Weekly Tarot forecast for week 1 of Feb. 2023!!!

Hey Folks,

Weekly Tarot for the first week of Feb 2023!*using my Nightmare before Christmas Tarot- it reads like a dream and we have them back in stock at #desmoinesnewageshop !
*are also running an in house special – Only $45- on couples Tarot readings through February 15th- normal price of $65*

To set up an appointment or For more info, please give the shop a call at 515-276-7755, or message us on the shops facebook to set up an appointment.

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Weekly Tarot spread and hours Info!

Howdy All,
This reading is for the last week of January 2023, I am using the Pink Tarot- the one that can never just  do a 1 card reading lols.

Thank you all for your patience while I have been out sick , Love to you all!

*The Shop will take a break between 1pm and 3pm today for medical appointment.*

Link to video reading below:


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New Years Psychic fair today at the Shop!!!

Howdy Folks,

Happy New Years to All!!!

It is time once again here at #desmoinesnewageshop for our Annual New years Psychic fair!!!!

Come on out and see what the year will bring you, Start the year off right and get help making those positive changes in your life (and sticking with them lols), connect with likeminded souls for a whole new year!!!!

Out with the old and in the new as we celebrate a fresh start & a new beginning in 2023!

Vendors, Healers & Readers:

Spiral Healing Energies- #angel readings , #reiki , #cardreadings , #candlemagic blessings

Wundercraft Emporium- Dreamcatchers , organic skincare , wands , jewelry, candles and more

Tarot by Maddie- #tarot readings

The Orgone Society- #orgonite , jewelry, energy healings

For more information, Please call the Shop at #515-276-7755

Or reach out to us via Facebook messenger at Des Moines New Age Shop

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Holiday Shop Hours!

Hey All,

Happy New Year!!!!!

#desmoinesnewageshop will be open this weekend!

Holiday Hours:
Sat. Dec. 31st     11am to 7pm
Sun. Jan.  1st      12pm to 6pm

For all of your New Years needs 🙂

*Also in the spirit of New Years Resolutions, Spiral Healing Energies is doing some #reiki blessings for the New Year and has extended the special of $15 for a Reiki blessed New Years Wish or Resolution!

– This can be for you or a loved one. Just drop by the Shop, or call the shop at #515-276-7755  or message the shop on FB messenger .
Give the name and resolution that you would like help with and she will work her magic.
You can pay in person or by phone

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Daily Tarot reading!

Hey All,

Hope you all had awesome holidays!!!

Today’s (Tues. Dec. 27th 2022) Tarot pull is a 1 card reversed 🙂

Todays card is Death reversed

Link to video reading below:

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Shop is OPEN today from 1pm to 7pm!

Hey All,
We are OPEN today (Mon. Dec. 26th 2022) here at #desmoinesnewageshop !!

Shop Hours are:
1pm to 7pm


For more information, Please give the Shop a call at #515-276-7755 or Message the Shop on Facebook 🙂

*If I can get my voice back, I will be doing a vid post on crystals for the new year :)*

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Holiday Hours for the Shop!

Hey Folks,

Des Moines New Age Shop is Open today (Saturday Dec. 24th 2022) our normal hours of 11am to 7pm!

*Also we are doing a 1 day sale of 30% off of all In house made products & Services- Sale ends at 7pm (Sat. Dec. 24th 2022) tonight.*

We are Closed on Christmas day- tomorrow (Sun. Dec. 25th 2022).

For any questions, please give the Shop a call at #515-276-7755 or Message the Shop on Facebook.

May All be Merry & Bright!!!

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Daily Tarot card reading!

Link to video reading below:


Hello All,

Daily Tarot card pull for Today (Wed. Dec. 12th), Pulling from the Nightmare before Christmas deck.

Happy Yule!!!

*Quick note- to all of the Iowa locals, please stay safe in the Blizzard and also if you need to stop by #desmoinesnewageshop if you need a hot cup of tea in this weather.

*Also I will be putting up an article with the recipe for my Throat & lung rescue blend ( Iv gotten alit of inquiries about it) on the Shops blog.

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We are open today from 12pm to 7pm!!

Hey All,

Des Moines New Age Shop is open today (Monday Dec. 19th 2022) from 12pm to 7pm!!!

*BluntForce Tarot will be available today for readings as well 🙂

Positive Vibes, May all be Merry & Bright!!!

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