Christmas wish fulfilled!

Howdy all,
This past weekend Hubby Dennis went up to #Boone for Autumn’s fun craftshow #achristmastoremember.
While he was there vending for #desmoinesnewageshop he was dressed as #santa.

(I guess spending a week handsewing-I dont sew, but his suit came out pretty darned well- his Santa suit last year is paying off lols
*It has always been Dennis dream to play Santa, and so He started being Santa for our psychic fairs)

And a little girl walked up to him and told Dennis her #christmaswish frm Santa….a painting of a #polarbear .

And so , at my urging, Dennis got the little girls parents contact info and Santa will be delivering this 8×10 painting of a polar bear to her for christmas πŸ™‚
*No charge, as sometimes its nice just to do something for someone else-and christmas is my favorite time of year πŸ™‚

These are the times that Im extremely grateful that my Dad pushed me to paint πŸ™‚

In all of this years hardships, Its nice to be able to make a little person happy πŸ™‚

#christmas #makesomeonehappy #holidaycheer