We are in 2 locations this weekend!!!!

We are HERE!

Des Moines New Age Shop is ELATED to be back at AI this year, it is easily one of our favorite shows- we love you ALL!!
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Annnnd a Huge shout out to Nicole for workin the booth with Dennis (I had to head home friday night to keep aneye on Wubbster :)) Sat & Sun!

We are also open at the shop our regular hours all weekend Thanks to Spiral Healing Energies Antoinette- She is an Amazing #reikiĀ  Healer /energyworker & Psychic reader!
And Psychic Jeff will be available for readings all weekend as well!

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Lavender Lemonade recipe

Warm lavender lemonade


Update -Beverage making trial:

So since havin to mostly give up my coffee, and seriously cut down my caffeine…..Iv been trying alternative beverages.

Hot lemonade, Hot limeade(which is AWESOME for kicking the coffee habit!!!!), so many varieties and blends of teas, hot chocolates, the Cacao drink thats been advertised as a coffee subsitute (not for me unfortuntely), Mudwatr(still need to pop open the package and actually make it), etc

So tonight, I tried making hot lavender lemonade with cane sugar.
It actually turned out pretty well!!!

I absolutely LOVE homemade hot Lemonade!!!!
And I absolutely LOVE Honey lemonade!!

****And I  absolutely loved a few blends of lavender lemonade that I tried out at past summer festivals- some blends are disgusting though so be ware- *****

I was hanging out tonight with @earthnspiritsprite (chit chatting about some pieces for #MerMay ) and we got to chatting about lavender flavored drinks & I decided to make warm lavender lemonade- fyi it needs about 15 mins to sit and combine flavors to REALLY have that lavender punching power!

We decide to use sugar this time, but next time Im trying it with honey……once I experiment with honey to lemons ratio abit more šŸ™‚

Hot Lavender Lemonade Recipe:
5 wedges of lemon
8 spoons sugar
3 tblsĀ  dried lavender
50ozs distilled water


Heat up a 30oz water –
Pour 15oz over crushed lavender in cup. Let steep for 10 minutes.

In pitcher, squeeze lemon wedges into aroun 20oz of water- leave wedges in pitcher.

Pour rest of hot water into pitcher and add sugar, stir.
Strain in steeped lavender- if you dont have a fine mesh strainer  you can use a paper towel over the pitcher mouth-, stir and let sit for around 15mins.


*Quick Note:  Drink will turn pinkish!*

*Wubbster is still iffy on it, but he is not a lavender fan anyways…he has taken 3 drinks out of my cup tho šŸ™‚

* Lavender lemonade calms down a stressed out mind, is VERY refreshing and healthy- its great iced for a summer time drink-
It reduces anxiety, lavender slows your pulse rate if it syarts to climb too high, and has an overall calming effect on the whole body.

Here are their benefits separately!

Lemonade benefits-
Keeps you well hydrated
Aids in digestion
Helps with skin health
Is said to helps treat kidney stones

Warm lemon water-
Aids digestion
Grwat dose of vitamin C
Balances body PH
Helps weightloss
Potassium boost
Helps prevent kidney stones

Anti inflammatory
Helps releaseĀ  anxiety, depression, restlessness, mental disquiet, among other wonderful properties.

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Psychic Fair & Art show today at the Shop!!!!!

Hey Folks,

Today is our Peircing the veil monthly psychic fair at #desmoinesnewageshop !! And as an Awesome BONUS- the Storybook artshow is happening at the Shop as well!!! We have a ton of great local artists!!

Stop in out and see what Spring has in store for YOU!!!! Grab a piece of gorgeous artwork for your home, chat with our energy workers, Psychic mediums , crystal experts, Dean (our Artshow host with the MOST!!) or just grab a cup of hot tea and check out the Shinies!!!!

Joining us for this fair:

Spiral Healing Energy- Reiki , Angel card readings , candle magic, Hilot healing

Psychic Jeff- Clairvoyant Psychic medium , palmist, crystal ball readings

Tarot by Maddie- Tarot readings & Spiritual guidance

STADecor- Positive vibrational artwork for your space

For any questions please call Des Moines New Age Shop at #515-276-7755

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Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!!!
Des Moines New Age Shop will be closed today (April 17th) in honor of Easter and the family time that goes with it.

We will see you at our regular times on Monday (11am to 7pm):)

Haved a Blessed holiday with your family!
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Des Moines New Age & Psychic Fair Spring Equinox march 2022

Hey Folks,

We invite you all to our 3rd annual Des Moines New Age & Psychic Spring Equinox Fair & Metaphysical Art Exhibition, March 26th & 27th in the Paul R. Knapp animal learning center at the Iowa state fairgrounds!!!

*Tickets available both online & at the door šŸ™‚

Fair hours: Sat. March 26th, 10am-7pm & Sun. March 27th, 10am-5pm *$5 admission (12 yrs old & under free admission), you can also purchase your tickets ahead of time online.

Come out and see Spirit galleries, Sword fighting battle Demonstrations, Belly Dancers, Drumming Circles, Lectures & more……. While perusing our readers, merchants, healers, and more from across the country.

We will have Crystals , Reiki , Herbs , Books , Sage, Tarot , Candles , Incense , Psychic mediums , Dreamcatchers , Past life readers, Essential oils, Organic Skincare , Orgonite , Aura photography , Tea’s , Artwork , Local artists and so much more!!!

*A HUGE Thank you to Kris Debolt for the Photography & videography!!!!!!

for details please give the shop a call at 515-276-7755 Or go to the fair Website: dsmnewageandpsychicfair.com

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Des Moines New Age Psychic Fair Spring Equinox 2022!

Howdy Folks!
So it’s that time of year when we are all getting getting a bit cabin fever!!! so come on out and joins for our Des Moines New Age & Psychic fair Springtime show 2022!!We here at #desmoinesnewageshop are holding our #Springtime#desmoinesnewage&psychicfair & #metaphysicalartexhibition on March 26th & 27th!!!!
We are once again out at the Iowa state fairgrounds in the Paul R. Knapp Animal Learning Center

Fair dates & hours:
Saturday, March 26th, 10 am to 7 pm
Sunday, March 27th, 10 am to 5 pm
$5 admission, kids 12 years old and under get free admission.

Purchase tickets at the link here.


We will have Psychics, Merchants, Artists, Healers, Performers from all over that have come to Des Moines to be part of this event. We are excited and blessed to have these folks and we invite you all to come on out and share this experience !!
We will also have a DJ for this event, a Spirit Gallery with our Psychic Medium each day and more!

We also have Artists Alley, Facilitated by Dean Sturtevant #greenunicornart , filled with local artisans & crafters.

Vendors(So Far):

Des Moines New Age Shop, Magical Maple Moon, Miss M Tarot, PrismsScapes Gems & Healing Center, Infinite Beauty, Healers in a Handbasket LLC, Color Street, Wundercraeft Emporium, Tarot by Maddie, Lois DeWaard- Animal Communicator, Mary Kay with Harmonie Savage, Indigo Moon, Doc Cromwell, Kim Weaver, Sacred Designs by Spirit Terre Vici Bijoux Naturels, Jamie Zunick, Planet Paisley, Anam Saining, Iowa Pagan Radio, Angelic Readings by Teresa, Hand me Down Talent, Polecat Creek Winery & Intuitions of Grace, Ema’s Elegance, Windy Ridge Handcrafted LLC, TOV (Huju Jodie), Li’s Temple Readings 1111U, Riya Brown Designs by Jewel, Be LLC, Lifewave, The Clear Company, Hope & Healing Magic, S&A Decor, THS Custom, Jewelry Meraki Connetions, Unexplainable Art, Amanda Mendoza Photography
Small Biz Street:

Radient Art by Rose, Angel Lynn -Psychic Medium, Wounded Warrior of Chiron, DPART,


The Order of Wrath, Innah Rahk’s Middle Eastern Dance Troupe, Bee’ Witched Belly Dance Troupe

Artist’s Alley:

Green Unicorn Art, Hannah Claire, Charles Taylor, Joshua Kingery of Kingā€™s Carvings, Jet Falco of Dreamerā€™s Falcon, Ox of the Oxen Playground, Sage West of Sword and Pen Studio, Vanessa Morrison Sprengelmeyer, Codi Sprengelmeyer, Ande Goodman of Dwarven Workshop

For more info, plz contact us her on Facebook or give Des Moines New Age Shop at #515-276-7755

9th Annual True Hearts Fortune Fair TODAY at the Shop!!!

9th Annual True Hearts Fortune Fair

Hey All,
Join us for the 9th Annual True Hearts Fortune Fair at #desmoinesnewageshop !!

Come on out and get your #valentines day fortune told, check out what the year of the #watertiger has in store for you, get your #chakras all polished & sparkly for your special someone(or to attract a special someone), check out all of the cool #crystals #jewelry #herbs #essential oils #candles and so much more!!!

Vendors, Readers & Healers:

Spiral Healing Energies

Wundercraft Emporium

Tarot by Maddie

Psychic Jeff



#reiki #psychicmedium #tarot #tarotreadings #palmistry #desmoinesshopping

For More Info, Please give the Shop a call at ph# 515-286-7755

Weekly Mystical Forcast, Brief!

Weekly Mystical Forecast

Hey All,
So we are feeling the full swing of Mercury Retrograde right about now.
My Guides mentioned that I should do a quicky #tarot pull for this week for everyone- and here it is šŸ™‚ #desmoinesnewageshop

Shadow card – all about letting go & moving forward toward the future. It also indicates abit of a loss of innocence or waking up to reality.
*a great card for moving out of the year of the #metalox & into the year if the #watertiger

Main card- being out of balance, stress ,anxiety

2nd main card- the weeks focus will be on the material world, getting by under the strain. Dont take it too far.

Further into the week- alot of new ideas attempting to come through but facing creative blocks & doubting our gut instincts/intuition.

*This week we will all need a while lot of emotional maturity to handle things.
Grab some #rosequartz #hematite #selenite #bluecalcite #blacktourmaline for this week!

For a more personalized /specific reading, come and see Bluntforce Tarot this week(Mon.,Tues, Thurs., Fri., Sun.). Dennis will point you in the right direction!

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