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Ended up getting some sort of bug and am not fully recovered yet.

Des Moines New Age Shop is closed today- Tuesday Sept. 12th-

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Autumn Equinoz Psychic Fair Today at the Shop!!

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Join us today for our mini Psychic fair, we will have Healers and Psychics and lots of merchandise at the shop from 11 am to 7pm at #desmoinesnewageshop !

We will also have coffee amd cookies to ring in Autumn!

Come on out and joins us!!!

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The Healing Clarity of Brucite

Yellow Brucite

Brucite is a mineral that comes in a variety of shades, today I am focusing on the crystal in its gorgeous shade of lemon-yellow.

*I had heard of and seen the mineral only a few times before and recently ran into a really neat purveyor of curious gems, minerals, and crystals. He happened to have some and I was immediately drawn to its particular shade of yellow, and after doing some research on the properties (Both metaphysical and healing ) I decided it was an absolute MUST to bring to my clients here at the shop.
Brucite is both beautiful and practical.

This stone is a unique addition to any crystal lover’s collection.

*Please let me know what you all experience with this gorgeous crystal.

Metaphysical healing properties:

Brucite:A stone of clarity & healing vibrations that connects to the solar plexus chakra.It represents intellect, purpose & willpower as well as fairness, cooperation, and understanding. It helps to release us from the stronghold that outside forces and opinions sometimes have on us, bringing our own dreams and desires into primary focus.
Brucite helps to open up all of our chakras, It brings clarity and thereby helps us to be more decisive especially when it comes to important decisions that would otherwise cause us to freeze in indecision.It also inspires and strengthens our positivity in stressful situations, no matter how extreme.
Brucite is energy regenerative and helps to raise our overall vibration, clearing out a lot of negativity along the way. It also pours healing light into our etheric body, strengthening our own will and focus.

Healing properties:***As you all know I really shy away from writing about any sort of health properties in regard to crystals, but as I was reading through the healing properties listed for Brucite I felt I would do the stone a disservice to leave them out of this article.I have NO personal experience with the physical healing properties of this stone, so I can only go by what was listed.  Keep in mind I am NOT a Doctor & I claim NO medical expertise, if you have a health concern please consult your medical practitioner. I include these in the interest of being thorough and for entertainment purposes only.***

Brucite is listed as having a good ability for clearing migraines and headaches. As well as combating body aches & pains, joint pain, and bruising by increasing physical resilience. Its work on migraines is specifically linked to its ability in opening up the crown chakra…………hmmmmmmm, don’t know if it’s true but I am curious to find out 😀
It is also supposed to be good for relieving neuralgia and neuropathy, but I can only find this listed once

Factoids: Brucite is a Magnesium hydroxide mineral and was discovered in 1824 by American Mineralogist Archibald Bruce in New Jersey. Brucite can be found all over the world in various colors white, blue, gray, green, red, pink, colorless, and yellow. Yellow are said to be the finer quality pieces.

It comes to me highly recommended, but please feel the stone out for yourself. 

“Every Answer begins with a question”
Alicia Anspaugh

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12th Anniversary Mini Psychic Fair today!!!!!

Hey All,

This Saturday (July 15th) we are having our 12 year Anniversary mini Psychic Fair at #desmoinesnewageshop!!!

Come on out and join us and some gifted readers and healers and share the love!!!We will have coffee and cookies too!!

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Massage & Bellydance as Therapy, Lets get to know Kristina of Conditional Mending!

Kristina Moseley , LMT, Conditional Mending

Hello All,

Today we are sitting down with LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) Kristina Moseley of Conditional Mending to chat about how she uses both Massage and Bellydance as a type of therapy for her clients.

She is a wonderful Massage Therapist with a special touch when it comes to headache & migraine relief and she is an accomplished Bellydancer, she also teaches Bellydance for both fun and therapy.

Kristina shines in her ability to be able to work with all age groups and to help her dance students find a way to work with a wide variety of injuries and limitations in mobility. 

Her Contact number:

Conditional Mending, # 515-657-0319 *text with an explanation of what they are needing help with. She also asks that you mention within the text that you are from Des Moines New Age Shop to give her a point of reference.

Kristina’s healing room for her clients

I spoke with Kristina on Sunday night over the Shop’s Facebook live ( Des Moines New Age Shop, go to the shop videos to view her tell her story in her own words).

Here is the brief interview as promised on Sunday night 😀

What type of massage do you Practice?
While trained in multiple styles of massage therapy, Kristina said the following ” I mainly focus on conditional mending / focusing on problem areas”. However, she is a large proponent of myofascial release with a main focus on conditional mending.
Now, I know that you practice & teach Bellydancing as a form of therapy, tell me a little bit about that and how that works ?Kristina:Bellydance has done so much for me.I started learning in 2000 originally to lose weightI loved it so much that I kept learning and became a professional & It still helps me with other health problems now

What type of belly dance do you practice?Kristina:In Bellydance, I am trained in Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, lyrical gypsy, and American CabaretI can help people work around issues they have too.

What inspired you to start your work-Massage?Kristina:  I decided to be an LMT after I got my first massage

What are your goals when you begin to work on a client ?Kristina: When I work with a client I like to focus on current problems that are affecting daily life

How long you have been a massage therapist?Kristina:  I have been licensed for 16 yrs and I have been at my current location for 2 1/2 yrs

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