Tarot card reading for Today!

Judgement, plus jumper card 10 of Cups

Howdy Folks,

For Today’s card reading(Thurs. Sept 22nd) from #desmoinesnewageshop , we have a 2 card pull, 1 jumper card and 1 intuitive pull.
Btw, I am pulling from the Disney Villains tarot deck

*Our Tarot card reader will be in the shop today 🙂 If you would like a more personal reading -He is wonderful and he uses the Ancestral path tarot deck.

Various interpretations come to mind with this card, but the most uppermost one is that of a major cycle- project-phase-journey in our luves coming to a close. It is time for a bit of a life review, look at all of the steps that led you to this part of the journey- see the lessons and make peace with the missteps as they were an equally important part of this journey. Honor your journey and have gratitude for it.

Jumper card” 10 of Cups:
a very happy card! lots of love, understanding and acceptance from home and family. We feel valued by those around us.
It is also important to show those around us, family-friends-loved ones-colleagues, that we value them- appreciate them and show understanding and compassion to them.

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Link to Video reading below: