Crack your own Geodes just came in at the Shop!!!!!

Fresh in:
Crack Your Own Geodes are in at #desmoinesnewageshop !!
     You can come in to the shop and pick from two sizes of #geodes , $12 for small geodes and $15 for large geodes.
These geodes you then can take home and have fun cracking them open, meanwhile creating memories with your family and friends!
Great as a gift for your favorite #rockhound !!
#shinys #happyrockhounds #geodecrackin #crystals #crystaltherapy

Day of the Dead Psychic fair on Saturday Nov. 3rd !!!!!!!

Hey folks,
Our Day of the Dead psychic fair is happening this Saturday (Nov. 3rd) at Des Moines New Age Shop, Come on out and check us out!!!!!
We are gonna have some awesome Merch, some radical Readers & some Groovy healers!
And don’t miss our Funtastic Demonstrations and Lectures, including:
Messages from your Ancestors
Toxin pulling poultices
Talk to your guides
Candle Magick
Guided meditation
Sound healing
And so much more!!!!!!
*Admission, Lectures & demonstrations are free, and then the vendors-readers-healers charge the fees for their products and services
For more info please give the shop a call at #515-276-7755
Here is the link to our event:

Loose Smudging packs Now available at the Shop!!!!

Fresh in:
We have been getting more & more requests for Loose #smudging mixtures.
So these #sweetgrass & #whitesage blends are the first that we have put together at #desmoinesnewageshop !
Stay tuned for different groovy blends!
These are great for using on charcoal (and yes we have restocked our charcoal disks lols) 🙂
#clearing #cleansing #sage #energywork #goodbyenegativeenergy #inhouseproducts #inhousemade #happyentrepreneur

New Blended Clearing Smudge bundles at the Shop!!!!!!!

Fresh in:
We have been getting some requests for different blended #smudging bundles and so (and since sourcing a Regular, Stable, decent priced, Good Quality wholesale vendor is neigh impossible for us) we have started making some blended bundles #inhouse at #desmoinesnewageshop , and to be Honest we love making products anyways lols !!!!

We are have 2 different varieties currently,
*Cleanse & Bless (Sweetgrass & White Sage) – for cleansing negative energy and bringing blessings & Good luck to you

*Positively Cleansing (Palo Santo , Sweetgrass, White Sage)
For Cleansing Negative energy, bringing blessings & good luck to you & filling your life with Peace and Positive energy

We will be adding new Blends soon, stay tuned 🙂

#palosanto #sweetgrass #whitesage #sage #cleansing #clearing #goodbyenegativeenergy #smudging #inhousemade #inhouseproducts #happyentrepreneur #energywork

New Crystals came in at the Shop!!!

Fresh in:
Part 2 of the New #crystals that have come in at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!
We have some really pretty #septariannodule & some gorgeous #septariandruzy !!!
Clockwise frm top left:
#septariannodule , #septariandruzy ,#orthoceras fossils, #snowflakeobsidian , #fireagate , #amethyst , #peacockore or #chalcopyrite

#crystals #crystalhealing #crystaltherapy #reiki #energywork #happyrockhound #shinys #gems #minerals

White Selenite Restock at the Shop!!!!!

Fresh in:
Restocked on our #whiteselenite Palmstones, Hearts, mini hearts, wands and even brought in some large “Rulers” (for when you need the energetically cleanse a larger space or if you just want to lay your crystals jewelry out to cleanse and charge) at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!
#energycleanse #energywork #reiki #energycharge #happyrockhound

Crystal Ball , Candle Magick, and Spirit Guides event at The Shop This Thursday & Friday night :D

Hey All you Ghosts & Ghouls,
In the Spirit of the Season, we are hosting a fun event for Halloween Season!
This Thursday & Friday night we will have
Crystal Ball readings, Candle Magick spells,
Spirit Guide Guidance readings available!
*Plus we will have Cider, Cookies, Candy and Hot Tea!!!!
Thursday 5pm-6:30pm
Friday 6pm-9pm
Crystal Ball readings- $155 per person
Crystal Ball Quick glance readings-$65 per person
Candle Magick on the spot-$45-$85 per candle
Spirit Guide guidance-$65 per person (about 15 minutes, includes complimentary Energy block removal
Negative Energy removal-$35 per person
Bad luck removal-$35 per person
For more info , please give the shop a call at #515-276-7755

We are in 2 places this weekend :)

Hey All,
So we Bilocated the shop this weekend, While the lovely Antoinette , Nicole & Michael run the shop today & tomorrow………….our industrious Pony Dennis is off  at the Omaha Oddities Expo selling our products and Doin readings!!!!!

So Drop in and visit with Antoinette, Nicole and Michael at the shop,
Or if your in the area, Go pay Dennis a visit at:

Omaha Oddities Expo

At the Omaha Convention Center with a ton of great vendors and artists. There will be live performers, magicians, and there will be Bone & Tarot readings too!

October 20th 10am-6pm ,
October 21st 10am-5pm
Where: Omaha Convention Center @CoCo Key
3321 S. 72nd St Omaha Nebraska 68124

Admission Adults $6 for one day $10 for 2 day
Kids 7-13 $3 for one day $5 for 2 day
6-under FREE