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Hey All,


Weekly pull,

*normally I only pull 1 to 3 cards…buuuuuut I felt after pondering the spread that I needed to pull the “Shadow card” for this one.
This reading is heavy on material world matters & action.

4 of pentacles-legacy- reversed: Normally this would be all about good health, lotsa energy and wealth. Reversed it means we are hitting a lag in all of these areas. It also brings up that we need to be alittle more aware of our personal & professional boundaries. This is a time to see what works in our life & ditch what doesnt- no matter HOW attached we are to it(ways of thought, possessions, friends, etc). A deep need for strong roots

Knight of Pentacles- Taking a more of a hands on approach in our personal & professional world. This lets us know that we and we alone are the ones who shape our situation, so its time that we OWN IT & put our hands FIRMLY on the wheel of our lives. Which rolls us right into…..

8 of wands- The end of the Pause or lag will be over soon and it will be time for action as opportunities will come swiftly, and so we must enjoy the pause/lag(no matter how difficult it may seem) as it is a much needed rest. 8 of wands tells us that we will soon need to keep on our toes!

(Shadow card- root of the issue)
7 of swords- giving too much away. Mistaken choices, allowing an indulgence in self deception- especially when it comes to people.

I am using the Shapeshifter tarot deck(now out of print) in honor of a friend of mine who passed away a few years ago.

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