturn Retrograde the LORD O KARMA IS GONNA DO SOME KARMA SORTIN!

Anxiety will be up, As will limitations, restrictions, fears. There will be lots of duty and responsibility issues to do with your career & dependents.
So take stock and make sure everything is in order.
Progress in life will be delayed & hindered, Re-evaluation of your plans will happen, so buff up your physical and mental self for the journey.
But remember too, Saturn retrograde gives you an opportunity to come up with new plans that will be wonderfully productive once the retrograde is over.
Saturn is the planet of Structure, Pressure, doing the right thing even when its not easy or fun(even when we get no benefit from it whatsoever), and it values justice and altruism in its purest forms. No pressure right!
Saturn ‚ÄúDefines‚ÄĚ the areas of your life that it rules, when it Retrogrades, it’s time to slow down & redefine those areas .
When Saturn Retrogrades, it is ‚Äúbacking off,‚ÄĚ i.e. the pressure is less.
This is going to allow you time to self-reflect or re-define the problem that the 1st shadowzone of  Saturn Retrograde brought into view. When Saturn goes direct again, the issue gets resolved.
Saturn Retrograde means that pushing ahead (yup Im a huge offender in this category) on anything is ill advised until Saturn goes direct again.
There will always be a tendency to spread yourself too thin,
be aware, with Saturn in Retrograde all those chances we take when we are pushing our limits tend to go sideways on us.
But we all have lives and slow gear isnt always an option.
So make like Santa and make your schedule , then check it twice!!!
And then make sure you bookmark enough time to rest (extra R&R time is a good idea).

*remember that retrogrades have a tendency to rule the past and therefore bring up past issues.
In old man Saturn’s case, past issues with balancing the scales of your life, career, fears,
*Also for the Saturn ruled out there, ¬†I’m Talkin to you Capricornian’s…don’t be surprised if your feeling a bit out of whack.
Keep calm, nothin lasts forever!

The three phases:  (remember a retrograde is like an Oreo cookie- 1st shadow zone, retrograde, finale):

December 30, 2016, Saturn enters shadow zone:
During this phase, you will get an idea of the issues that will be of concern during the retrograde phase.

April 6, 2017, Saturn Retrograde:
The Retrograde brings into sharper focus the areas of life that were touched in in the first shadowzone and during the retrograde they can now be worked on
*Retrograde=¬† the planet during its retrograde phase ‚Äúrevisits‚ÄĚ that issue or event, which may also entail delaying the resolution or realization of action.

August 25, 2017, Saturn retrograde finale:
This completes the final phase of Saturn retrograde 2017. Any issues that were in focus during Saturn in retrograde can now come to closure and be finalized.

Advantages, Opportunities & how this helps us:
Positively, A Saturn Retrograde
Teaches us the value of hard work, and how GOOD we normally have it lol, Its a great time to say NO to the things that aren’t really important right now (we get to learn the value of prioritization), self-reflection, re-defining, Re-Evaluating.

These are things that can help mitigate its influences:
Preparation and allowances for hiccups and difficulties in the above-mentioned areas
Garnet, sodalite, tiger eye, Dragon quartz, ruby, Flourite, citrine & clear quartz

Or if you wish to use this time to your advantage:
Slowing down, taking care of small things that always seem to get in your way when you are trying to get ahead, detail work, working through some of your karmic scale balancings, getting face to face with your anxiety and learning it a little better
Crystals :
Sodalite, Tiger eye, Dragon quartz, aventurine, black tourmaline, Citrine

Saturn Retrograde dates:
March 25th 2016
April 6th 2017
April 17th 2018
*you may wonder why I put the previous year’s retrograde. It is to give you an idea of how the retrograde feels personally. Go back to that time frame and look through your journals, heck- even just think back on it, see how it affected you.
Although last year was pretty rough in general…….but it’s the closest that Iv got.

Here is what you can do to counteract it:
You really can’t, so sit down and enjoy the ride!

****But don’t¬†just take my word for it , get out there and research it!****
~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS

-Edited by: Sadie Ackerman

Retrogrades: Mercury


                                                          Retrogrades: Mercury

Retrograde: When the planetary forces are moving backwards or are reversed.

Translation: Things are going to get a little wonkyfied.

Mercury Represents: 
Communication, Technology, Transportation, Travel, Intellect,
Trickery, and Business.
Ruler of the signs: Gemini & Virgo

Mercury Retrograde:

Mercury retrogrades three times per average year for anywhere from 3-5 weeks each time.
When the planet of Rational Thinking, Communications, Equipment, and Business Transactions, stops operating normally, it leads to all sorts of annoying events.
-This is a good time to take stock of where you stand and come to terms with reality- no rose colored glasses for us now. Lay low, process, and digest the information that you have in hand rather than adventure out into unknown & undiscovered territory.

Visualize and perceive things from your internal point of view and do not start anything new for the time being. When the planet of ‚Äúbusiness‚ÄĚ is going in reverse, it is also a good time to finish old business (i.e., pay bills, clean out the closet, etc.)

*Also, for the Mercury ruled out there (Gemini & Virgo) don’t be surprised if you feel off and your normal clear mind & eloquence desert you.

Keep calm, all storms pass! Actually, you know what, go dance in that rain!

The Three phases (remember a retrograde is like an Oreo cookie- 1st shadow zone, retrograde, finale):

March 27th, 2017, Mercury enters shadow zone:
During this phase, you will get an idea of the communication, business, travel, and technology issues that will be of concern during the retrograde phase.

**#2¬†Second Shadow zone or Retrograde: The planet during its retrograde phase ‚Äúrevisits‚ÄĚ that issue or event, which may also entail delaying the resolution, or realization of action.**

April 9th, 2017, Mercury second shadow zone/Retrograde:
Areas of life that were a major focus during the 1st shadow zone now come to the forefront for our working out-through-against.

May 21st, 2017, Mercury Retrograde finale:
This completes the final phase of the first Mercury retrograde of 2017. Your communication, business, travel, & technology issues that were in focus during Mercury retrograde can now be finalized & will be brought to a close (like it or lump it).

Advantages, Opportunities, & How this helps us:
A Mercury Retrograde teaches us the value of silence, rest, and unplugging from our technology saturated lives. Sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy rain on a roof, a walk in the woods, or a steamy mug of hot tea in PEACE!
Well this is what Mercury brings you, shut up, sit down, and take a load off!
Computers, laptops, phones, tablets — any technology tends to fritz up. Arguments, disputes, misunderstandings, problems, and mistakes are on the rise. No new business, don‚Äôt sign any contracts, buy new items, or start new projects.

Transportation in all of its forms will have a plethora of hiccups and mistakes, and communication becomes twice as difficult

(Lots of miscommunication and misunderstandings! If you have any altercations during this time, just forgive everybody involved and move on! Because I guarantee nobody meant for things to go sideways and they probably couldn’t get the right words to express themselves properly. If possible wait to talk things out with any loved ones or anyone important to you),

Because instead of actually COMMUNICATING, we are REACTING-
from our needs, our hurt, or the way that we take care of others, and neglect the crap out of ourselves. Some astrologers like to call this acting from our shadow, in reference to our shadow selves- emotional ID- etc. Also now is the worst time to do anything untoward!
Just stick to being above board and honest, Communication is going to fuzz up anyways so why make it worse? It is a great time however to plan, research, and prepare for things that will come later.

These things that can help mitigate its influences:
Preparation and allowances for hiccups and technical difficulties in the above-mentioned areas wait the 5 weeks until this is over to chat about anything important,

REMEMBER: things generally have nothing to do with YOU,
so take NOTHING personally right now,
Mountains are mountains and molehills are mole hills- keep them separated with strong defining lines.

Blue Calcite РSpeak what you need to say, cuts through Mercury retrograde garble, allows you to truly listen to the other person, filters garble
Blue Lace Agate Рhelps you actually find the words and say what you want to say without the Mercury retrograde garble
Sodalite – clears out mental fuzz (which is synonymous with Mercury retrograde)
Green Calcite – happy harmonious communication-overcomes trust barriers
Prehnite – compassion for others and healing oneself along with moving past trust issues
Peridot – calms tempers (which will flair with all of the miscommunication)
Dragon Quartz- motivation (gets you over the sluggishness and fogginess of Mercury retrograde)
Or if you wish to use this time to your advantage: 
Slowing down, talking less, unplugging from tech overload, relax & read a book. Just kick back as much as possible right now! Enjoy the break!
Rose quartz-who doesn’t need some self-care after all the person to person BS of Mercury retrograde
Prehnite-lots of healing work after Mercury retrograde
Sodalite-calms a mind full of anxiety and fog
Amethyst-clears up depression and helps with sleep & intuition
Citrine- keeps you sunny and positive, keeps others negativity at bay, shuts down an over active inner critic
Moonstone-tunes you into your intuition so as you can navigate some of those major road bumps ahead.

Mercury Retrograde dates:
January 1st
April 9th
August 13th
December 3rd
Here is what you can do to counteract it:
You really can’t, so sit down and enjoy the ride!

****But don’t¬†just take my word for it, get out there and research it! ****
~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS

-Edited by: Sadie Ackerman

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Himalayan Salt Lamps: Hype or Help?


                          Himalayan Salt Lamps: Hype or Help

Himalayan Salt Lamps have experienced a huge boom in the last 2 years, everyone wants one, has one, or needs another.

In my personal experience, these things are a HUGE help.¬† You don‚Äôt know what you‚Äôre missing if you‚Äôve never slept or sat by a Himalayan salt lamp. It‚Äôs like having an open window ‚Äď a softly glowing natural source of fresh, clean air ‚Äď on your desk, in your living room, next to the bed, or anywhere you decide to put it.

How does it work?
The warmth from the candle or light bulb (underneath/inside the lamp) reacts with the natural crystal salt, releasing negative ions into the air. Looking at the light also boosts your serotonin (a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness) level making it easier to sleep, concentrate, and meditate.

On a strictly energetic level, Himalayan salt lamps are a great cleaner. They cleanse & purify the environment around them. And Рit is still salt; It is awesome for keeping negative stuff out of your space.

‚ÄúIt‚Äôs just a big chunk of salt with a light bulb inside, I‚Äôm skeptical on all of these health benefits that I see advertised?‚ÄĚ

No worries, I was too.
And yes and no, it’s a little more complicated than a block of salt with a bulb inside.
Himalayan salt lamps purify air through the power of¬†hygroscopy¬†(of a substance tending to absorb moisture from the air,¬†relating to humidity or its measurement.), meaning that they attract water molecules from the surrounding environment and then absorb those molecules¬†‚Äď as well as any foreign particles they may be carrying¬†‚Äď into the salt crystal.
As the  Himalayan salt lamp warms up from the heat produced by the light bulb or candle inside, that same water then evaporates back into the air and the trapped particles of dust, pollen, smoke, etc. remain locked in the salt.
Nifty, Huh?

What are the benefits?
Here are a few of the benefits (just punch Himalayan salt into google and you can read a ton of articles on the lamps, the salt, the shot glasses and the cutting boards):
‚¶Ā Increased energy levels
‚¶Ā Better sleep
‚¶Ā Reduced depression & stress
‚¶Ā Salt Lamps Cleanse & Deodorize the Air
‚¶Ā Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation
‚¶Ā Treat Seasonal Effective¬†Disorder
‚¶Ā Reduced allergy or asthma symptoms
‚¶Ā Plus they are super pretty

How big of a lamp do I need for my home?
The equation is roughly 1 pound of Himalayan salt for every 2 square feet of environment.
Below are some of the more popular sizes of Himalayan salt lamp and the area that they cover:
5-7 lbs. salt lamp¬†— 10×10 sq. feet (small bedroom)
9-11 lbs. salt lamp¬†— 12×12 sq. feet (large bedroom)
12-15 lbs. salt lamp¬†— 14×14 sq. feet (living room)
40-50 lbs. salt lamp¬†— 30×30 sq. feet (joined rooms & commercial spaces)

How can I tell if I have a fake on my hands?
(Just like everything else in the world people have stooped to faking salt lamps, the sadness in this is epic)
Here are a few signs to watch for:

*It’s very light colored and is stupidly cheap
White Himalayan salt is harder to come by than the usual pink that you see everywhere. Genuine white Himalayan salt lamps tend to cost several times as much as regular ones.
White Himalayan salt lamps are the preferred variety for detoxification and healing by some schools of energy healers. For everyone else the Pink variety is going to be awesome

*It’s very heavy, but lights up the entire room.
When a Himalayan salt lamp exceeds roughly 20 lbs., it is not going to give off light in a uniform pattern.
If you have a large Himalayan salt lamp that lights up your entire bedroom without any striations, you have a pretty & effective lamp for sure, but not a Himalayan salt lamp.

*It doesn’t break or crumble, no matter what
Himalayan salt lamps tend to be fragile. They are very poorly effected by moisture and humidity (they start sweating and develop condensation, then you have moist salt dust-its gross).
If you’ve dropped yours, the shipping box has arrived rather roughed over, or you’ve put it in a steamy bathroom, but the lamp looks good as new, it’s a quality piece of merchandise, but it’s not a Himalayan salt lamp.

*The Lamp Handles Moisture Well
Genuine Himalayan salt manufacturers recommend that their products be placed in a cool, dry area. The salt will absorb any moisture around it and begin to shrink. You can test your lamp by taking a damp cloth and gently rubbing the lamp. The part of the cloth you‚Äôve rubbed should have noticeable discoloration and the lamp should look like it‚Äôs ‚Äúweeping.‚ÄĚ

*You don’t experience any changes
Your life’s problems are not going to be solved by a Himalayan salt lamp. After a couple weeks of using one in your home, you should notice a few differences. One of them being a more content feeling, the other a noticeably better night’s sleep.

Should I get one?
That’s up to you.
Personally, I have one in almost every room of my house, no bathrooms unless you want it to be very short lived due to the humidity (It’s still hardened salt after all), and the effects are very noticeable.
I am more at peace, I sleep better,my allergy symptoms are greatly reduced, I find meditation easier, I am more focused, I concentrate easier (And that is saying something’ with a 13- month-old, lol).
I will warn that if you have a bunch of them lit up at once, some people have related stories of the lamps having a drying effect. I haven’t experienced this but, I got one for my Mom and she said her eyes dried out.

Side note:
As I type this up, I am sitting in my shop with 8 of them on. And IT IS GREAT!

****But don’t¬†just take my word for it, get out there and research it!****
~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS