Yuletide Psychic Fair Today & Tomorrow at the Shop!!!!

Howdy All!

Come on out to our Des Moines New Age & Psychic Fair Yuletide 2023 at Des Moines New Age Shop Today & Tomorrow!!!

Fair Hours:
Sat. Dec. 2nd 10am to 7pm
Sun Dec. 3rd 10am to 5pm

We will also have Bellydancers, Drummers , a spirit gallery, and lectures.

As well as the Metaphysical Art Exhibition (Coordinated by Kim Dawson) and Artists Avenue(hosted by Dean Sturtevant of Green Unicorn Art , featuring talented local artists!!!

Vendors, Readers, Healers in the Fair:

Peaceful Jewels by Angie- Crystals, Crystals and more

Winter’s Mystical Cave- Handmade Runes, Bath salts, candles and more

Comics N More- Music, Games, Vintage toys and more

Wundercræft Emporium – Jewelry, dreamcatchers, organic skincare, candles, crystals and more

Hart- Clothes, vintage, upcycled, handmade and more

Black Label Gothica- Gorgeous Goth accessories, nail art, and more

Angel Lynn – Clairvoyant Psychic Medium

Kim Dawson- Reiki, artwork, Energy healings

Tarot by Maddie- Tarot readings

Sunshine Oracle- Orace readings, couples readings, Destiny readings and more

Planet Paisley- Orgonite, New Age Jewelry, Mugs

KayKay Adventures- gorgeous artwork on stainless steel mugs and more

For more info, please message us here or call the Des Moines New Age Shop at 515-276-7755

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Peaceful Jewels by Angie Interview!!!

Angie of Peaceful Jewels

Howdy Folks,

Tonight we are sitting down with Angie of Peaceful Jewels, She is crystal merchant and will be at the Des Moines New Age & Psychic Fair Yuletide 2023 on December 2nd & 3rd!!!!

*this weekend.Come out and see her gorgeous collection this Saturday & Sunday at Des Moines New Age Shop !

Sat Dec 3rd- 10am to 7pm

Sun. Dec 2nd- 10am to 5pm

Link to live interview below:


Her contact info:

Peaceful Jewels

Ph# 515-441-6955

Email: hippigrl71@gmail.com

As well as on Facebook

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Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant, Angellynn !

Howdy All,

Tonight we are sitting down with Psychic Medium & Clairvotant AngelLynn to chat for alittle bit and get a look at the coming week!

Come visit her at the Des Moines New Age & Psychic Fair Yuletide edition 2023 here at #desmoinesnewageshop on Dec 2nd & 3rd!

And dont forget to check out her Spirit Gallery at the fair this weekend!!!

Sat. Dec 2nd 10am to 7pm

Sun. Dec 3rd 10am to 7pm

Her Contact info:Ph# 515-779-0340 (Text preffered)

Email: angellynn1358@gmail.com

FB: Angellynn

Link to live video chat below


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Ancient Connection’s Yumi Cox Interview!!!

Howdy Folks,

We are sitting down tonight with Ancient Connections, Yumi Cox!!

She is an amazing reader that I met at the Mystical Market in Marshalltown a little while ago and she had a little time to chat tonight!!

Link to video interview below:


Here is her brief Interview article:

Ancient Connections

Ancient Connections
No contact #
FB: @ancientconnectionsofficial
IG: ancient.connections
X: @arsaidtuatha

Just Yumi, always.

I don’t yet have a brick and mortar location. The idea is, I go where I am needed. That might be a psychic fair, a life passage celebration, (I.e., birth, wedding, birthday), or even a long distance intuitive divination. I only have a personal phone number, and for safety reasons, I do not give that out for business. I am very responsive to emails and Messenger.

Tell me a little about what you do.

I give a lot of advice just shooting the breeze about the weirdness that is life. I provide intuitive divinations. I am most proud of my smoke cleansings, as I have 100% reports back that they provide a wonderful atmosphere, if not totally cleansing a person’s space of unwanted influences. I also make copper jewelry. I am broadening into making copper work pendulums. I love to provide divination supplies when I’m at metaphysical fairs, just for fun. I dabble in artwork.

How long have you been doing readings?

Coming up on my 30 year anniversary. 😉

How long have you been in business?

Since 2022

What type of readings do you specialize in?

I have a hard time saying I specialize. So far, I am able to divine with tarot and oracle cards, runes and pendulums. I am most experienced with tarot, least with pendulums. People give the most feedback about the runes, but this could be because most of them have not yet experienced runes when they come to me.

What drew you to readings originally, and tell me a little about your journey with it?

My mom gifted me my first deck, the Rider/Waite artwork with the book from 1910. She told me that my great grandma Dunsmoor read playing cards like they were tarot cards, and she was convinced this could have been passed to me. You have to understand she was gushing about her own grandmother’s talent, while I can barely understand this book because of spellings like shew for show, for example. That book is now falling apart for all that I’ve read it over the years; I just read it again in 2023. About 20 years ago I added runes. This last year I studied pendulums in earnest. There have been times I refrained from doing readings for years because I felt I didn’t have the knack for it, or it was too scary accurate. A few years ago, I picked them up again and started reading for friends and family. I’m very grateful for my oracle mediums now, as they are sometimes the only things I can turn to in times of great chaos.

What inspired you to start your business?

I see a great need for healing on a spiritual and planetary level. We simply cannot go on as we have been. Many people are waking up to this fact and are seeking spiritual guidance. I have guidance, experience and education to share with others. I have over a decade’s worth of experience in social services. I am more than capable of meeting people face to face during some of their darkest times. I realized I could provide a different kind of holistic care by sort of mixing practical psychology with spiritual practices. I also saw a community of different spiritual service providers in fields I am not yet trained in, such as reiki practitioners and mediums, not to mention other educated and experienced teachers. I saw a chance to provide my own support services but also collaborate with others for whom I can vouch, providing the best possible support to the spiritual community.

What are your goals when you begin to work with a client?

Unless someone comes to me with a specific need, that will be my first goal: find out what they most need, or need to know right now. It may not be what is expected. Next, how can they best support themselves through whatever the influence is? Is there anything I can do, such as education or smoke cleansing?Lastly, how can I leave them feeling empowered to move forward? In a perfect world, the client leaves my presence feeling they can handle this without needing me, though I am always available for follow up. I just never want a client to feel they have to come back for multiple sessions, only that they can if it feels appropriate.

Can you give a brief example of what a session would be like?

An intuitive session is rather intimate. I have you sit beside me so we see the same thing, instead of it being upside down for the querent, for example. This also enables me to more easily tap into personal energies, spirit guides, ancestors, etc. The session concludes with discussion of the literal influences, if the client is comfortable doing so. If I’ve done my job well, the reading resonates as the client journeys forward.

Any fun or Crazy client stories?

Clients sometimes don’t know what to expect. As I remain totally open to the message that may need to come through, I never know what to expect either. The message we want may not be the message we get. Be open to the experience and know that you are safe from judgement with me.

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Howdy Folks,

We sat down tonight with Destini from the Sunshine Oracle to chat abit, she will be doing readings at Des Moines New Age & Psychic Fair Yuletide 2023 at Des Moines New Age Shop!

Below is a link to her live interview:


Meet the intuitive- interview article:

Sunshine Oracle Interview

Contact info:

Sunshine Oracle

(515) 745-1226, text is prefered

sunshinesoracle@gmail.com, Address it to: Destini.

Tell me alittle bit about what you do?
I do oracle readings, I have a lot of different kinds of decks to help give people insight on their lives. I offer various kinds of readings to help them get an idea on what’s going on in their life or what is coming. I am also in the process of learning how to do Palmisty so I can offer Palm readings in the future.

How long have you been doing readings?
I have been doing readings for a little over three years now.

How long you have been in business?
I only recently started my business, I have been wanting to start it for over a year now but didn’t know where to start. I would say it’s been about four months.

What type of readings do you specialize in?
I have six that I currently offer with a couple in the works.
General reading, Love reading, Message from a passed loved one, Next six months, A year ahead reading, and call me out. I have a spirit animal reading in the works.

What drew you to doing readings originally,and tell me alittle about your journey with it?

Around my junior year in high school, about 2016-2017 ish, I started doing research on paganism and witches. I learned more about tarot cards through that, then I learned about oracle cards. I got a tarot deck and an oracle deck. I loved them and knew I wanted more in the future. My mom was at first against it, it took a lot of time and effort to get her support and only about a year ago did that finally happen. She, now, gets readings from me every couple of months. I’ve done readings ever since I got my first two decks to family and friends. I’ve always been really shy growing up, and I have always told myself I want to get out of my shell. I think Oracle cards and doing Oracle readings has really helped me do that. I love meeting new people, and seeing how the reading I have given them relates to their life.

What inspired you to start your business?
I lost one of the most important people in my life back in 2018, he was the first person to support me when I first got into oracle and paganism. When we lost him, I decided I was going to not only live my life for the both of us but try to be there for myself better. Do the things I enjoy, and to not let anyone hold me back. He was and still is my inspiration. He was also the one that nicknamed me Sunshine, hence my business name.

What are your goals when you begin to work with a client ?
My goal is to help my client, I try not to let them tell me anything about their life as I want the cards to tell me as well as tell me what insight they need to hear. My goal is also to connect with them, be there for them.

Can you give a brief example of a what a session would be like?

A session would start with me asking what reading you would like. I will then ask for your name to help me connect with your energy so I can give you a proper reading. If I were to give you a message from a passed loved one reading, I would also ask for their name and their relation to you just so I can make a better connection with them as well. Once the cards that are meant to come out, come out, I would tell you what each card is and how they connect with the others. I would explain what the cards are telling me to tell you, I would also listen to my intuition. You could bring up how the cards are relating to you if you wish. A session with me can last anywhere between five to fifteen minutes.

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