Loose Smudge Blends have arrived at the Shop!!!

Fresh in:
By popular demand, #desmoinesnewageshop brings you Loose Smudge Blends !!!!

We have been getting alot of requests for loose smudging supplies to be burned/used with #charcoal & such, and so we put these blends together In House !
Blends in stock:
*Cleanse & Bless- White sage & Sweetgrass
*Cleanse & Calm- White Sage & Lavender
*Cleansing & Good Luck- Red Rose Petals, Lavender, White Sage

*We can make Custom loose Smudge blends as well 🙂

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Merry Everything From Us to You!!!!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule , Merry Everything from #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!!!!
May you have a holiday season filled with Love, Light and many Blessings From our Family to you & yours 🙂

#merrychristmas #happyyule #merryeverything

New Smudge Bundles are at the Shop!!!!

We have Restocked on our #smudge bundles at #desmoinesnewageshop!!!!!
We have our:

*Cleanse & Bless- Sweetgrass & White Sage
*Cleanse & Calm Smudge- White Sage & Lavender
*Complete Cleanse- Palo Santo, Sweetgrass, White Sage
*Small White Sage Bundles
*Mega White Sage Bundles
*Medium White Sage bundles

And something New:
Cleanse & Good Luck- Red rose petals, Lavender flowers, White Sage

All of our Specialty Smudge bundles are Hand bound #inhouse 🙂
We also make Custom Bundles 🙂

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New Crystal Shipment came in at the Shop!!!!!!

Fresh in:
A New Crystal & Gem shipment came in at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!!!!!
The Clear quartz, Amethyst and White Selenite are still pulsing with the Arizona vortex energy!!!!!!
Clockwise From top left:
#whiteselenite hearts, White Selenite Palmstones, #hawkseye tumbles, #clearquartz points, Wubbster patiently helping me sort the Amethyst pebbles by size lols, #jade in matrix, Clear Quartz Spheres, #amethyst Pebbles

We LOVE #crystals at the Shop, and We LOVE sharing them with you and all of our fellow #rockhounds out there!!!!

#crystalhealing #gems #minerals #vortexenergy #arizona #energyclearing #happyrockhound

New In House made product: Healing Scent Oils !!!!!!!

Fresh in at #desmoinesnewageshop !

New in house designed product,
Healing Scent Oils !!

These Purposeful Perfumes & Colognes are in tinted Glass Bottles with quality roller balls, and are made with Therapeutic grade #essentialoils , #clearquartz , #reiki & Fractionated coconut oil !!!!!!

Our blends so far are:
*Deep Sleep, sleep aid
*Revive, refreshes & helps with fatigue
*Faith, better conection to the divine
*Love, helps us to feel loved & heal emotionally
*Love Magick, heals frm grief & stress
*Magick, helps heal emotional hurt & boosts positivity
*Phoenix Fire, renewal
*Protection, keeps nasty energy at bay
*Dragon Dust, protection , power & wisdom
*Prosperity, brings prosperity/abundance
*Mystical, power puncher Anxiety remover
*Healing Magick, self explanatory
*Stress Relief, self explanatory
*Anxiety Relief, self explanatory
*Depression Relief, self explanatory
*Headache Relief, self explanatory
*Vision, calms mental anxiety/fuzz/fatigue
*Smooth- Energetic relaxer

We are excited to offer this new In House made product, each oil is high quality- practical-healthy-purposeful-long lasting.

*Also some have asked us why we used Organic fractionated coconut oil, its a pretty awesome oil , high quality and its far more wallet concious then jojoba -so it helps us keep the cost of the product more budget friendly for you..plus
Fractionated coconut oil stays liquid at room temp(most coconut oil does not), no scent of its own, antifungal/bacterial properties, great carrier oil for essential oils, it leaves skin & hair silky smooth & is vitamin packed on all its own 🙂
*also if you are allergic to coconut, let us know and we can make you any of the blends with grapeseed oil instead*

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Spiritual Guidance & Inspiration from Me to You, Merry Christmas & Happy Yule!!!!

Hey folks,
Doin sumthin New…..my Guides have mentioned to me that I need to start chatting and putting some regular Guidance & Inspiration out there in the collective conciousness , so it can reach the people who need it.
So This will be a weekly (and additional as inspired) Spiritual Guidance & Inspiration blast from Alicia at Des Moines New Age Shop & Community Center.

*Settings, Divination tools, costumes (lols) will vary….and we may even have guest presenters in once in awhile.

Link to the video here:

Christmas & Yuletide Psychic fair at the Shop Today!!!!

Christmas & Yuletide Psychic fair is the happening place to be today at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!
We are super excited to be hosting , we will have
* Merchants plying their wares – #orgonite , #damselindistress , #blades , #crystals , and more-

*Psychic readers – #psychicmediums , #tarot , #palmistry , #petpsychic , and more-

*Healers- #reiki , #hilothealing , #accessbarsconciousness , #chairmassage, and more-

Plus we will have Santa visiting 🙂

We will also have Hot Coffee & Christmas cookies!!!!

#merrychristmas #happyyule #santa

For more info ,give the shop a call at 515-276-7755