Shop will open at 3pm today.

Hey Folks,

Due to my Doctors appointment, #desmoinesnewageshop will be opening late today (Monday December 6th).

We will open at 3pm and close at 7pm today.

We will see you all tomorrow (Tuesday December 7th) at our regular hours from 11am to 7pm 🙂

Good vibes and Bright Blessings

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Des Moines New Age & Psychic Fair Yuletide 2021 This weekend!!

Howdy Folks!

So it’s that time of year when we are getting all snug & cozy and are either totally done Christmas shopping or are wondering what we are going to get for our loved ones …to the former, I envy you…to the latter, I feel you !!

It is also the time of year when we at #desmoinesnewageshop hold our #yuletide  #desmoinesnewage&psychicfair  & #metaphysicalartexhibition on December 4th & 5th!!!! This year we are out at the Iowa state fairgrounds in the Elwell family food center😄

Fair dates & hours:

Saturday, Dec. 4th, 10 am to 7 pm

Sunday, Dec.  5th, 10 am to 5 pm

$5 admission, kids 12 years old and under get free admission. (If you are on our email list, you will have a BoGo coupon for gate admission in your email from us. We have also put up posters both physically & digitally-Our vendors are sharing it too- with the BoGo coupon. or you can drop by the Shop to pick up a flyer w BoGo coupon.  We want you guys to feel loved & everything is better with a buddy!)

We have Psychics, Merchants, Artists, Healers, Performers from all over that have come to Des Moines to be part of this event. We are excited and blessed to have these folks and we invite you all to come on out and share this experience !!

We will have free pictures with Santa( you will havta take your own pics tho, elves are on strike lols)We will also have a DJ for this event, Belly Dancers, Drumming circles, Spirit galleries led by a Psychic Medium, and more.

Concession will be available- Prices vary per item, Thank you to the Fairgrounds!

We also have Artists Alley, Facilitated by Dean Sturtevant #greenunicornart , filled with local artisans & crafters.

Des Moines New Age Shop
Magical Maple Moon
Miss M Tarot
Dragon Dancer Designs
Infinite Beauty
Jamie Zunick
Healers in a Handbasket LLC
Angelic Readings by Teresa
Charles Adriano
AngelLynn -Psychic Medium
Sipology by Steeped Tea
Edelweiss Medium
Color Street
Dwell with Prudence Tarot
On the Mark Armoury & Order of Wrath
Wundercraeft Emporium
Intuitive Revelations/ Spiritual Grace & Guidance
Lois DeWaard- Animal Communicator
Mary Kay with Harmonie Savage
Doc Cromwell- Past Life Reader
Indigo Moon
Kim Dawson- Reiki ArtworkCopper & Stone- SilverSmith
Kim Weaver- Evidential Medium
Flint Spirit- Crystals and more
Rachels Cure- Orgonite, Pyramid, more
Sacred Designs by Spirit- Aura Photography
Vero Chiropractic
PrismsScapes- Gems & Healing Center
Tarot by Maddie
Radiant Resin by Rose Wandering Hearts

Spirit Gallery by Psychic Medium AngelLynn
Order of Wrath- Armored Combat
Elizabeth Bunner- Bellydance Troupe
Des Moines Drumming- Drumming CircleInnah Rahks- Middle Eastern Dance TroupeNative American Flute by John Redig

Artists Alley:
Green Unicorn Art
Peppermint Pati Crafts
Sage West of Sword & Pen Studios
Ox from Oxen Playground
Amanda Lage
Jet Falco-Creator of Dreamers Echo
Jennifer Sample
Dylan JacobsonSarah Macht
Travis Bentley
Kei Burke from Lil Leviathan
Charles Taylor of CT3 Art
Rebecca Lynn Stockton
Dwarven Workshop

For more info, plz call the Shop at #515-276-7755 , or message us on Facebook or go to the Fair website

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A bit about Moldavite

Howdy All,

Moldavite with Obsidian, clear quartz, both and a Herkimer Diamond

We now have #moldavite  In at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!!!

*I started this article a while ago, but have had a heckuva time finishing it lols

**I have a small container full somewheres at the shop or in my garage……but it’s currently hiding… so I had to go & source new Moldavite- everybody is OUT or back-ordered to next year.

Annnnnnd finding REAL, GENUINE Moldavite is tough!!!!! It was always a little difficult, but now it’s REALLY difficult!!! Good gravy!**

And so after much hunting, I bring you Moldavite in wirewrap ring form 🙂

These pictured are paired with #clearquartz and  #obsidian  🙂

We also have #herkimerdiamond & #blacktourmaline that can be paired with the Moldavite in rings.

These are just a few of the favorites to combine with Moldavite.


Moldavite (a type of #tektite ……..also known as Bouteille stone or Vltavin & was originally introduced as Chrysolites in 1786. The name Moldavite was first used much later- in 1836) is a vitreous silica projectile rock- or natural glass that was formed in the heat of an asteroid hit- which occurred around 15 million years ago(roughly). The splash of hot glass formed a strewn field across central Europe.

Moldavite is usually yellowish-green, green(ranging from forest to olive), or greenish-brown in color.  It has been cut into faceted and cabochon gemstones since the mid-1800s. These are used in many types of jewelry. It also contains tiny tiny bits of lechatelierite -a high temperature for of SiO2.


It is said –

Moldavite is truly the stone of the New Age, as it blends the energies of its extraterrestrial origins with our earthly energies- creating powerful healing vibratory frequencies.

It can release suppressed traumas, support spiritual self-healing, clear energy blockages, aid in necessary transformation, it is a powerful spiritual protector, improves mental health energetically, aids in much-needed self-discovery, heals the heart chakra, &  gives off  Powerful Bursts Of Physical Healing Energies. It is also a powerful meditation & dreamwork stone.

It is an amazing crystal to create change in your life and is one of the best stones to use for psychic protection, as negative entities cant really get a good foothold in your energy while you are wearing it- Just too high vibe for them.

Moldavite will act as a push to revitalize and accelerate your path of personal & Spiritual evolution.

Moldavites energy will tend to target the areas where you have spiritual/emotional/energetic blockages & wounds- it will clear these first so that you can resonate at a higher frequency with it and be in the best heartspace to allow its energy to work with your own.

And while this is all going on it will bring to the surface all of the things that you urgently need to recognize, honor, integrate, and clear out……… kinda like a Planetary retrograde!!

***Moldavite energy has been said to resonate at such a high vibration that it can be felt throughout the entire body****

*Please keep in mind that everyone’s experiences(Moldavite, crystals, etc) are different & entirely subjective to their individual point of view as well as where the individual is along their life journey.

My Personal Experience with Moldavite-

It is an extremely effective mind clearer, the feeling is akin to standing by the ocean while a singing bowl concert is going …. The main difference being that it works much faster.

Cleansing & Recharging Moldavite-

Moldavite doesn’t really need to be cleansed (barring severe negative energy saturation). You can Occasionally cleanse it with White Selenite or Moonlight.

It IS good to recharge your Moldavite (the frequency of recharging is dependent upon the frequency of your usage), recharge it by placing it in the moonlight and/or celestial events.

Wearing Moldavite-

Yep, you can wear it every day.

Just like most of your vibratory crystals, you will likely wear your Moldavite until the deepest needs on your journey with it have been resolved, then you will scale back your interaction with it until you have need of of it on your life journey once more.

Moldavite vs Tektite(or Black Moldavite lol)-

So, you may be curious what exactly is the distinction between Moldavite and Tektite.

Tektite is the general term for naturally occurring glass that forms from the impacts of large meteorites on the earths surface.

So Moldavite IS a Tektite, it is just a very specific(and extremely popular) Bottle green to Brown-green variety.

*There has been a recent trend Referencing Tektites  as “Black Moldavite”, this is doing the rest of the Tektites a grave injustice (while I understand both the concept behind it AND the marketing scheme, it is still an egregious misrepresentation of some very potent vibratory healing gems)

So, I will include the Tektites general properties here (the properties will vary somewhat by location &  the composition of the Meteorite ):


What is a Tektite?

It is a rare Glass that forms through the heat of an asteroid striking the earth. Tektites are found in only a few places on earth. Some Tektites are rarer than others. Central American tektites, for example, are quite rare as these only come from one tiny area.

Tektite energy:

Its energy increases the energies that surround it, strengthens the aura, raises your vibration, clears the blockages in the lower chakras, and is a boon to any who seek spiritual advancement

Moldavite is actually Rarer than diamonds-

There are roughly 300 tons of authentic, genuine Moldavite in totality.

Around 300 tons of Diamonds are mined every decade…….so Yep, Moldavite is definitely rarer than diamonds lols.

How to spot fake Moldavite-

Fake Moldavite is, unfortunately, a very real issue (We have fake Himalayan salt lamps, fake Malachite, fake etc…….not a shock that we have fake Meteorite glass hunh), and it is extremely easy to fake and very difficult to differentiate between the real & the fake.

*Many Fakes will even come with a certificate of authenticity- a certificate of authenticity which oftentimes is only for the buyer’s comfort and ends up being meaningless once the certificate is found to be forged.

So, First & Foremost I would say spotting a fake is ALL about the “Hum” or vibration from the stone.

*Sometimes you can tell via photograph- especially if you are extremely sensitive to Crystal vibrational energies- sometimes not. But if you don’t feel that “Hum”, I would personally steer clear of the Moldavite.

Another great way to tell a fake is if the piece has NO tiny bubbles…no imperfections, no inclusions…if its perfect, it AINT NATURAL.

***I am told that you can use a black light or UV light (but I dont have one so I cannot personally say for sure at this time, I will update this article once I try it out :D) to spot a fake.**

A few other good telltale signs for spotting fake moldavite are-

When the piece is Rough:

1 The piece looks wet or super shiny-though newer forgeries have more of a rough look & texture

2 The piece is a lookalike for any other popular pieces that you have seen (the piece more than likely comes from a mold).

3 The piece  looks A LOT like the rest of the pieces in the same seller’s collection

4 PRICE: if it is too cheap….then it’s most likely a FAKE (Or the Seller has zero clue what they have)-although there are many fakes selling for high dollar as well.

5  The piece is larger than the largest piece of moldavite available.

When the piece is Polished:

if the piece is “perfect”- no bubbles, inclusions(which are ALWAYS present in any cut & polished Moldavite-sometimes you just need a microscope…unless the piece is too small lols)

Having it x rayed

Using a powerful microscope to find the inclusions in it. (Its impact glass, so its going to have particles & gas bubbles in it.)

The most surefire way to determine whether your moldavite is genuine or a fake is to have it Xray analyzed.

* I am still researching where to have this done within a reasonable budget.

My advice, buy from a seller that you can trust!

Moldavite specs:

In the spirit of thoroughness & For those who are interested-

Chemical Classification: a silica-rich glass

luster: Vitreous

Diaphaneity: Transparent, translucent, opaque

Mohs Hardness: 5 to 5.5

Specific gravity: 2.32 to 2.40

Diagnostic properties: Under magnification- Lechatelierite (a high temp form of SiO2) inclusions, abundant gas inclusions, and flow lines

Chemical composition: Variable SiO2(+AI2O3)

Crystal system: Amorphous

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“Every answer begins with a question”

Alicia Anspaugh-McCullough

Day of the Dead Psychic Fair at the Shop this Saturday!!!!!!!!

Dia Los Muertos Psychic Fair 2021

Howdy All,
Our Dia Los Muertos Psychic fair will be held this Saturday (Oct. 30th) from 11am to 7pm at #desmoinesnewageshop !!

Día De Los Muertos is not a day to mourn the people that we have lost. Rather, it is a day to celebrate and remember our loved ones.
So Come out & Join us as we celebrate our loved ones who have crossed over & ask for their blessings & guidance !!!!

We will have vendors and readers offering their services and selling their wares.

Merchants & Psychics**

Spiral Healing Energies- Reiki, Archangel readings, Candle Magic, Ancestors Blessings, Energywork & More

Kim Dawson – Artist. Reiki infused artwork.

Copper Stone and Silver – Hand made jewelry.

Wundercraft Emporium – Hand made. jewelry, wands, organic skin care, candles, dream catchers and much more.

Tarot by Maddie – #Tarot readings.

Angel Lynn – #PsychicMedium & #PetPsychic.

Psychic Jeff- #clairvoyant Psychic Medium, #trancemedium , #palmreadings

BluntForce Tarot- Only half the day as He has to work overtime Tarot readings, #relationshipreadings


Prosperity Blessing at 11:30am

Spirit Gallery at 1:00 pm.

Spirit Guide Q&A 1:45 pm – Spiral Healing Energies

Tarot Q&A 3:00 pm – Bluntforce Tarot

There will also be a message circle with your ancestors at 5:00 pm.

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Mini Psychic reader fair TODAY at the Shop!!

Join us as we celebrate the Autumn Equinox!

Hey Folks,

We will be open for our Autumn Equinox Fair From 11am to 7pm at #desmoinesnewageshop

Stop on out for a #psychicmedium or a #palmistry reading by Psychic Jeff,

a #tarot reading with Tarot by Maddie ,

and a #reiki session with Spiral Healing Energies – She also specializes in #spellwork , #candlemagic ,#egyptianhealing

*Due to work & covid quarentine, Bluntforce Tarot & AngelLynn cannot be with us today. So look for them at the Haloween & Dias los muertos mini psychic fairs 🙂

for more info ,please give the Shop a call at # 515-276-7755 or message here on Facebook

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Monthly Psychic Fair tomorrow at the Shop!!!!!!

Hey All,
Our Middle of Summer monthly #psychicfair is Tomorrow (Saturday ,August 7th) at #desmoinesnewageshop from 11am til 7pm, and YOUR INVITED !!!

We will have a short #spiritgallery by the Talented #psychicmedium AngelLynn & #clairvoyant Psychic Medium Psychic Jeff at 2pm !!

Our Vendors & Intuitives joining us tomorrow are:

Wundercraft Emporium- Handmade #Jewelry, Wands, #organic #skincare products , #dreamcatchers , and more

Spiral Healing Energies- #reiki , #angelcommunication , #candlemagick , and more

Tarot by Maddie- #tarotreadings , Spiritual counseling

AngelLynn- Clairvoyant , Psychic Medium , #petpsychic

Psychic Jeff- #palmistry , #crystalballreadings , Clairvoyant Psychic Medium

*Bluntforce Tarot may be joining us depending on his work schedule 🙂

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AnimeIowa!!!!! We are at the Convention & at the Shop !!!!


Hey All!!!!
Drop by and visit #desmoinesnewageshop out at #animeiowa !!!!!!!

We are soooooo excited to be back in #coralville ,  AI is ALWAYS a blast!!!!!

*AnimeIowa is Friday, Saturday & Sunday at the Coralville Marriot.

*The Shop will ALSO be open regular hours  Friday, Saturday & Sunday here in Des Moines- Huge shout out to Antoinette & Nicole for their Help this weekend!!!

And YES, that is an #Alf & a #Q 🙂

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10 year Anniversary Mini Psychic fair at the Shop tomorrow!!

Celebrating 10 years!!!

Hey All,

We here at #desmoinesnewageshop are celebrating 10 years of Connection, Guiding & Helping people and as part of that celebration we are having our 10 year Anniversary mini Psychic fair this Saturday (the 10th ;*) from 11am til 7pm!!!

*No admission fee ,family friendly event !!*

We will have a short Spirit gallery featuring 2 talented Psychic mediums – #angellynn & #psychicjeff at 2pm
And we will have hot coffee, bottled water & cookies!!
We are starting the day with a positivity blessing from Spiral healing energy’s Antoinette and keepin that energy rolling til nightfall !!!!

Spiral Healing energy- #Reiki, Energy work, #candlemagick , #egyptian healing,

Bluntforce Tarot- #tarotreading , relationship readings

Psychic Jeff- #clairvoyant #PsychicMedium , #palmist , #crystalball reader , #deeptrance medium , #psychometrist

Tina’s Energetic & Holistic Healing- Access Bars Conciousness & Energetic Facelifts

AngelLynn- Clairvoyant Psychic Medium , #petpsychic

Gentle Hearts Animal Sanctuary & Society- Bringing animals and people together 2 at a time

Upstairs , We will also have some awesome artist vendors courtesy of #greenunicornart,

Sword & Pen Studios,

Stuff of Lor,

Amanda Lage Art Forest Manifestations & Designs

Electrocutie Beauty

GiNsane Asylum Arts

Drop by & have fun!!!! For more info please give the shop a call at 515-276-7755 or message on facebook at Des Moines New Age Shop

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