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The Powerful Allure of Larvikite


Hey folks,

I recently brought it some tumbled #larvikite in at #desmoinesnewageshop and so decided to pen an article to answer some of the questions that Iv been receiving about this hushed gemstone.

Larvikite tumble closeup

The Powerful Allure of Larvikite

Larvikite is a wonderful, but lesser known, grounding and protective stone.

The name Larvikite comes from its region of origin, the Larvik Fjord region in Norway.

Often mistaken for labradorite or moonstone, even called Norwegian moonstone or black moonstone at times due to its iridescent flecks(It along with the others mentioned are all feldspars), Larvakite is better known by the official name Blue Pearl Granite.

*Feldspars’ hallmarks are their flashy opal-like sheen, the colors are called Labradorescence or the Schiller effect, which makes Rainbow moonstone, Labradorite, and Larvakite so eye-catching.

This stone is a must-have for any crystal lover’s collection.

***As you all know I really shy away from writing about any sort of health properties in regard to crystals, but as I was reading through the healing properties listed for Larvakite I felt I would do the stone a disservice to leave them out of this article.I have NO personal experience with the physical healing properties of this stone, so I can only go by what was listed. Keep in mind I am NOT a Doctor & I claim NO medical expertise, if you have a health concern please consult your medical practitioner. I include these in the interest of being thorough and for entertainment purposes only.***

Larvikite Tumbles

Metaphysical healing properties:

Once said to be the stone of magic and spellwork, This stone inspires confidence & security in the wearer’s intellect as well as wisdom & creativity. It has been used to enhance psychic abilities, aid meditation, and helps to promote past life recall flashes.

Larvikite is also a powerful anxiety reducer.

As a protective stone, it is used to cancel out dark magic & hexes, this stone tends to repel all forms of negative energy.

It also removes negative energy blocks that can suck out your energetic vitality & potential.Larvakite has a unique ability to help cleanse our spiritual selves of old, stuck energy that no longer serves us. It can even work on a karmic level to remove some of the pain from past life experiences.

It is also a transformational stone as it allows us to better adapt to change and to see & make peace with the benefit of the changes that we all go through on a regular basis, as well as the larger changes & upheavals in our lives.

Now I will list this, but I have no experience with it …. Larvakite is purported to literally awaken psychic powers and connect its user with earth & nature spirits. I haven’t found this to be true but I was not in a place to make a true test of the crystal when I first found out about it.

*Please let me know what you all experience on this front.

Healing properties:

It is said to enhance vitality and youthfulness-I will be wrapping myself a piece to wear following this article lols(I love the stuff anyways).

Larvakite was once purported to aid in the recovery from strokes as well as helping brain function.

It is said to be able to cleanse and purify body tissues, harmonize metabolism, and assist in muscular detoxification (Now that I am reading this I am definitely going to try it out and I will update this article once I have worked with Larvakite specifically for the metabolism aspect!!)

Larvakite is said to calm the nerves and help reduce blood pressure……..hmmmmmmm, don’t know if it’s true but I am certainly game to find out 😀

To sum up, Larvakite is an amazing but little-spoken-of crystal.

I highly recommend it, but please go and feel the stone out for yourself.

“Every Answer begins with a question”
Alicia Anspaugh

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New Crystals just in at the Shop, part 1!

Hey Folks,

I have been finding some absolutely GORGEOUS rough crystals of late and so have been bringing them in to the shop. #desmoinesnewageshop

Green Calcite

Their energy is phenomenal! Definitely drop by and check them out! (I have tumbles too, thats next post)

We have so far:

Rose quartz, Dragonsblood calcite , Septarian stone, Hematite, Green calcite , Sodalite , Olive Calcite, Carnelian (some with some nice druzies), Celestite, Aragonite, annnnnnd NEW to the shop we have Fire (Hematoid) quartz chunks !!!! and so much more on the way!!!!

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The gentle vibrations of Seafoam Calcite

Seafoam Calcite Tumbles

Calcites are absolutely wonderful stones.
They have an expansive calming energy that sort of spreads out around them.

Calcite means strength of spirit and energy and they all have the innate ability to amplify and cleanse energy.

Some calcites absorb and transform negative energy while calming the mind and enhancing mental clarity.

Some also have the knack for connecting our emotions with our intellect.

These crystals are a wonderful addition to any collection or to begin your crystal journey.

Quite possibly why they are experiencing a surge in popularity during these stressful times. 

Seafoam Calcite

Seafoam calcite is such a gorgeous color and it connects to both the Throat and the Heart chakras balancing and clearing them both (Always remember to keep your crystals charged & cleansed with White Selenite) at the same time, which makes it ideal to wear as a pendant or as earrings.

It will do its healing work equally well even while setting around your home or car or carried in your pocket.

Healing properties:

A journey of self-discovery companion stone. It inspires a renewed sense of purpose.

It speeds up our spiritual growth by giving us glaring insight into our lives, thereby facilitating growth and communication.
Seafoam calcite acts as a mirror to show you all of the ways in which you can wholly accept yourself and embrace your flaws.

It reminds us that our flaws are what make us unique and give us strength, like the Japanese tradition of using gold to mend broken pottery- which then is believed stronger for having shattered and repaired, it helps us to embrace our shadow side traits and turn them into strengths.

It is also a heart chakra healing stone that inspires healing in all issues surrounding love.

Seafoam Calcite

****Do NOT put these in water as the calcite will dissolve. If you accidentally put it in water, remember that you can always replace it.****

“Every Answer begins with a Question!”
Alicia Anspaugh

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Unpacking at the shop today!

Hey All,

We are open this Monday for a soft unpack from our 2 back to back fairs to help get the week started 😀
Drop by if you like as we gently unpack the new energy from all that traveling.
We will be there from around 12 pm to 4 pm-ish.
*Wubbnugget is helpin out 🙂 He is doin pretty good lols

Positive Vibes!

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We are open today AND we are at the SpiritSeeker Psychic Fair!!!

Hey All,

We have 2 places to that you can find us this Saturday!!!
Des Moines New Age Shop will be open its regular hours of 11am to 7pm

And We will be vending at the Spring SpiritSeekers psychic fair from 10am to 5pm at Unity Center!

There is no admission and there will be lots of awesome readers, healers and vendors!!!!
*Plus the Unity Center is a great place to be, so much good energy!!!

Spirit Seekers Psychic fair Saturday (June 10th)
Unity Center of DM
414 31st street
Des Moines , IA

For More info, please visit their website-

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Shop Closed today, See you tomorrow!

Hey all,
My apologies, We are under the weather.

*Did alittle TOO much spring cleaning and managed to get into something that didnt agree with me. Lols

Have a blessed day!
Nicole will see you tomorrow at 11am.

Mondays are now the Shops Rest day, Positive Vibes All!!

Hey All,

Mondays are gonna be the shops rest day for the next little while, so Des Moines New Age Shop will be open Tuesday thru Saturday 11am to 7pm and Sunday’s 12pm to 5pm until further notice.

Positive vibes All!!!

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