Alittle bit about Worry Stones

Worry stones….these little guys bring back SOOOOOOO many awesome memories for me(and Im finding for many of my patrons too :)) , I remember my Dad bringing them into his shop by the case along with Onyx ashtrays and figurines.
It was ALWAYS fun to help unpack -catalog- and place an order , annnnd I got to pluck up some stones for my collection (I had a big jar full of worry stones as a kid:) )

A worry stones smooth texture & comforting weight is a tactile tension reliever.
Easy to use, just Drop it in your pocket and your good to go 🙂

*Any variety of stone can be used as a Worry stone, but the Onyx variety in either a geometric or ovular shape with a depression to fit the thumb seems to be perfect for everyday use.

*Using a worry stone as a fidget is exceedingly  therapeutic…and it can also be combined with your choice of Prayer-Meditation-Intention-Mindfulness to boost its healing benefits.

But onto abit of History:
The idea of rubbing or holding a stone or rock to relieve stress and worry is as old as time itself.
But stones specified as Worry Stones were thought to have originated in Greece(where the stones were most often taken from the sea) ,
They also have a long history in Mesopotamia,Tibet (they would chant mantras oftentimes while rubbing the stone), Ireland and with multiple Native Americans (they would be given to younger generations, creating a sense of connection to past family members. The stones were also thought to be sacred if made from quartz)-Truthfully probably more cultures then I’ve mentioned.

The original worry stones were Smooth-round or oval- small & pulled from Running water or bodies of water to be rubbed with the thumb & forefinger,
They were also called Thumb stones, Palm stones, fidget stones, sensory stones, or soothing stones

And now for abit of science behind the superstition:

Through acupressure,

rubbing a stone between the fingers or in our palms stimulates quite a few nerve endings.
The pressure points in our hands & fingers connect to meridians in our bodies which stimulate parts of our brain, which releases endorphins, creating a naturally calming & euphoric effect. Popping up in the alternative medicine communities circa the 1970’s, 

Worry Stones popularity has only heightened, moving these ancient “Charms” into the realm of therapeutic Applications. 

There are  Many Modern day alternative therapies that have begun to incorporate semi-precious gemstones in a wide range of healing techniques. 

Some tips on Worry stone materials:
*ALWAYS cleanse your worry stone after a day of use!

Onyx– Grounding, strength, self mastery.

*it is abit of a sponge for the holders energy, and if worn too long without a thorough cleansing it can cause one to relive old wounds and negative energy patterns. Which is probably why so many onyx worry stones break. So make sure to have white selenite to put your stone by at night.

Jasper– supreme nurturer, healing, comforting, strengthening. Also very life affirming.
Marble- grounding ,security, strength, stability

Obsidian-protective, repulses negative energy

Clear quartz– all around great healing crystal, and amplifies the energy of any gemstones around it.
White Selenite– cleansing, powerful energy flush(Dont get it wet, it will slowly dissolve)

There are MANY more varieties of gemstone that worry stones are made out of, but here are a few of the most common 🙂

“Dont just take my word for it, Get out there and research it!”

Written by Alicia Anspaugh-McCullough