Clairvoyant Psychic Medium weekend Forecast!

Bringing you Wisdom from the Other side

Howdy Folks,

We at #desmoinesnewageshop are chatting with Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Psychic Jeff today (Sat. Sept.24th) about his intuitive guidance for this weekend!

The Main Message:
Positivity is magic!! it is what shapes our world and we must paint our world with our own colors!

***Psychic Jeff will be at the Shop today doing Live readings from 12pm to 7pm.and he has Seasonal special on his email readings***

Please call the shop at 515-276-7755 or reach out to us through FB messenger for more info 🙂

Link to video reading below:

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Tarot card pull of the day!

3 of wands- Reversed

Howdy Folks,

For Today’s Tarot card reading (Thurs. Sept 23rd) from #desmoinesnewageshop , we have a nifty message.

(Btw, I am pulling from the Tarot of the Mermaids deck- I picked this one up a long time ago from The Tarot Garden. They have amazing Decks!)

*Also , Our Tarot card reader will be in the shop today 🙂 If you would like a more personal reading – Dennis is wonderful and he uses the Ancestral path tarot deck.

3 of Wands- Reversed:

With the change of seasons from Summer to Fall, there is a strong drive to go within and slightly withdraw. So find the biggest, fluffiest blanket that you can and curl up onyour sofa with a movie or two. But remember to also take care of your responsibilities, it is not the time to let them slide. Honor the need to Withdraw and enjoy the coziest of seasons and remember to keep on keepin on with gratitude for this time of year!

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Link to Video reading below:

Tarot card reading for Today!

Judgement, plus jumper card 10 of Cups

Howdy Folks,

For Today’s card reading(Thurs. Sept 22nd) from #desmoinesnewageshop , we have a 2 card pull, 1 jumper card and 1 intuitive pull.
Btw, I am pulling from the Disney Villains tarot deck

*Our Tarot card reader will be in the shop today 🙂 If you would like a more personal reading -He is wonderful and he uses the Ancestral path tarot deck.

Various interpretations come to mind with this card, but the most uppermost one is that of a major cycle- project-phase-journey in our luves coming to a close. It is time for a bit of a life review, look at all of the steps that led you to this part of the journey- see the lessons and make peace with the missteps as they were an equally important part of this journey. Honor your journey and have gratitude for it.

Jumper card” 10 of Cups:
a very happy card! lots of love, understanding and acceptance from home and family. We feel valued by those around us.
It is also important to show those around us, family-friends-loved ones-colleagues, that we value them- appreciate them and show understanding and compassion to them.

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Link to Video reading below:

Tarot card pull of the day!

6 of potions- reversed

Howdy Folks,
Got the intuitive message to pull a card for today( Wed. Sept. 21st), Using the #nightmarebeforechristmas #tarot deck today in the spirit of the season (#halloween #dayofthedead ).

6 of Potions(cups) reversed:
Its all about nostalgia today.

But be careful not to get so far down memory lane that you forget how giod your life really is right now, and honor how hard you have worked to get here.
It is easy to romanticize the way things were and forget all of the hard parts of the journey to get you to the here and now- which is right where you need to be!
By all means, take that trip down memory lane- enjoy it- just dont pack up and move there.
Honor your work and yourself, you deserve it- accept it and be filled with gratitude!

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Link to Video reading below:

Shop closed today due to emergency.

The shop will be closed today (Tuesday, Sept. 20th) due to a family medical emergency.
We appreciate your patience and we will see you tomorrow at our regular hours of 11am to 7pm.

You can contact the shop via our shop phone 515-276-7755
Or our shop facebook messenger.
And we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Seasonal Services are now online!!!

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The New Age Shop on Storenvy

Hey All,

So #desmoinesnewageshop has decided to put some of our remote services up for easy accessibility online.

We only have a few up right now, we will be adding plenty more as we go.

Come over and check us out!

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Current Celestial energy shifts of 2022

No description available.

Article & Image By Alicia Anspaugh-McCullough

Editing by Dennis McCullough

So, we have a full moon in Pisces right smack dab at the start of Mercury Retrograde (our 3rd this year, with still another to come) which was Sept 9th, Mercury retrograde will draw to a close on Oct. 2nd.

*Mercury in Retrograde is all about communication craziness and misunderstandings. Try to put off any document signing or agreements till it’s over. And enjoy the time to sit, stay quiet and take a load off. And if you are Mercury ruled- or you love a mercury ruled (Virgo, Gemini) – Please have patience and compassion, they havin it ROUGH right now.*

And as with the normal Full moon energy, we will feel this one for around 72 hours before and 72 hours after the Full moon’s peak on the September 10th.

 So, for the next 48 to 72 hours – due to our full moon in Pisces- there will be a lot of heightened emotionality and generous amounts of excess emotional baggage being sorted through.

This is also the Harvest moon, which is all about Transformation- Sharing- Abundance.

 It is wonderful energy to have and especially falling within a Chiron retrograde (and a Pluto retrograde), Chiron retrograde- July 19th to Dec. 23rd.

 Chiron Retrograde is all about lancing open those festering old emotional wounds / Trauma from our past that we refuse to deal with and draining the metaphoric infection out…..then pouring some rubbing alcohol in the wound and asking “Now don’t you feel better?”!

All of the while we are curled up on the floor crying and screaming “NO!”, when in actuality it was necessary and yes we are doing better afterwards.

Chiron’s methods are harsh, but effective and necessary.

This is also in the midst of 4 other planetary retrogrades, so seven Retrogrades altogether, some of which are pretty heavy.

Saturn- June 4th to Oct. 23rd –

 The Planet of Responsibility, integrity, hard work and setting good boundaries. When this one goes retrograde it can really stall out plans, and make us work so much harder than we would normally to achieve our goals, it also makes us stay in our integrity.

Uranus- Aug. 24th to Jan. 23rd 2023 –

The planet of Bright flashes of insight, Strokes of genius, Technology and Humanitarianism.  While Uranus is in Retrograde Tech will be bogged down, so will our epiphany moments or Genius Moments. We need to slow down and consider our impact on those around us. Good time to do community work though.

Neptune – June 28th to Dec. 3rd –

 The Planet of dreams, when in retrograde-Psychic information overload, Introspection, Tendency to try to escape reality (to the extreme)- Make sure you give yourself multiple reality checks right now, don’t let your boundaries dissolve. Be sure not to fall back into bad habits during this retrograde as there is a better chance that they will stick around.

Pluto – April 29th to Oct. 8th –

The Planet of Rebirth, Transformation, Concealment and Projection, Projecting one’s own issues on to another. When in Retrograde this high intensity planet’s energy is filtered and inverted. Secrets, illusions, lies, self delusions will all seek the light. Lots of forced honesty going on,

* Pluto Retrogrades are all about transformation and rebirth…a lot of underworld phoenix type energy.

A cornucopia of Skeletons being forced out of closets and abuse of power being acted out and brought to light and such.*

Jupiter- July 28th to November 23rd –

The planet of Luck and also the planet whose job it is to push us out of our comfort zones. This retrograde makes things go a bit slower but also negates those lucky breaks we get.

 Also at the end of October, on the 30th, we will be hitting a Mars retrograde. Which means tempers will be up and flaring for no good reason. Just in time for all of those family gatherings this Fall!

So yup, we got a lot goin on in our skies currently!

Retrogrades in general are all about Introspection & Spiritual cleaning, but this season seems to denote a deep cleaning.

It is always a challenge to be in a good position to take advantage of the opportunities that Celestial retrogrades offer us, but if we so choose, we are along for the ride anyway!  We can use these times to truly get in touch with the pain that we have carried and move some of it out of our life. Making space for better things and more love.

No description available.

“Every answer begins with a question.”

Contact Alicia Anspaugh-McCullough through Des Moines New Age Shop’s Facebook or,

 At her email:

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We are in 2 locations this weekend!!!!

We are HERE!

Des Moines New Age Shop is ELATED to be back at AI this year, it is easily one of our favorite shows- we love you ALL!!
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Annnnd a Huge shout out to Nicole for workin the booth with Dennis (I had to head home friday night to keep aneye on Wubbster :)) Sat & Sun!

We are also open at the shop our regular hours all weekend Thanks to Spiral Healing Energies Antoinette- She is an Amazing #reiki  Healer /energyworker & Psychic reader!
And Psychic Jeff will be available for readings all weekend as well!

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Lavender Lemonade recipe

Warm lavender lemonade


Update -Beverage making trial:

So since havin to mostly give up my coffee, and seriously cut down my caffeine…..Iv been trying alternative beverages.

Hot lemonade, Hot limeade(which is AWESOME for kicking the coffee habit!!!!), so many varieties and blends of teas, hot chocolates, the Cacao drink thats been advertised as a coffee subsitute (not for me unfortuntely), Mudwatr(still need to pop open the package and actually make it), etc

So tonight, I tried making hot lavender lemonade with cane sugar.
It actually turned out pretty well!!!

I absolutely LOVE homemade hot Lemonade!!!!
And I absolutely LOVE Honey lemonade!!

****And I  absolutely loved a few blends of lavender lemonade that I tried out at past summer festivals- some blends are disgusting though so be ware- *****

I was hanging out tonight with @earthnspiritsprite (chit chatting about some pieces for #MerMay ) and we got to chatting about lavender flavored drinks & I decided to make warm lavender lemonade- fyi it needs about 15 mins to sit and combine flavors to REALLY have that lavender punching power!

We decide to use sugar this time, but next time Im trying it with honey……once I experiment with honey to lemons ratio abit more 🙂

Hot Lavender Lemonade Recipe:
5 wedges of lemon
8 spoons sugar
3 tbls  dried lavender
50ozs distilled water


Heat up a 30oz water –
Pour 15oz over crushed lavender in cup. Let steep for 10 minutes.

In pitcher, squeeze lemon wedges into aroun 20oz of water- leave wedges in pitcher.

Pour rest of hot water into pitcher and add sugar, stir.
Strain in steeped lavender- if you dont have a fine mesh strainer  you can use a paper towel over the pitcher mouth-, stir and let sit for around 15mins.


*Quick Note:  Drink will turn pinkish!*

*Wubbster is still iffy on it, but he is not a lavender fan anyways…he has taken 3 drinks out of my cup tho 🙂

* Lavender lemonade calms down a stressed out mind, is VERY refreshing and healthy- its great iced for a summer time drink-
It reduces anxiety, lavender slows your pulse rate if it syarts to climb too high, and has an overall calming effect on the whole body.

Here are their benefits separately!

Lemonade benefits-
Keeps you well hydrated
Aids in digestion
Helps with skin health
Is said to helps treat kidney stones

Warm lemon water-
Aids digestion
Grwat dose of vitamin C
Balances body PH
Helps weightloss
Potassium boost
Helps prevent kidney stones

Anti inflammatory
Helps release  anxiety, depression, restlessness, mental disquiet, among other wonderful properties.

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