Fall Classes have started up at the Shop!!!!!!!

Hello Folks,
We are kicking off Fall with a load of classes- both new and Some traditional favorites here at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!

And speaking of Traditional favorites- we have Tarot 101, Tarot 202 , Spirit Guide basics and Pendulum 101!!!

Aaaaaaand we have a neat new (redone) handout!!!!(we finally got these reformatted this summer lols)

Supplies needed: tools of the class, notebook & pen or pencil , a head full of questions(also remember to ask them out loud, cant answer a question locked in your mind), a willingness to learn- cant fill a mind with its doors bolted shut lols

Class fee: $45
Please be at class 15 minutes prior to starting time.
*if there are no students present at 10 minutes before class(and we receive no communication via phone or FB messenger of a students late arrival, ie stuck in traffic and such), we will reschedule the class.
We respect our students, our teachers and their time.

Please give the shop a call at #515-276-7755, or message us on the shops Facebook messenger to  reserve your seat.

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