In House Products Guide



(Work in progress- more to come)

All of the products listed below are made by us, in house.

We began making these items to serve a need in the community and because we couldn’t find them anywhere else with the same ingredients, quality and attention to detail as we have here.

If there is something that you are wanting or needing, or if you have a specific request for one of our products (such as allergy concerns), just ask us ūüėÄ

Disclaimer: (Remember:
There is no such thing as a “magic” potion that fixes ALL of your problems!
While taking care of yourself on the outside is an AWESOME part of the healthy process…its only 1 PART!

You MUST take CARE of yourself on the INSIDE TOO!!

Which means lots of water, good diet, fresh fruit & veggies, exercise, meditation, relaxation, and sleep!
*Always do a test patch on your inner arm to test for any allergies.
*Not for use in or around eyes.)

Products that we offer:

Room Sprays

Clearing Sprays

Shower Salts

Cleansing Floor Salts

Shower Bursts

Helper Jar Candles

Custom Smudge Bundles

Bath Tea’s

Specialty Tea Blends

Healing Scent Roll on Oils

Solid Scent Balms

Beard Balms

Beard Oils

Face Oil

Body Oil

Hair Oil


Hand & Body Balms

Paw Balm


Item list:

HEALING SCENT Roll-on OILS: $19  10ml

Organic Fractionated, coconut oil, essential oils, clear quartz, Reiki

Anxiety Relief– Blended for Anxiety relief

Stress Relief– Blended specifically for Stress relief, both day to day & major stresses

Depression Relief– This blend keeps you happy & energized, it is specifically designed for depression relief as well as seasonal depression relief

Headache Relief– Headache relief, for both pain & pressure

Deep Sleep– Promotes peaceful & Restful sleep naturally

Smooth (Energetic Relaxer)- Designed to smooth out nervous energy, calm & relax both mental and emotional nervous tension

Love Magick–¬†

Healing Magick–¬†


Mystical– Power puncher blend for Maximum Anxiety relief & calming





VisionРHelpful in promoting mental calm & clarity, clearing mental fatigue, helps to dissipate panic attack energy, aids in aligning third eye chakra

Faith– Helps you keep the Faith no matter how hard things are going, helps divine connection, unlocks connection between you & your higher self, Aids in aligning the Crown chakra

Phoenix Fire–¬†

Dragon Dust–¬†



Solid Healing scent balms:

Basic ingredients: Beeswax, Carrier oils, Essential oils, Crystals, Reiki 


Solid Scent Stick: $7- 5ml 

Solid Scent Tins: $25- 30 ml


Healthy(a variant of Thieves oil)- To promote Health, and give your immune system a jumpstart

Relaxation– Promotes Relaxation, calms nerves

ProtectionРProtects from negative energy

Energize– Promotes energy, lifts fatigue due to stress, gives you a boost when your feeling sluggish

Magnetism– Pulls whatever you intentionally “Wish” for to you as if magnetized

Revive-This is a perfect blend for people who experience a great deal of fatigue, energy drain either from stress, negative energy, or psychic vampirism

Renew– Meant for Spiritual, Physical, mental & energetic renewal

Prosperity– This blend encourages prosperity and abundance

Energy cleanse– This blend cleanses your energetic self and keeps you feeling clear, grounded, and refreshed

Love РThis blend helps you heal emotionally from grief-stress-fatigue-depression, it gives you the same kind of security & stability as being loved does. 

Sage magick–¬†

Love magick– Rose,Sandalwood, Rose quartz, clear quartz

Healing magick–¬†

Magick – This is a powerful blend for Manifestation & positive mental outlook

Blessings – Sweetgrass, Clear quartz, Angelite

VisionРHelpful in promoting mental calm & clarity, clearing mental fatigue, helps to dissipate panic attack energy, aids in aligning third eye chakra