Across the veil Psychic fair this Saturday the 15th!!!!!

Hey Folks,

We are having our September Across the Veil psychic fair this Saturday the 15th from 11am to 7pm, FREE admission-Coffee & Mini Muffins!

We will be having Free demonstrations, Lectures, and a free Spirit Gallery(John Edwards style lols)given by Angellynn- Our Psychic Medium!!!!

We will also have a bunch of Vendors(Including Shamans Dream -All the way from Michigan, Readers (Including Vesna-All the way in from Nashville)& Healers( We have a wonderful Reiki therapist coming in, Reiki by Claudia)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have a chance make sure to get your Astrology chart done by Micheal Whitcomb, He is Amazing!!!!!

So stop on out and see us!!!

Come for the Coffee & the Mini muffins, stay for the super groovy people!!!!!!

If you have any questions please give the shop a call at #515-276-7755             or visit our facebook event page

Virgo Season FREE CLASS EVENT at the shop!!!!!

Hey Folks,
We always try to do sumthin fun around the start of Fall here at Des Moines New Age Shop.  This year I wasnt sure what I should do, then it hit me- its also Virgo season!!!!!

Virgos LOVE to learn and to help others, so what better time to hold a FREE CLASS event?!?!??!

So in honor of of the spirit of Virgo season-
Virgo season free class event!!
Lets start FALL OF RIGHT!

From Tonight til the last day in October, all of our classes are FREE TO THE PUBLIC!!!
We have a new classes that we will be premiering during this as well 🙂

*regular class prices resume as of November 1st*

For more info please call the shop at ph#515-276-7755

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August Psychic Fair is Saturday!!!!

Our August In House Psychic fair is TOMORROW at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!!!!

We will have both Psychic medium Don Davis and Angelynn there!!

As well as palmistry, tea leaf readings reiki healings, a blacksmith and so much more!!

It is free admission and We will have a free Spirit gallery, sound healing ,reiki circle coffee and mini muffins!
Drop by for awesomeness!!!!

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Now starting:Product of the Week!!!!!


We mentioned a product of the week post..well here’s this weeks! Our product for this week 8/13 through 8/19 is our Floor Salts!

Here is a brief description. These are an in-house made product crafted by the owner. They are pet and kid safe.

These same mixes even get used at the shop when the environments energies get funky!

We carry two types of floor salts… Energy Cleanse and Positive Energy.

Just sprinkle your desired mix on your floors at home and leave it over night and let it go to work! It works on any floor type…just vacuum and or sweep it up and toss it into the garbage.

Don’t forget if you come into the shop between the above listed dates and mention the product of the week you get 10% off your purchase.

*There are a couple exclusions however, this discount won’t stack with another discount nor does the 10% discount apply to readings or healings.

If you have any questions please message us or you can give us a call at the shop during open hours at #515-276-7755.

Rescheduled! Friday Night talk

This weeks Friday night talk (Programming your Crystals) has been rescheduled to next friday night!
Thank you for your patience!
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Psychic Vesna

Hi all,
This Sunday(22nd) we have a wonderful treat for you, Talented Reader Vesna Adaeze will be offering her multitude of Psychic Gifts from 12pm to 5pm!!!

Reading Rates- $3 per minute

She will also giving a lecture on Gypsy Magic from 2pm to 2:30pm!!!
*We will also be Live casting the Lecture

Vesna Adaeze – Vesna hails from Bosnia with a strong gypsy lineage. “Generations of magick, knowledge, and tools having been passed to me as such I am able to assist you in guidance and root work to your best life.

Alittle bit about Vesna in her own words:

I utilize Pendulums, Tarot /Oracle cards, Beans, and Runes with spiritual insight, to give you a candid view of your situation and genuine guidance for your path. I provide you an honest and straight forward picture as well as potential solutions to any dilemmas

I am also well-versed in the elements of candle magic, rootwork, gypsy magic, necromancy and more which you can find under ‘services offered.’”

For more Info please give the shop a call at:

Friday night Talk: Energetic Shielding!!

Friday night Talk tonight at the shop!!!!!
The Subject is Energetic Shielding!!!!
Starts at 7pm, the talk is roughly 30 minutes and it is also broadcast through livefeed on our facebook page (Des Moines New Age Shop ).
There is no cost to attend this event, however if you feel like making a donation it is very much appreciated 🙂
#energeticshielding #protection #fuckyounegativeentities #negativeentities #negativeenergies #energetichealth #aura #reiki #energyhealing

*and yes I DID use the subject to put up an adorable pic of my Adorable Wubbybear! Lols

July Psychic fair this Saturday!!!!

Monthly psychic fair time at
Des Moines New Age Shop & Community Center !!!!

July Psychic fair poster is up!!!!
Free admission!
We have some awesome vendors, readers and healers!!!!!
Come for the Coffee & Cookies…stay for the people!!!!!
Plus we have our Spirit Gallery (ala John Edwards style), Reiki Circle , Sound Healing and Lectures (we will be having chats about Soul Agreements, Pet communication, portals, Supernatural safety, beginning energy healing and more!!!)
#spiritgallery #psychicmedium #energeticshielding #energyhealing #psychicfair #soundhealing #reiki #petpsychic #portals #newage #coffeeandcookies #freeadmission

Friday night talk: Manifesting Abundance

Howdy Folks,
There has been a Slight change of topic on this Fridays Friday night talk (the 13th).
(due to miscommunication & Wubbybear sitting lols)
We are changing from Abundance crystals to….. Manifesting Abundance!!!!!
Antoinette Brown has been nice enough to step in & she will be speaking about Manifesting universal abundance.
She will be dropping Some great tips.

No attendance fee, but Donations are appreciated 😀
We will be doing a Facebook live event for this as well, make sure to tune in 🙂

For more info, give the shop a call at #515-276-7755
#manifestation #abundance #energywork
#desmoinesnewageshop #wubbylove #grateful