Des Moines New Age & Psychic Fair Yuletide Update!

Howdy All,

I am out here at #desmoinesnewageandpsychicfair  Yuletide edition at the Iowa state fairgrounds in the Elwell family food center with an update on the fair 🙂

We are here til 7pm tonight and from 10am to 5pm tomorrow (Sun. Dec. 4th)

*also remember to drop by #desmoinesnewageshop (we will be open regular hours )  for a buy one get one free admission coupons – we love doing this around the holidays 🙂

*Our speakers lineup has changed due to people calling in sick- we wish them many healing vibes- But we had had some wonderful vendors and readers step up to give amazing lectures and group readings 🙂

We also have #Santa hanging out for free pictures (You will need to take them yourself due to the elves being on strike), as well as the #metaphysicalartexhibition and The #artmart coordinated by @greenunicornart or Mr. Dean Sturtevant which showcases many talented local artist 🙂

Link to Video update below:

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