Weekend Forecast- Tarot & Rune

Howdy All,

Weekend forecast

Today (Sat. Oct. 22nd) I am pulling from the Mermaid Tarot and the Rune cards 🙂

*We are also at 2 places this weekend, Des Moines New Age Shop annnnnnd out at the Holiday Inn for a Healing Fair ( Sat. & Sun.)- so Huge shout out to the whole crew for really pitchin in! Come on out and see us at both spots!

Tarot – 3 of cups & 10 of cups reversed.
Lotsa celebration and fun but its not exactly what we need.

Rune- Laguz reversed.
Delays, undirected thoughts, alot of daydreamy mindset

So enjoy the party and the fun but remember to make good decisions as Monday its back to reality.

We are also in our Halloween party season and a psychic always makes it more fun!
link to book a Psychic for your party:


Link to private readings:


Link to video reading below:

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Shop Closed today, See you tomorrow!

Hey All,
Our apologies, The shop will be closed today (Tues. Oct. 11th ) due to Family medical emergency.
We appreciate your patience and understanding.
We will see you all tomorrow at our regular hours of  11am to 7pm.
Have a positive day!

Psychic Medium Forcast at the Halloween Psychic fair today!!!

Hey Folks,

Today (Sat. Oct. 8th) we are sitting down at the Shops Annual Halloween Psychic fair with Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Psychic Jeff to get his guidance for this weekend 🙂

**We are also having an Awesome Dungeons and Dragons artshow hosted by Dean Sturtevant (Green unicorn art) featuring local artists!!**

Keywords– See the beauty, one step at a time, stay in the moment.

*Psychic Jeff is available for readings today at Des Moines New Age Shop at our Halloween psychic fair from 11am to 7pm . He is available by phone and by email as well. To book an appointment or for more info, please give the shop a call at 515-276-7755

He is running a seasonal special on his Ancestor readings, Link below:

Link to video reading below:

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Daily Tarot Guidance & Quick Halloween fair update!


Howdy Folks,

Today (Fri. Oct. 7th) I am pulling from the Celtic dragon Tarot and the Crystal reading cards.

-It has been a Major Arcana card week, WOW!!-

The Fool- New journeys, opportunities, impulsiveness.

Orpiment(Success)– Success in all your ventures and current situation today.

****Halloween psychic fair is TOMORROW!!! and The Dungeons and Dragons artshow hosted by Dean Sturtevant (Green Unicorn Art) is today & tomorrow!!!!!

link to event below:

***Book a psychic for your seasonal party!!!
Link to listing below:


Link to video reading below:

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Daily Tarot Guidance!

Dragon Tarot

Hey All,
Today (Thurs. Oct. 6th) we have a 2 card pull from The Dragon Tarot.

The Moon & 2 of wands – both reversed

keywords– daydreamy & good advice not taken

Link to Psychic party info:


Link to Halloween Psychic fair & artshow event info:

Link to video reading below:

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Halloween Psychic Fair This Saturday!

It’s the time of year when people are looking for a good fright! Or they could just be looking for some candy, who are we to judge? Whatever your motivation, come join us as we celebrate Halloween at Des Moines New Age Shop with a variety of vendors and readers!

Costumes are encouraged!

Vendors (so far):

Psychic Jeff- #clairvoyant #psychicmedium #palmist

Spiral healing energies: #reiki#angelreadings#hilothealing#candlespells

Tarot by Maddie- #tarotreadings & #relationshipreadings

Wundercraft Emporium- #Jewelry, #Crystals, #Organic #skincare, #Dreamcatchers and More

DPART- Des Moines Area Paranormal Research Team- #Paranormal Consultations

Angelynn- Psychic Medium , #petpsychic See less

For more info please call the shop at 515-276-7755

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Daily Tarot guidance- w Rune card today!

Dragon Tarot & Runes

Hey All,

Today(Tues. Oct. 4th) we have 2 cards!

*I am pulling from the Dragon Tarot (my personal favorite) and the Power of the Rune cards(these are wonderful for concise & clear answers)

Keywords of the message today:
A bit of chaos, but lots of growth and fun. so lean into it 🙂 Be sure to focus at the end of today to organize tomorrow 🙂

*Also we are in the season of Holiday parties!
We are starting to fill up our calender so make sure to book your Psychic party early 🙂

To book a Psychic party, plz call #desmoinesnewageshop at 515-276-7755 or message us on FB 🙂

Link to video reading below:

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Weekend Clairvoyant Forecast by Psychic Jeff

Psychic Jeff’s Weekend Forecast

Hey All,

Happy October 1st!!!

Today we sat down with #clairvoyant #psychicmediumprofessional Psychic Jeff to get a look at the weekend, Here is his weekend Guidance & Insight!

Manifest the good by seeing the beauty in the world, bubble yourself against the negative and the ugly harshness that is brought to you. Practice energetic Judo, when the Negative energy comes your way just move it right on past you!

*Psychic Jeff is available for readings today and tomorrow by Phone, in person and by email.
to book an appointment please call #desmoinesnewageshop at 515-276-7755 .

Link to video reading below:

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Daily Tarot reading by Bluntforce Tarot!

Bluntforce Tarot

Howdy All,

We have Bluntforce Tarot doing todays daily Guidance reading!!

Tarot card of the day:
Be wise with your resources & find balance

Archangel oracle cards-

deep breathing while releasing old energy patterns

speaks for itself 🙂

Dennis is available for Tarot readings over the phone, in person and via Email.
to book an appointment please call the shop at 515-276-7755 or comment here

Link to video reading below:

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