New Angelic Reiki Candles at the Shop!!!!

Fresh in:
Brand New (by popular demand) Angelic Reiki Infused candles are at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!!

New Varieties:

*Speak to the Dead-to facilitate communication with Deceased loved ones

*Spirit Guides- to facilitate communication with ones Spirit Guides

*Oracle- to help bring you in touch with your own inner guidance, or to clear up intuition when engaging in divination & readings.

*Transmutation- to Transmute Negative energy into positive energy

*Power- to give anything that you are doing a power boost/surge

*Stay Together- to help couples overcome obstacles, communicate, stay together in a happy lasting union

*Return to Me- Like a boomerang,returns a love to you. Once someone is truely yours, they will always return to you. This facilitates that process, and keeps it on track

*We are at work on a Third eye candle as well as a Return to me that is focused on material possessions (money, lost items, etc)

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