Pop-up Psychic Fair on Saturday at the Shop!!!

Hey All,

By popular demand, we are having our pop up Psychic fair- for all New Age people to feel alittle less alone in these harsh times- again!!!!
Come on out to #desmoinesnewageshop and help us put out some healing energy for a healthier world!
We will have vendors and practitioners offering their services. Come and have some fun with us!

We will #sage vigorously (kills 94% of airborne viruses ,bacteria, Fungi, Microbes & keeps the energy clear) & debuting our new #manifestation boxes.

We will have Spiced Hot Coffee & wrapped cookies & Granola bars.

Vendors so far:

Spiral Healing Energies- #chakra balancing, #reiki , #angel readings, #egyptian healing , #fengshui consultation

Spiral Healing Energies

Alicia- #spiritguide Readings, (east & west) #astrology readings, pendulum readings, oracle & Tarot readings-

Spirit Guide Readings by Alicia

Bluntforce Tarot- Straight to the point spiritual guidance through #Tarot, Relationship counseling

Bluntforce Tarot

Psychic Jeff- Clairvoyant Trance #PsychicMedium , #palmist, #medicalintuitive

Psychic Jeff

AngelLynn- #clairvoyantpsychicmedium , #petpsychic


Wunderkraft Emporium- Hand made #jewelry – #wands- #organicskincare – #dreamcatchers and more

Wundercraft Emporium

Rachels Cure- #orgonite , #jewelry , #upcycled clothes

Rachels Cure


12pm Manifestation ritual

2pm Spirit Gallery- AngelLynn

2:45pm Sound Healing- Spiral Healing

3:30pm Reiki Circle- Antoinette

4pm Tarot How to- Dennis

5:30pm Message Circle- Psychic Jeff

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Fresh in: Tarot & Oracle shipment in at the Shop!!!!

Tarot Cards

Fresh in:
#tarot & #oracle decks in at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!

We have a fresh shipment of gorgeous decks, a few first timer decks in at the shop as well this time.

*and we also have the #divinationaccessory essentials of Tarot pouches, Tarot Clothes, Cleansing oils & Sprays , #sage , #crystals White Selenite – Obsidian – Clear quartz and more !!

#firsttime decks in:

Tarot Decks:
The Akashic Tarot

Oracle Decks

Oracle Decks:
Sacred Traveler Oracle
Moonology oracle
Grace Cards Oracle
The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle
The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle
The Enchanted Maps Oracle

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Pop Up Psychic Fair TODAY at the Shop!!!!

Hey All,
Come on out to #desmoinesnewageshop and help us put out some healing energy for a healthier world!
We will have other vendors and practitioners offering their services. Come and have some fun with us!

We will be #sage vigorously (kills 94% of airborne viruses ,bacteria, Fungi, Microbes & keeps the energy clear) & debuting our new #sanitizer spray & Awareness oils.

We will have Spiced Hot Coffee & Prepackaged cookies & Granola bars.


Spiral Healing Energies- #chakra balancing, #reiki , #angel readings, #egyptian healing

Alicia- #spiritguide Readings, (east & west) #astrology readings, pendulum readings, oracle & Tarot readings

Tarot by Dennis- Straight to the point spiritual guidance through #Tarot

Psychic Jeff- Clairvoyant Trance #PsychicMedium , #palmist, #medicalintuitive

AngelLynn- #ClairvoyantPsychicMedium, #PetPsychic

Wunderkraft Emporium- Hand made #jewelry – #wands- #organicskincare – #dreamcatchers and more


12pm Healing Prayer

1pm Corona Virus facts & tips- Terri Debolt

2pm Spirit Gallery- AngelLynn

2:45pm Sound Healing- Spiral Healing

3:30pm Reiki Circle- Antoinette

4pm Tarot How to- Dennis

5:30pm Message Circle- Psychic Jeff

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How to: Beginner Crystals

Beginner Crystals

How to: Beginner Crystals

I get asked these questions all of the time- “What crystals should I start with?”, “what if I pair the wrong crystals together?”

Most crystals are synergistic to each other, or at least can work together with ease. This aint like Hers & oils. The worst that’s gonna happen is if you don’t keep your crystals cleansed & charged, they won’t work right.

And after much deliberation & procrastination, I sat down a few years ago and came up with a list of crystals that everyone should have starting out. This list has morphed a bit over the years, so I will suggest some add ons as well. This list comes from years of experience & research, both personal & through helping my clients .

The list:

*All of these crystals have many other attributes, but to be concise I am only listing the energies that are relevant to this list.

Clear quartz-world renowned healing crystal!!!! One of the best. Also programmable for whatever purpose that you would like.

*program- setting your intention and pouring that intention into the stone/object of your choice to act as an automatic device. I.e. protection amulets.

Rose quartz– because everybody has emotional baggage, the only difference is whether you need a burro, a leprechaun or a forklift to carry it all. Rose quartz helps you jettison that EB.

Amethyst– stone if dreams, dream recall…but the most important reason its on this list is due to its intuition boosting and clarifying properties.

Citrine– has many properties but the reason that its on the beginner “MUST HAVES” list is due to its ability to muzzle and overactive inner critic, keep you perky & positive, boost self esteem & confidence. As a side bonus its a great money attractor & a good everyday repel negative energies gem.

White selenite– the single best energetic cleaner out there. It breaks up energetic blockages from stones-people-places-objects, it also flushes out unwanted foreign energies.

*combo w Black tourmaline to make a bangin empathic shield or Black kyanite for when you have a person/place/things energy that just WILL NOT GO THE FUCK AWAY and keeps hanging onto you. This combo flushes that shit right out 

Black obsidian– ridiculously strong negative energy & entity repellent. *needs cleansed regularly tho.

Add ons

Add ons-

Black tourmaline– Empathic shield.

*Pair w white selenite as its really more of a “sponge” then a shield…and it needs to be “wrung out” or cleansed ALL OF THE TIME. Hence the white selenite.

Green calcite– for a peaceful & harmonious home. It helps everybody in the home to have trusting open honest communication.

Sodalite– clears out a busy mind, mental clarity, removal of mental stress and fuzz brain.

Blue calcite-One of the most amazing & overlooked communication stones out there. it is wonderful for students to digest & retain knowledge, but the reason that it has a place on this list is its special ability to allow a person to speak their truth AND listen- REALLY hearing the other person. *Its also wonderful for Mercury Retrograde!

Garnet– Promotes Strength & Courage. Rough times, stressful times, hard times are all made alittle easier if you can find the internal fortitude to push through them. And that is Garnets special attribute.

Personal choices for further along the path

My personal faves-

Prehnite– ultimate heart healer, any time there is a great deal of emotional stress, prehnite -Deep pink calcite & White selenite are amazing.

Peridot– helps to calm & safely release- jealousy, envy, anger- which as you go along any path of healing -you will feel a wide range of emotions, both pleasant & not so pleasant.

Celestite– Facilitates communication with your Spirit Guides , Your higher self, Higher Consciousnesses & Angels

Iolite– “Pathfinder stone”-helps you find your way to the spiritual path that is right for you. Manifestation, self acceptance,promotes kindness, boosts & opens up psychic abilities.

Blue kyanite– Pathfinder stone, Communication, self expression, gets energy flowing to all chakras

A few tips:

YES, you will find that you outgrow some crystals, meaning that they have helped to heal what they were meant to.

Some will migrate or disappear (some voluntarily , some not lols), but a good chunk you will keep.

And sometimes you just need to hang with an old crystal besty anyways, or you may find yourself in need of healing on the same issues that brought that particular crystal into your life in the first place.

Sometimes a Crystal will disappear and then come back to you later.

How to care for your crystals-

Crystals are pretty low maintenance, but low maintenance doesn’t mean NO maintenance.

*A lack of cleansing & charging can also explain why a gemstone or crystal that worked so well for you originally has not been working well/at all for you recently.

Link to my article here- Crystal Care: Tips on how to take care of your stones

There is a nearly never ending well of knowledge out there to be explored on the subject of crystals , This is just a small bit to get you started.

Enjoy your Dive into the world of crystals , but be mindful of everything that you find, make sure that it jives with your experiences & energy and understand that not absolutely everything out there is correct.

And thats OK, just make sure to test it all out for yourself before believing it 100%-never take anything on pure faith, that includes this article. I encourage you to test everything that I recommend for yourself.

I will be writing much more on this subject, if there is a specific area that I haven’t covered yet & you have questions on it-feel free to ask me:

message the Des Moines New Age Shop facebook page ,

Email me at: desmoinesnewage@yahoo.com

or drop by the Shop and ask in person😄

“Every Answer begins with a Question”

Alicia Anspaugh-McCullough

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Crystal care: tips on how to take care of your stones

*Hey All, Finally found where I had this article stashed before our website crashed last year!! had to change the pics tho lols!!!

Crystal care: tips on how to take care of your stones

-Original publication date unavailable-

Ok so You have bought your shiny rock and you take it home……then what?


A. You set it on a shelf somewheres and forget about it


B. You set it down after a few days when it quits working for you.

In each scenario, both yourself and your crystal suffers.

You don’t get what you need out of your friend that you just adopted….and your

little buddy doesn’t get proper care or a chance to do its job!

Crystals are easy, and low maintenance. But low maintenance doesn’t mean NO maintenance.

Everything in your life takes a little maintenance or care, and with a small bit of extra care everything shines. 

Your crystals are no different. 

There is the colloquial term of cleansing and charging.

I prefer to say, shower and feed them, also let them get rest-but not too much!

Cause you know you would be pretty cranky and ineffectual at what you do if you didn’t get a shower, some food and some sleep!!

So after a long day, put your crystals that you’ve been carting around with you (through the stress & BS) down by some selenite and let them rest there for the night.

(Its nice to have either a piece of selenite big enough to place your stones & jewelry on,or a selenite bowl) or a bowl that you place everything in with a sizable chunk of white selenite.*

*White Selenite will both cleanse AND charge your stones(while never needing cleaned & charged itself…..except for VERY dramatic cases)….but I prefer alittle extra charge!

Then as your going about your morning routine, either hold your stones when you’re at that

“morning cup of coffee happy” moment

or reiki them alittle

or put on some singing bowl /gong tunage for them to charge up to.

*You can also put them by a piece of specular hematite (energy switch) to convert the negative energy that they sucked up to positive energy.

Crystal care How to:

Cleansing and charging(showering & feeding)-

Clean your crystals!!

Cleansing methods:

*Cleansing-clearing the negative, stagnant, foreign, unwanted energy that has collected out of your stones.

Salt- setting the stone in a bowl of salt, you can use any salt that you choose but keep in mind that you need to change the salt frequently.

Running water-hold them in a stream, creek, etc until they feel clean

Terra- Burying the stone in the ground

Sageing-wave your stuff through the smoke of a lite sage bundle. *You can use Palo santo, White Sage, Pine, Juniper, etc. Pick the cleanser that you feel the deepest connection with.

Sound therapy – Exposing the stones to singing bowls or other high pitched resonance frequencies such as bells

Full moon- set them out overnight ( I always forget lol)

Sunlight (only for some stones!!! Others will fade)

Reiki (or other energy work)-using your energy to flush your stones

Selenite- setting your crystals & jewelry on/by/in a ceramic or glass bowl with selenite.

I prefer white selenite for this, and because I never remember which phase the moon is in until its almost gone…this is my preferred method.

Charge your crystals!

Charging methods:

*Charging- pouring positive energy back into your stones.

New moon

Reiki or other energy healing methods

PPES (personal positive energy share)

Running water


Sunlight- have you ever felt a clear quartz after its been in the sun…..it’s like hugging a glowing ball of happy sunshine! It is cleaned and charged! The same thing happens with a black tourmaline.

White Selenite

These are some of the top tips that I’ve found for making sure that your crystal friends are feeling at the top of their game, and by association; you will too!!!!!

****But don’t just take my word for it , get out there and research it!****

      ~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS

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Restocked on our sage!!!

Custom sage bundles

Fresh in:

#restocked on our #customsmudge bundles & #palosanto at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!

*all of our brushed smudge bundles are brushed with Therapeutic grade #essentialoils

Palo santo

#frankincense & #myrrh brushed sage

#lavender brushed sage

#dragonsblood brushed sage

#roadopener sage

Triple threat sage- #sweetgrass, palo santo,white sage
Cleanse & calm- english lavender & white sage
White sage bundles- apartment sized!

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Shop Decor work!

Howdy All,
Iv been wanting to put into action some of the neat ideas for display and decor streamline that have been dancing in my head since #desmoinesnewageshop moved to its new location on hickman (almost 3 yrs ago now!!!).

And Iv been making the changes slowly as money has been super tight….but here is a quick peek at some updates so far!!!
Part 2

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True Hearts Fortune fair is this Saturday at the Shop!!!!!!!

This Saturday!!!!

Howdy Folks,
We are proud and excited to announce our 8th Annual True Hearts Fortune Fair from 11am to 7pm at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!

We will have and awesome group of readers, healers and merchants!!!!
Admission, demonstrations & lectures are free, We will also have coffee & Cookies to warm you up 🙂
*not sure if Im gonna be able to bake up something special but I will try 😉

Vendors(So Far):

Psychics for Hire- Palmistry, Spirit Guide readings, oracle readings, astrology readings (Traditional & Eastern) , compatibility readings

Spiral Healing Energies- chakra balancing, Angelic reiki , Egyptian healing, Hilot healing, angel card readings, Access bars conciousness

Wundercraft Emporium- Handmade jewelry , organic skincare products, dreamcatchers, wands, and more

Tarot by Maddie- Tarot readings , oracle readings, spiritual counseling

Essential Therapies- Healings

AngelLynn- Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Pet Psychic

Psychic Jeffrey- Psychometry, Intuitive Palmist, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Trance medium

Noble Insights- Psychic reader, Reiki Master , Inspirational signs, Chakra candles, Reiki gardens and more

Ervin Chiropractic- Free consultations & screenings

Blunt Force Tarot- Straight to the point Tarot readings.

Demonstrations(So Far):

11:15am-Candle Blessing Ceremony- Antoinette

2pm- Spirit Gallery- AngelLynn

2:45pm- Sound bath- Spiral Healing Energies

6pm- Message Circle – Psychic Jeffrey

6:45- ArchAngel Reiki share- Spiral healing energies

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Fresh in: Chakra Candles, Melts , Tealights!!!!

Chakra Candles

Fresh in,
Just poured up a new batch of our all natural #chakracandles (#chakramelts , #chakratealights ) at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!!

We are so happy to add these #chakrabalancing candles to our Helper candle line- #candleswithpurpose !!!

#restocked This batch:

Crown chakra
Third Eye Chakra
Throat Chakra
Heart Chakra
Solar Plexus Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Root Chakra

*Our Chakra candles are made with #organic #soywax , #crystals and #therapeuticgrade #essentialoils .

#reiki charged for an extra boost!!

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