Here is what I know: Energetic Links


Here is what I know: Energetic Links
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Energetic cords, links or attachments are something that has been talked about for some time and at great length amongst Metaphysicians, Pagans and New Agers.

But it has come to my attention that this is a subject that is woefully under-addressed in the metaphysical & new age communities today.

So I have decided to write a short article on it.
There will be a more in-depth article drawn up by Reiki Master Amber Smith on this topic, at some point.

What is Energcording,ing , Energetic linking , Energetic Attachment, Soul cords?
It is exactly as described, it is a link between two people energetically.
We all have an energy current running through us.
Some people call it a soul, some people refer to it as a life spark, astral energy, etheric energy, chi.
Whichever, the name is unimportant,
it is the energy that keeps you vertical, ventilating and thinking. Anyone can tap into this for their own purposes if you are unprepared (or unprotected).
You can pass emotions,chi, energy, back and forth along these links.
Most varieties are formed for the purpose of a one way energy transference, but some links can be two way conduits.
A lot of people don’t even realize that they’re linking to someone else or being linked to by someone or something else. And almost no one figures out that they are being energetically siphoned from.

How they come about?
Almost any links(cords, attachments) form due to an effort of will. It can be conscious or unconscious, but if you put your mind-will-desire to it (even subconsciously), you will have yourself an energetic link. Heck some just form because the people are thinking about each other a lot.

Why are some links good and some links very bad for you?
It is completely dependent upon the motivations of the person or persons that are involved. If you have a negative purpose in mind, the link will act negatively. Conversely , if you have a positive purpose in mind, the link will be a positive one.

What are some examples of energetic cording?
Psychic vampirism is a more dramatic one, But it gets the point across.
If you have ever had an Ex that you just cant seem to get past, you guys probably have an energetic link.
When a parent contacts their child after something traumatic happens, they felt their off springs heartache.
Distance healing in a Reiki session.
I could list a ton of examples, but I need to keep this article somewhat short.
And, again these things can develop with very little effort on either persons part.

What can energetic linking do?
The MOST common types are to achieve energy transference.
But a link can accomplish many things,
emotional stabilizing ,
healing an illness,
giving comfort (having a solid energetic presence besides your own),
it can also be used to gather information psychically,
personality transference, motivational transference, distance healing.

What types of energetic cording are there?
Emotional, Energy, Psychic, Healing, But basically just energetic.
Now, there can also be psychic links between two people (a topic for a different article).
Think of an energetic cord like an umbilical cord, now think of that cord being able to attach anywhere.
Any chakra, to your auric field, back of the neck, anywhere.
There are also negative entity attachments,
Now THAT is a whole nother article.

*Negative entity attachment:
I am doing an article on this by itself, as well as a class on how to deal with this situation (which is more common then you might think)
But In brief, A negative entity (Human at one time, never human, different dimension in origin, etc).
Important points:
how strong the entity is?
How much will you have to use to get it gone?
If you will need help?

Negative entities are here (and they are all over the place lookin for new hosts) for different purposes, but their primary motivation is to feed. They are hungry, and our energy is their food.
When these critters find a “flavor” that they like (sadness, grief, anger, jealousy, paranoia, etc…heck sometimes just having alot of energy can look tasty), they stay with it and often times provoke the emotional or mental state needed to make the energy that they eat.

And the misconception that if you are a good, positive person who is completely white light, you will never have to deal with this type of entity is ABSOLUTE HORSESHIT!!!!!!

You dont have to be a bad person for bad stuff to happen to you!!!
And to be honest, its more like a mugging- sure there are steps that you can take to be safe, but it can happen at any time, any where, & to anyone.
Moving on.

How do I know if I have an energetic cord or link?
When you are feeling consistently tired for NO reason, you probably have a cord pulling energy from you.
Also, Look at yourself and innate traits, if these have gone off the mark then you know you are being influenced. Such as If all of a sudden you have a deep driving urge for coffee, and you have always hated coffee and are a tea drinker. Now definitely investigate anything health, chakra, etc wise. But if all investigation turns up no reason for the change, or if you notice multiple other inexplicable changes… you probably have a link and/or link energetic backwash.

Another really good sign is if all of a sudden(and I mean out of the blue , generally after meeting someone physically though) you just cant seem to stop thinking about someone, they invade your thoughts when there is no reason for them to. Generally a good sign that they either conciously or inconciously “corded” to you.

Cut that cord!!!

How do I get rid of these cords or energetic link?
Energy follows thought, So any cord can be cut with an effort of will.
Some people use iron daggers, I personally reccomend visualizing a large pair of scissors, a sharp knife of your choice or if you need a physical item then a sharp black obsidian blade. Then go over yourself with this implement, visualized or physical, and picture yourself cutting through cords along your body. You will come to a cord or two that are more difficult to “slice” through and these are particularly strong ones.
Remember, distance plays no part in removing links, as the cords can stretch however far they need to.
And something to keep in mind,
know yourself and be yourself. It is a good block against cording, the absolute refusal to accept anything that does not serve you.
This will also help to reverse an unwanted cord,
thereby causing energy to be expended on the other parties end to deflect what you are sending.
Refuse to accept the cord, the ideas, the energy that is sent to you.


If someone comes to you and says “blah blah blah, you are or you need to be this way” ,Say mentally or verbally “I refuse any verbal-psychic-energetic-emotional suggestion to be that way, I reject your suggestion entirely”
Then go home and slice those cords!

Crystals that help to deflect unwanted links:

Black obsidian


Black onyx


Black Agate

Black Star Diopside(Black Star of India)


If I cut all the cords, will the ones that I want to have, go away too?
Absolutely not.
Your positive links are 100% safe from cord cutting.
If you want a link, you can try everything in the book and it wont go away, Because you are willing it to stay.
No matter how good or bad a link is for us, if we want it-for whatever the reason, then we wont be able to get rid of it.
It always comes down to will and intention.

How would you form a positive link?
First, any and all parties need to have a long and in depth discussion.
The link must be discussed and it must be agreed upon to be positive, so as acceptance of link comes with ease and is not fought, and as a safety measure to keep that link positive.
This is dealing with energy, which is completely non corporeal, and again -energy follows THOUGHT- it only takes a thought to start turning a link negative.
So I would have both parties sit down and review their link every week at first and then every couple of months.
Do not let the link go unattended!

I spoke with, long time Metaphysician Jeff Anspaugh to get a point of view with a great deal of field experience. Mr. Anspaugh has over 40 years of experience with Energetic & Psychic linking. And , It was at his suggestion that I included information on forming positive links.

Mr. Anspaugh emphasized the benefits of energetic and psychic linking. He’s had experiences with both positive and negative psychic and energetic links but he feels that there is so much potential for positivity and positive experiences through psychic and energetic linking.

My experiences have been about 50-50 on the subject,

but Mr. Anspaugh has been doing this a great deal longer than I have and he has a world of respect for energetic Linking, with nothing but positive things to say about it.

Mr. Anspaugh feels it is a wonderful way to distance heal, also a wonderful way to lend emotional support to someone who is struggling.
He feels that the positive benefits outweigh any potential risks.
Dang, This turned into a LONG article!
Oh well, lols !!!

****But don’t just take my word for it , get out there and research it!****

~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS