Walk through tour of True Hearts Fortune Fair at the Shop!!!!

A quicky walk through tour of our
6th Annual True hearts Fortune Fair
at Des Moines New Age Shop & Community Center !!!
All of these fine folks can be found on our facebook event page for this fair:)
Full video link:

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Dry Hair during the coldsnap, Coconut oil!!!!!!!!

Holy cats!!!!
I have more manageable Hair!!!!!!
After the #coconutoil grease slick set for 2 days(It felt sooooooooo nasty, but at least I wasnt worried my hair would break off), I couldnt take it anymore and washed my hair.
Then I put more CO on the ends to middle shaft, and VWallah, I have that awesome “can do anything with” wavy kinda hair-almost lols!!!
But suffice it to say, Im enjoying the #nofrizz …my hair is soft, but alittle oily/sticky in back.
Still, today I brushed my freshly dried hair and clipped it into a half up ponytail with ZERO Frizz. This NEVER HAPPENS TO ME!!!
After I brush my curls it looks like birds could nest in my hair, until I braid it up for awhile.
Now off to try a facial moisterizer that Im working up ūüôā
My face skin feels like a Crocodile!!!

*However , on a brighter note, My #WitchesBrew #lipbalm and  Hand & body balm are keepin the rest of me nice and Smooth!!!!!
*Also Wubbster looked especially Handsome in his new shirt frm Grandma so I had to include a pic of him!!!!

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Friday night talk: The Akashic Records

Howdy folks,

10/5/2018 Friday night talk: The Akashic Records

Think of the Akashic records as…… Basically, everything that has happened- is happening now, and all that will happen….which is housed in a non-physical plane of existence colloquially known as the Etheric Plane
Kind of like an enormous library that is accessed through thought-feeling-images, the knowledge is downloaded into your mind and it is there as if you have known it all your life. when you are done, you just let it go and it returns from whence it came.
*Article coming soon on our blog – desmoinesnewage.com

But Don’t just take my word for it….get out there and Research it!!
Alicia Anspaugh-McCullough

Spiritual Inspiration & Guidance for this weekend !!!!

Hey Folks,

Spiritual Inspiration & Guidance for this weekend, guest starring AngelLynn !

We are happy to have Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant AngelLynn as a guest on our Spiritual Inspiration & Guidance Blast, The Spirit Guides were Chattering away that Angel had an awesome message for this weekend and they were so very right!!!!!!!!



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Happy New Year From Des Moines New Age Shop & Community Center!!!!

Happy New Years!!!!
Guess who I got to kiss at Midnight, I will give you a hint….he is ridiculously adorable & the Wubb of my life !!!!
This year has gone by quickly…but unlike many years before I feel that I can account for where 2018 went.
2018 has been filled to the brim with experiences, lessons, hard work, growth and so much more………its been a tough year in many ways….but through it all there has been alot of LOVE!!!!!
Im Hopeful that 2019 will bring opportunities & positive growth, and that we will all use at least 315 of those opportunities wisely….the other ones are for the stay in bed and eat pizza days opportunites lols!!!!!!
Shout out to my Peeps, Happy New year!!!!!
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Spiritual Guidance & Inspiration from Me to You, Merry Christmas & Happy Yule!!!!

Hey folks,
Doin sumthin New…..my Guides have mentioned to me that I need to start chatting and putting some regular Guidance & Inspiration out there in the collective conciousness , so it can reach the people who need it.
So This will be a weekly (and additional as inspired) Spiritual Guidance & Inspiration blast from Alicia at Des Moines New Age Shop & Community Center.

*Settings, Divination tools, costumes (lols) will vary….and we may even have guest presenters in once in awhile.

Link to the video here:

Des Moines New Age & Psychic Fair!!!

We are excited to announce that we will potentially be holding the Des Moines New Age & Psychic Fair on March 23rd and 24th of 2019. We will need help to make this happen however. The fundraiser will be to secure the location of the event which is at the Iowa State Fair Grounds in the Paul R. Knapp Learning Center and to advertise the event. 


Vendors –¬†If you are wishing to be a vendor at the show we would love to have you. If you donate $100 to help fund the show, that will give you a 10’x10′ booth per $100. (Example: $500 will get you 5 10’x10′ booths)

A booth after the fundraiser will be $150 per booth. Each booth will come with 1 8′ table and 2 chairs. (Example: If you require 5 booths, you will get a total of 5 tables and 10 chairs.)

Patrons –¬†If you would like to support our endeavor and come to the fair and have a good time we are offering¬†Fair Dollars.

Fair dollars are certificates that you will be able to use at any booth in the fair for goods and services up to the amount of fair dollars you have.

The amount of fair dollars will be dependent on how much you donate.

Donations of $25 will be good 5 fair dollars.
Donations of $50 will be good 15 fair dollars.
Donations of $75 will be good 30 fair dollars.
Donations of $100 will be good 50 fair dollars.

We are really excited for this and hope to be able to put on more of these for the community in the future. This is hopefully just the first of many!


Happy Thanksgiving from us to you!!!


The unofficial Des Moines New Age Shop Mascot,
Wubbybear, still wouldnt hold still in the turkey pan w the apple in his mouth………however he is still ridiculously adorable!!!!!!
Oh well, guess we will just have to cook the turkey instead JK LOL

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from our home to yours!!!!

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We are in 2 places this weekend :)

Hey All,
So we Bilocated the shop this weekend, While the lovely Antoinette , Nicole & Michael run the shop today & tomorrow………….our industrious Pony Dennis is off¬† at the Omaha Oddities Expo selling our products and Doin readings!!!!!

So Drop in and visit with Antoinette, Nicole and Michael at the shop,
Or if your in the area, Go pay Dennis a visit at:

Omaha Oddities Expo

At the Omaha Convention Center with a ton of great vendors and artists. There will be live performers, magicians, and there will be Bone & Tarot readings too!

October 20th 10am-6pm ,
October 21st 10am-5pm
Where: Omaha Convention Center @CoCo Key
3321 S. 72nd St Omaha Nebraska 68124

Admission Adults $6 for one day $10 for 2 day
Kids 7-13 $3 for one day $5 for 2 day
6-under FREE