We will be vending at Anime Recharge 2020 this March!!!!!

Anime Recharge 2020 march 7th

Hey Folks,
* Des Moines New Age Shop will be vending at Anime Recharge 2020 on March 7th at Drake University!!!!! We love this event, and we love supporting it and the people who both attend and run it!!!

So, Today we are sitting down with Liz Dohrn the lead Co-Ordinator of the event Anime Recharge on March 7th (12pm to 7pm) at Drake University, in the Olmstead building.

Liz Dohrn, Anime Recharge lead Co-Ordinator

Contact info if you want mor info:
Facebook.com/Anime Recharge
Website- animerecharge.com

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Change of hours for Wednesday at the Shop!

Hey all,
So, due to a few personnell changes and swaps our hours on wednesdays are gonna be alittle choppy for awhile at #desmoinesnewageshop !

This Wednesday we will be open 4pm to 7pm.
Thank you for your patience and understanding 🙂

*We will be back to our normal hours of 11am to 7pm Thursday

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1st Weekly Guidance & Inspiration blast of 2020 from the Shop

Hey All,
My apologies for these being so choppy, 2019 was a helluva year!!!!
I am opening the year with a new spread called the Janus spread(Courtesy of Wade Macmorrighan).
Full vid on #desmoinesnewageshop youtube page- link https://youtu.be/3NBDIxPA0lU

1st spread of 2020

The Janus spread-
Was named for the god Janus(January was named after him), the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past.

This week (All right side up)
1 the old year and its continued influences : The Empress, abundance, new oppoetunities, stability, purposeful creativity
2 the forthcoming year: Jokers wild
3 how i will find my way frm the old year to the new year: The World- completion, integration, accomplishment, fulfillment, many possibilities, some travel.
See ya’all next week!

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New years Psychic fair, TODAY at the Shop!!!

Howdy Folks,
Come on out today (Jan. 4th) and start a whole new decade off right at Des Moines New Age Shop !!!!
Spiritual guidance for the new year, and lots of pretties to peruse!!
ANNNND we have The #cerealmascotartshow ongoing throughout the day so lots of talented local artists!!!
Hours are 11am til 7pm today (Jan 4th), We are a Family friendly establishment.
Admission is free and we are brewing up some Mississipi Grogg coffee and doughnut holes to shake the January chill!!!!

Vendors & readers :

(Sick and unable to attend)
Spiral Healing Energies- Angeli Reiki , Archangel readings, Egyptian Healing

AngelLynn- Clairvoyant Psychic

(unable to attend due to work emergency)
Goddess Keyes Tarot- Tarot readings and Straightforward Spiritual counseling

Wundercraft Emporium- Local Handmade wands , Jewelry, dreamcatchers , organic skincare products and more

Tarot by Maddie- Tarot & Oracle readings

Noble Insights- Psychic readings and Reiki charged Items(candles, signs, sage and more)

Tammi Slate- Reiki & Chair Massage

Sacred Designs by Spirit- Aura Photography and gemstone Jewelry

Psychic Jeff- Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium, Trance medium , Psycometrist, Medical intuitive


10:45am-Abundance Manifestation prayer- Antoinette

11am- Blessing Circle- Spiral Healing energies

2pm- Spirit Gallery- AngelLynn

2:30pm- SoundHealing Circle- Antoinette


3pm-Retrogrades of 2020- Alicia’s Art

4pm -Tarot Q & A- Dennis McCullough

6:30pm-Reiki Circle- Spiral Healing Energies

For more info please contact #desmoinesnewageshop at 515-276-7755 or message us on facebook

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Merry Christmas!!!!

Hello All,

Merry Christmas to everybody !!!!!

Hope everyone is having an amazing holiday season!!!!

We will be closed today (Wed. December 25th) as its Christmas lols
We will see you at 11am tomorrow (Thursday December 26th).

May your family & friends be merry ,may you eat too much food,may your presents be many, may there be a glow in your heart!

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Come take a tour with me!!!

Hey All,

Come and take a tour with me of the Des Moines New Age & Psychic Fair yuletide christmas fair 2019 at Adventureland park in the Palace Theater!!
Part 1

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Marilyn Elliot, Reiki & Psychic Medium

We are stoked to have Marilyn Elliot back with us for this fair, check out her interview from September!!!!

We are sitting down today with Marilyn Elliot, Energy worker- Reiki master-spiritual counselor- Psychic Medium and so much more. She is doing heart to soul readings today at Des Moines New Age & Psychic Fair at Adventureland Inn.Contact her:Spirit2400@aol.comCell# 515-255-2357

Posted by Des Moines New Age Shop on Sunday, September 15, 2019

We are sitting down today with Marilyn Elliot, Energy worker- Reiki master-spiritual counselor- Psychic Medium and so much more. She is doing heart to soul readings today at Des Moines New Age & Psychic Fair at Adventureland Inn.

Contact her:
Cell# 515-255-2357