Crystal care: tips on how to take care of your stones

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Crystal care: tips on how to take care of your stones

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Ok so You have bought your shiny rock and you take it home……then what?


A. You set it on a shelf somewheres and forget about it


B. You set it down after a few days when it quits working for you.

In each scenario, both yourself and your crystal suffers.

You don’t get what you need out of your friend that you just adopted….and your

little buddy doesn’t get proper care or a chance to do its job!

Crystals are easy, and low maintenance. But low maintenance doesn’t mean NO maintenance.

Everything in your life takes a little maintenance or care, and with a small bit of extra care everything shines. 

Your crystals are no different. 

There is the colloquial term of cleansing and charging.

I prefer to say, shower and feed them, also let them get rest-but not too much!

Cause you know you would be pretty cranky and ineffectual at what you do if you didn’t get a shower, some food and some sleep!!

So after a long day, put your crystals that you’ve been carting around with you (through the stress & BS) down by some selenite and let them rest there for the night.

(Its nice to have either a piece of selenite big enough to place your stones & jewelry on,or a selenite bowl) or a bowl that you place everything in with a sizable chunk of white selenite.*

*White Selenite will both cleanse AND charge your stones(while never needing cleaned & charged itself…..except for VERY dramatic cases)….but I prefer alittle extra charge!

Then as your going about your morning routine, either hold your stones when you’re at that

“morning cup of coffee happy” moment

or reiki them alittle

or put on some singing bowl /gong tunage for them to charge up to.

*You can also put them by a piece of specular hematite (energy switch) to convert the negative energy that they sucked up to positive energy.

Crystal care How to:

Cleansing and charging(showering & feeding)-

Clean your crystals!!

Cleansing methods:

*Cleansing-clearing the negative, stagnant, foreign, unwanted energy that has collected out of your stones.

Salt- setting the stone in a bowl of salt, you can use any salt that you choose but keep in mind that you need to change the salt frequently.

Running water-hold them in a stream, creek, etc until they feel clean

Terra- Burying the stone in the ground

Sageing-wave your stuff through the smoke of a lite sage bundle. *You can use Palo santo, White Sage, Pine, Juniper, etc. Pick the cleanser that you feel the deepest connection with.

Sound therapy – Exposing the stones to singing bowls or other high pitched resonance frequencies such as bells

Full moon- set them out overnight ( I always forget lol)

Sunlight (only for some stones!!! Others will fade)

Reiki (or other energy work)-using your energy to flush your stones

Selenite- setting your crystals & jewelry on/by/in a ceramic or glass bowl with selenite.

I prefer white selenite for this, and because I never remember which phase the moon is in until its almost gone…this is my preferred method.

Charge your crystals!

Charging methods:

*Charging- pouring positive energy back into your stones.

New moon

Reiki or other energy healing methods

PPES (personal positive energy share)

Running water


Sunlight- have you ever felt a clear quartz after its been in the sun…’s like hugging a glowing ball of happy sunshine! It is cleaned and charged! The same thing happens with a black tourmaline.

White Selenite

These are some of the top tips that I’ve found for making sure that your crystal friends are feeling at the top of their game, and by association; you will too!!!!!

****But don’t just take my word for it , get out there and research it!****

      ~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS

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