Loose Smudging packs Now available at the Shop!!!!

Fresh in:
We have been getting more & more requests for Loose #smudging mixtures.
So these #sweetgrass & #whitesage blends are the first that we have put together at #desmoinesnewageshop !
Stay tuned for different groovy blends!
These are great for using on charcoal (and yes we have restocked our charcoal disks lols) 🙂
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New Blended Clearing Smudge bundles at the Shop!!!!!!!

Fresh in:
We have been getting some requests for different blended #smudging bundles and so (and since sourcing a Regular, Stable, decent priced, Good Quality wholesale vendor is neigh impossible for us) we have started making some blended bundles #inhouse at #desmoinesnewageshop , and to be Honest we love making products anyways lols !!!!

We are have 2 different varieties currently,
*Cleanse & Bless (Sweetgrass & White Sage) – for cleansing negative energy and bringing blessings & Good luck to you

*Positively Cleansing (Palo Santo , Sweetgrass, White Sage)
For Cleansing Negative energy, bringing blessings & good luck to you & filling your life with Peace and Positive energy

We will be adding new Blends soon, stay tuned 🙂

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Self Defense course is BACK at the Shop!!!

Howdy folks,

I am SOOOOOO EXCITED to have Self Defense class back at Des Moines New Age Shop & Community Center. I feel this is such an important part of ANY education, but especially a metaphysical education. Mike Bales is a wonderful instructor, and as a veteran, he brings an awesome perspective to this class!!!

The instructor Mike Bales wanted the starting class to be on the free class roster so as to get the knowledge out to as many people as possible. This course will cover several aspects of self defense.
you dont need any supply’s, just bring your questions and a positive outlook.

About the Instructor:

Mike is a Military veteran with 6 years in Military Police. He has 20+ years experience in multiple martial arts styles 😀

Self Defense basics course

Altar tiles, made by hand, have arrived at the Shop!!!!

Brand New:
We have been getting quite a few requests for these, and so we bring you ALTAR TILES from #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!!

So far , we have a #ankh piece, a #valknut piece , and a triple moon #goddess piece.
We are working on a #pentacle , a #triquetra , a #celticknot #dragon , which I will post pics of once they are done 🙂
These are in house made, they are hand woodburned – stained- watersealed and energetically blessed.
And they go on your altar or in your sacred space 🙂

*the lady comin out of the Lotus box is a charity piece that Dennis woodburned for a super sweet young lady(i will put up the info on said charity here in abit). He will be repeating the design on a couple of boxes and some tiles*

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Witch’s Brew Bodybalm has arrived at the Shop to help Winterize your skin!!!

Brand Spankin New:
Witch’s Brew Protective & hydrating Bodybalm has arrived at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!
*Quick note:
Ive been wanting to bring some “Winterizing” personal care items into the shop for the last few years, but it really hit home last year when I went through more moisturizers-creams-even vaseline then anyone should have to for Wubbybear and I to keep our skin from cracking and bleeding….and we still had issues!
So I began doing hardcore research on what mixture of natural stuff that I could use for Baby Wubb & I’s skin THIS winter season ( & Fall too!), which is how I came up with a few of the product recipes that I will be introducing in the Shop over the next month or so…starting with these LipBalms & Bodybalms!!!
These are made In House with all natural ingredients( Toddler& Mama tested, Toddler & Mama approved lols).
I used a blend of Coconut oil (hydrate, protect, condition, antibacterial, antifungal), Virgin Olive oil( hydrating, great carrier for essential oils, etc), Vitamin E oil(super awesomeness,  etc), Beeswax (firming agent, adds a layer of protection for skin, love the bees, etc), essential oils( for their Metaphysical & Aromatherapy properties), Reiki (metaphysical properties)….there are more properties to each of these but this post is getting too long lols!

And since we are closing in Halloween season fast, I was in a festive mood while designing the labels lols

The 5 blends that Im starting with are:

Serenity Potion No.1- Orange & Frankincense essential oils- these fight off depression , promote happiness & joy..Frankincense is a natural seratonin booster.

Healing Potion No.2- Rose & Vanilla- Anti stress, anti grief, promotes emotional healing

Perkiness Potion No.3- Peppermint & vanilla- positivity, money attracting, opens sinuses, keeps you awake-alert- perky

Mystic Potion No.4- Lavender, Patchouli, Rose, Rose absolute, Frankincense- anti anxiety, relaxong, helps heals grief & stress emotional baggage, happiness boost, helps when your overwhelmed and irritable, draws prosperity & abundance, helps with manifestation,  etc

Calming Potion No.5- Rosemary & Lavender- calming, grounding, centering and negative energy protection

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We are now makin our own Helper CANDLES at the Shop!!!

New In House made Product:

Helper candles are now at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!

We are now making our own soy wax candles at the shop!!!!!
I am SUPER EXCITED (been wanting to make candles FOREVER!! )!!!
I call them Helper candles because they are designed to HELP people, wether it be Healing-Protection-Clearing-Strength-Abundance-ETC….they are here to help!

Some of the candles will be colored, some will be white (as per the needs of the candle purpose) and they will include crystals, essential oils, *sometimes herbs or salt, they are #reiki charged as well as sound bathed(super charging/clearing an object through correct frequency) 🙂

And yes, I really LOVE these jars!!!!
(These are the same make and model I am using for the Shower Bursts, which I will post about in a minute here)

And yes this is just the first step, soon I will be doing freestanding candles……SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!

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August Psychic Fair is Saturday!!!!

Our August In House Psychic fair is TOMORROW at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!!!!

We will have both Psychic medium Don Davis and Angelynn there!!

As well as palmistry, tea leaf readings reiki healings, a blacksmith and so much more!!

It is free admission and We will have a free Spirit gallery, sound healing ,reiki circle coffee and mini muffins!
Drop by for awesomeness!!!!

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Reiki Candles & Sprays restocked at the Shop!!!

We have Restocked our Angelic Reiki Infused Healing Candles & Sprays at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!!

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