Retrogrades: Jupiter


                                             Retrogrades: Jupiter

Retrograde – the planetary forces are moving backward or are reversed, things tend to get a little backward and mucked up.
When the planet named for the ruler of the Roman gods is in retrograde, you know it’s time to slow down.

Jupiter Represents – Luck, expansion, opportunity, travel, and wisdom.
Ruler of the sign Sagittarius

Jupiter Retrograde:
Jupiter takes around twelve years to do a complete revolution around the sun and is in retrograde for around four months each year. When Jupiter goes retrograde, we should review our visions, ideals, and belief systems.

The planet of opportunity has just revisited the Heavens, and is retracing its steps, so it’s time to start checking back with opportunities that did not pan out initially – review previous short and long-term goals, as well as past events of your life. Jupiter’s retrograde causes expansion and grown to stop abruptly in your life. External energies are sucked away; you need to look into your internal self for survival. Put in more energy and commitment than normally warranted for your projects.
Things that you have been clinging to will be removed and you will need to continue your journey without them. Ultimately, it is for your benefit.
*Now, everyone thinks of a Retrograde as only one phase, but there are actually three phases:

#1 First Shadow zone = the planet introduces itself by bringing up some issue or creating an event in life.
Jupiter first shadow zone – 6 February 2017:
From now until when Jupiter stations retrograde is the first shadow period. During this phase, you will get an idea of personal growth and happiness issues that may be of concern during the retrograde phase
#2 Second Shadow zone or Retrograde=  the planet “revisits” that issue or event, which may also entail delaying the resolution or realization of action.
Jupiter second shadow zone/retrograde – 9 June 2017:
This second shadow period lasts until Jupiter leaves the retrograde zone on 9 September 2017. Areas of life that were a major focus during the Jupiter retrograde phase can now be worked on
#3 Retrograde finale= Having returned to direct motion, the planet advances again which causes the final resolution or fruition of what was brought up in phase one.
Jupiter retrograde finale – 9 September 2017:
This completes the final phase of Jupiter retrograde 2017. The outlook is extremely positive after that questionable shadow direct phase.

These are things to expect:
-A stopping of all forward motion
-New business going at a sluggish pace
-Travel plans going awry
-Unexpected luck and twist of fortune for the better
-Hindrances in new business
-Forward motion

This is how you can use it your advantage:
Instead of the Jupiterian “Go, go, go”- try Slow, slow, slow.
Use this time to work on and finish old business left undone, clear up loose ends, check on opportunities/projects/friendships that did not bear any fruit. Examine your internal workings, belief systems, goals, and life track. Give your life a review and make sure that you are going in the correct direction.
Opportunities during this retrograde:
Figure out your next life step, figuring out just how resourceful you can be, figuring how patient and content you can be.

This is what you can learn from it:
-Lessons that Jupiter retrograde can teach us – slowing down isn’t stopping. There are many times when your inner guidance is a heck of a lot more valuable then luck.
-Effective & efficient time management (can’t do something new, finish up the old)

This is what it does to help us:
This retrograde teaches us the value of looking over our own inner landscape and finishing things that have been left undone. It teaches us to rely on our own innate wisdom, instead of just running ahead regardless of the consequences all the while relying on our luck to carry us through any trouble or bumps in the road.

These are things that can help mitigate its influences:
Preparation and allowances for hiccups and difficulties in the above-mentioned areas.

A list of helpful gemstones:

If you wish to use this time to your advantage:
Slow down, meditate, and use inward reflection.

A list of helpful gemstones:
Tiger Eye
Clear quartz
White Howlite

Here is what you can do to counteract it:
You really can’t, so sit down and enjoy the ride!

****But don’t just take my word for it, get out there and research it!****
~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS


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Comets, Influence and Myth


                                                   Comets, Influence and Myth

Comet 45P swung by us this past weekend, so it’s a great time to do a short article and answer a few questions on the subject.
Comets are generally not a very well touched on subject in Astrology; information is a little hard to come by.

In the old days (Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, and the Renaissance), comets presaged war, death, slaughter, the deaths of extremely important historical figures, hurricanes, tsunamis, and plagues.

Some examples:
A comet was going by when Julius Caesar was assassinated, and Halley’s Comet was flying our friendly skies when the Black Death hit.

In modern times, we have a bit more of an enlightened point of view on them.
Many astrologers feel that when a comet passes by, it is an indicator of the birth of someone of great importance – for example, a comet went by when Theodore Roosevelt was born. The negative astrological viewpoint on comets was partially influenced by the issues of far-flung past record keeping and historical tracking-the record keeping back then SUCKED!

There are different schools of thought on the ways to interpret the astrological significance of different comets that visit our solar system.
Some astrologers feel that it’s important to know which astrological sign the comet is passing through, what planet it is conjunct with, or what color it is. It’s also important to know which direction the comet is pointed.
Comets are also heavily associated with sacrifice, especially for those who have a comet around the time of their birth.

Mythological fun fact:
It is from the Greek Myth of Menippe and Metioche, Daughters of Orion the Hunter, that the term meteorite originates.
These two girls were told by the oracle of Apollo in their lands time of great plague that they were to sacrifice themselves for the plagues to end.
Luckily, Hades and Persephone took great pity them and changed them into comets and meteorites.

Like Chiron, comets are from the distant boundary of our solar system.

It has been suggested that comets symbolize frozen issues:
Things that ignite and grab our attention,
Things that swim up from our unconscious mind, symbolizing the birth of new ideas and life.
Just as when the comet flies by our sun it releases gasses & dust as the sun heats it up and burns off its frozen core, so too does this represent ideas & emotions being heated up and released, thereby giving birth to all kinds of new and interesting conditions.
Historically comets have a huge role in catalyzing innovations; we saw their influence in some of Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison’s works.
Comets symbolize great change for our world, whether through innovation, wars, disease, societal mindset reset, plagues, or the fall of great leaders.
The Chinese call a comet the broom star.
They also generally associated comets with bad luck.
Nevertheless, keep in mind, a brooms purpose is to CLEAN. We use them for cleaning and sweeping away the old to bring in the new. The Chinese name for comets is Hui Xing, which directly translates into wisdom.
Not only do comets sweep away the old and bring in the new, cleaning up our lives in the process, they also bring wisdom. Now that you’ve heard all that back and forth on the astrologically significance of the comet, track the worlds events and decide for yourself. They imply great change, revolutionary change at times.

In addition, this year we’re going to have quite a few comets passing by us, I will be interested to see how 2017 progresses.

****But don’t just take my word for it, get out there and research it!****
~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS

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Lunar eclipses and You


 How can a Lunar Eclipse Affect You?

If the other celestial bodies have such an effect on our day-to-day lives, one would think that our bright and beloved satellite’s influence would surpass them all.

Our lovely lady Moon has inspired songs, plays, poems, books, television, movies, and long before any of that, she made men stare up and wonder, spinning myths & fairy tales about her mysteriously silent beauty.
Lady moon has always been known to have an effect on earths tides, on a woman’s “Moon time”, and everybody knows it’s gonna be a crazy night if it’s a Full moon!

So what happens when she is Eclipsed?
Scientifically speaking, during a Lunar Eclipse the Earth is exactly between the sun and the moon (known as an opposition between the sun and the moon) and we can see earth’s shadow giving the moon a new coat of paint. Lady moon becomes robed in reds, browns, and deep grays.

What happens astrologically?
During a Lunar Eclipse, we become very well acquainted with our shadow selves. Anger, fear, jealousy, etc. – we all have them and they are part of what makes us who we are, but we get a very real look at ourselves during a Lunar Eclipse.
It is the perfect time to be honest with ourselves about our darker sides. After all, the only way to truly master one’s dark side is to integrate it.
Most days we ignore our shadow self, and if we ignore a part of ourselves too much (especially one so intense) it comes crashing down on us like a tidal wave. It is also a change to the natural cycle of the moon, usually it goes from New moon to Full moon with all of the stages in between, Lunar eclipses switch up that process. It allows us to make large spiritual and evolutionary jumps and get ahead of any process that we are in the middle of.

A Lunar Eclipse is the perfect time for self-analysis, self-acceptance, and self-embracing. Moreover, that is how our lovely lady moon affects you in all of the colors of her eclipse 😉
Lunar Eclipses for 2017:
Penumbral-February 10-11
Partial-August 7
* The penumbra (from the Latin paene “almost, nearly”) is the region in which only a portion of the light source is obscured by the occluding body.
We will not see a total Lunar eclipse until January 31st of 2018.

****But don’t just take my word for it, get out there and research it!****
~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS

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‘Snow Moon’ Eclipse & Green Comet a Double Treat for Skywatchers (Photos, Video)

True hearts fortune fair


Hey Folks,

We have a different line up this year, and we think you are gonna love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below are the details:

TRUE HEARTS FORTUNE FAIR: Saturday, Feb 11th, 1:00pm- 7:00pm at Des Moines New Age Shop

Come and see what the future holds for you in this new year!!! Are you curious about goals, love, fate, money, destiny???? Des Moines New Age Shop’s Intuitives that will be gathered at this event:

Amber Smith(Reiki master, Henna artist, yoga practitioner, Intuitive)1-7pm

Cassy Denhartog(Massage Therapist, Reflexology-Hands at the fair-, Essential oil consultation- she will have almost every essential oil out there with her)From 1-3pm

Nova Guth (Intuitive, Tarot reader, energy worker, Metaphysician) 2-7pm

Alicia Anspaugh(East-West Astrology consultant, pendulist, oraclist, Tarot reader, all around metaphysician)1-7pm

We will be gathered at the shop to read your fate for Valentines day  😀
***As to rates, we are doing a special for this event 1 question for $5!!!! Or $15 for 10 minutes.
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Lunar Eclipse Talk


Hello folks,

We have a rockin trifecta comin up here in the next few days.

Kicking it off is Jupiter retrograde (started on  Feb 6th),

Then we have a lunar Eclipse 10th-11th ,

annnnnd  Comet 45P will be swinging by Friday the 10th.

Plus we have full moon energy amping all of that up!

This weekend is gonna be a fun ride!!!!!!!!!!

So I decided it was a good time to talk about how we are affected by Lunar eclipses.

Lunar Eclipse and how it affects you:

Time: Thursday 9th, 5:45pm-6:20pm

Location: Des moines new age shop

Fee: $5 per person

We have an upcoming lunar eclipse on the 11th which is coinciding with Jupiter retrograde as well as comet 45P going by.
So I thought it was a perfect time to talk a little bit about how lunar eclipses affect us in our day-to-day lives.
There will be a $5 admission fee , bring a notebook and pen and any question you would like to ask me
We will see you here!

For more info,give the shop a call or go to our facebook link here:

Eastern New Year 2017

Hey Folks
I would like to chat,briefly, about The Eastern New Year.
You may be wondering why I call it the Eastern New Year, and why it happens to be happening on January 28th instead of January 1st.
I refer to it as the Eastern New Year because it is celebrated throughout most of the east, and most of the east uses a lunar calendar (The Lunar calendar has 354 days, follows the phases of the moon and some of the first lunar calendars have been dated as far back as 32000 years) which puts their New year on a different date than ours . Here in the states, we use a solar calendar (A solar calendar is a calendar whose dates indicate the position of Earth on its revolution around the Sun or, equivalently, the apparent position of the sun moving on the celestial sphere).
As we leave 2016, we are leaving the year of the fire monkey, a year of extremely aggressive & outgoing change ( as some of you may have noticed, some more than others) ,with a special focus on the area of career – the Oriental sign of the monkey is the yang half of the House of career (There are 6 houses in eastern astrology, and each relates to a specific pair of signs that are always right next to each other on the zodiac wheel. Each house is divided into a yin sign half and a yang sign half). Monkey being the Yang half, means that it is followed by its partner sign of rooster- the yin half.
Now we’re really going to dive into how the Eastern zodiac relates to you in relation to this upcoming year of the fire rooster.
 As we enter 2017, we are entering the year of the fire rooster.
( In eastern astrology, A person’s characteristics are decided by their birth year’s zodiac sign and element. 12 signs and 5 elements. And so it follows that the animal sign year is augmented by whichever element it falls on)
Now there are 5 types of rooster years and their corresponding signs:
 Types                  Years                 Traits
*Wood Rooster – 1945 & 2005 –  Energetic, overconfident, tender, and unstable
*Fire  Rooster-    1957 & 2017 –   Trustworthy, with a strong sense of timekeeping and responsibility at work
*Earth  Rooster- 1909  & 1969 –   Lovely, generous, trustworthy, and popular with their friends
*Metal  Rooster-1921  & 1981  –      Determined, brave, perseverance, and hardworking
*Water  Rooster- 1933 & 1993 –     Smart, quick-witted, tenderhearted, and compassionate
One thing to keep in mind,
According to eastern astrology, the year of one’s birth sign is the most unlucky year for them in the 12-year cycle. In the year of your sign, fortune in all aspects of your life will go a bit sour for you. Therefore, Roosters should be more careful in 2017.
But this is also the year that will be seeing all of you Monkeys out there, come out of any sour luck and be back to your exuberant selves, right around the spring equinox.
People born in this year have some basic traits, which are:
This eastern sign corresponds to the western sign of Virgo. These two signs share many similarities, chiefly among these are –
1 the need to be of service,
2 the need to be productive,
3 the need for appreciation for all that they do (they dont need a parade, just a solid thank you is all it takes sometimes)
4 The need for order, some routine and structure in their lives,
5 the need to find their place in a pecking order.
The roosters of the world need to have pride in both themselves and the people in their lives, they can be a bit too conscious of what others think at times, they need to remember that their opinion is the only opinion that truly counts in their lives. They are also wonderfully blunt (but this can also be seen as being mean without understanding the nature of the creature), which can be a little hard to take unless tempered with love and kindness.
There is quite a bit more to say on the Rooster, but for the purpose of keeping this article somewhat short, we will move on
These are some things to expect in the year of the fire rooster:
Career shifts(subtle), Being a little more self conscious, having a more internal focus, more focus on health related issues, a great time to go back to school, less cooperation, more misunderstandings ( can be combated by much more talking and truly listening)
These are a few ways that you can use the year of the fire rooster to your advantage:
Wonderful year for a career re-think and shift,
Great year to focus on your health and dropping any negative habits,
Great year to pick up that writing project that you have been putting off,
Great year to renew an instinct to help other people,
Fantastic year to exercise more self discipline and also to take up meditation.
Good year for self betterment.
These are things that can help mitigate any negative influences and boost the positive influences:
Be aware of this years energy, and then plan for any “technical difficulties” related to those energies.
This is how to make 2017 one of your best years:
Make the decision to be conscientious and aware of this signs energies and use it to your benefit.
I encourage you to look into the eastern zodiac for yourself, it is a rich and wonderful subject. It is also a great tool for interpersonal relationship & self harmony.
****But don’t just take my word for it , get out there and research it!****
      ~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS

Here is what I know: Ley Lines

Hey folks,
It has come to my attention that some metaphysical information needs to be disseminated.
So I will be doing a series of articles, Vlogs (Video Blogs, classes, and lectures to share what I have learned.
First up, Ley Lines:
This is the definition of Ley lines:  ‘Ley Lines are hypothetical alignments of a number of places of geographical interest: such as ancient monuments and megaliths. Their existence was suggested in 1921 by the amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins, whose book ‘The Old Straight Track’ brought the alignments to the attention of the wider public
      The concept of Ley lines was first espoused by Mr. Alfred Watkins ( though Watkins also drew on earlier ideas about alignments; in particular he cited the work of the English astronomer Norman Lockyer, who argued that ancient alignments might be oriented to sunrise and sunset at solstices) in Blackwardine, England ,on June 30 1921.
     The origin of the idea that there are veins of energy running through the earth is interminable, but Mr. Watkins was the first to call these veins ‘Ley Lines.’
This is what I know about Ley lines:
Think of them as a set of energetic veins that run through the Earth.
Just as you have veins and capillaries in your skin, the earth has its own set of veins and capillaries-which we call Ley Lines.
     Ley lines being energetic veins cause paranormal phenomenon -practitioners- entities- all manner of spiritual beasties to travel along and be drawn to them. As life is drawn to and travels along waterways, spiritual activity travels along and is drawn to Ley lines.
     There are also points where 2 or more Ley lines cross each other, these points are called – Node,nexus,heart-.and are very powerful. These Nodes generally have a radius of stronger energy emanating from them, the size of the ley lines is proportionate to the size of the radius of ambient energy.
     You need to know your ley lines- (and before you ask, yes I am working on an accurate map of the Ley lines. But that’s the trick making or finding an accurate map. The Ley lines do tend to follow waterways.) as an energy worker- metaphysician- Mystic- any sort of ritualistic religious practitioner-etc. You need to know if you are by a line/on a line or on a Node, as it will boost all of your spells and your energy work. Also, unconsciously tapping into a ley line can unintentionally catalyze the effects of any of your practices. Your work can you get out of hand if you don’t know where you are at on the ley-line grid, very easily.
Which brings us to an important point:
It is also of utmost importance to know whether a Node or ley line’s energy has turned sour, or is polluted: as the ley line pollution can cause you’re energy work, spellwork, and other practices to backfire. It may also invite negative energy/entites (which impact every aspect of your life) and, in general cause all manner of problems.
     When a ley-line is sour or the energy has become dirty through whichever of various means(including stagnation-like water when it becomes stagnant. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for all manner of pests,fungai,grossness. When energy is stagnant & blocked, it has much the same problem), it effects the surrounding areas and it can travel through the Ley lines to infect other lines as well as Nodes.
   The  extant of infection is proportionate to the severity of contaminating energy (Contaminating energy can be from metaphysical or mundane factors).
When a line or Node has become infected with polluted or stagnant energy, you will notice surrounding areas feel heavier and begin to deteriorate visibly. The area becomes more run down in appearence, bad elements begin migrating to these areas , when you visit these areas you feel depressed/irritable/anxious or even sick, and darker spirits/entites become more prevalent.
~****Also just as a warning label / educational note, basically an FYI : Do Not tap into a dirty Node or ley line. using a sour Ley line, will negate any positive effects intended by the practice and would have exponentially worse negative effects on the region in which the work was done. And as a side effect, you will also increase the energetic pollution along that line.***~
****But dont just take my word for it , get out there and research it!****
      ~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS

Quest for the Unknown: UFO: The Continuing Enigma


Reader’s Digest; by Richard Williams (editor); 1991; Price: $7

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