Tarot card pull of the day!

6 of potions- reversed

Howdy Folks,
Got the intuitive message to pull a card for today( Wed. Sept. 21st), Using the #nightmarebeforechristmas #tarot deck today in the spirit of the season (#halloween #dayofthedead ).

6 of Potions(cups) reversed:
Its all about nostalgia today.

But be careful not to get so far down memory lane that you forget how giod your life really is right now, and honor how hard you have worked to get here.
It is easy to romanticize the way things were and forget all of the hard parts of the journey to get you to the here and now- which is right where you need to be!
By all means, take that trip down memory lane- enjoy it- just dont pack up and move there.
Honor your work and yourself, you deserve it- accept it and be filled with gratitude!

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Link to Video reading below: