Gem & Crystal Show by Shamans Dream at the Shop today!!!

Yesterday was Small business Saturday, today is Sunday-Funday at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!

We have Shamans Dream in today, a perfect placement for Funday!!!

They will be holding a Gem and Crystal show from 12pm to 5pm,
plus they will be offering Tarot, Aura or Astrological readings by Michael Whitcomb
(btw he is an amazing energy healer, so definitely stop in for a healing)!!

Stop in for the Awesome people, the mulled cider and snacks AND check out all of the SHINY’S!!!!!!!
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Stress Relief Healing Sessions at the Shop Today & Tomorrow!!!!!

Holiday Blessings all,
Antoinette will be giving Angelic Reiki mini sessions & Crystal Healings all day today and tomorrow at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!!

We are Excited to offer these great Self care alignment tools for you & your loved ones over the holidays(#thanksgiving , #blackfriday , #postthanksgiving , #postblackfridayshopping) to help with #holidaystress …we call it our Stress Healing Package!


Angelic Reiki mini Sessions-$20
Crystal Healing Sessions-$30

*Every Healing Session comes with a free 1 card Tarot reading
That way if you are feeling stuck, foggy, looking for a better way to communicate your feelings , or in need of some spiritual guidance you can get alittle light shined on the issue.

*Longer readings are available for regular rates*
Give the shop a call for more info or to make an appointment at Ph#515-276-7755
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Crystal & Gem show with Readings by Shamans Dream & Michael Whitcomb this Sunday at the Shop!!!

Shamans Dream
will be at Des Moines New Age Shop & Community Center for a
Crystal & Gem show and they will be featuring
Tarot, Aura & Astrological readings by Michael Whitcomb !
So join us this Sunday Nov. 25th from 12pm to 5pm!
They will be bringing in an Awesome Array of minerals,gems, and crystals of all shapes and sizes.
We are super excited to host them and hope you’ll come on over and spend some time perusing their Crystals and chatting with Michael & Mary Whitcomb (These two are so much fun and incredibly knowledgeable)!!!

Michaels Astrological knowledge is AMAZING, he is fluent in both East & West astrology as well as being a top notch energy healer, so make sure to treat yourself to one of his readings or his healings (or treat your loved ones to some self care!)
Crystal prices vary,
Tarot, Astrological, or Aura Reading prices $60 each

Give the shop a call for more info or to book an appointment, shop Ph# 515-276-7755
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Crystal Healing & Reiki Special for Thursday & Friday at the Shop!!!!

And for this reason,
Des Moines New Age Shop will be offering Mini Angelic Reiki Sessions at the shop for $20
We will also be offering Crystal healing Sessions for $30
This Thursday & Friday :*

Please Book an Appointment so as to minimize confusion 🙂 to book Please call the shop at 515-276-7755

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Black Friday Weekend extended hours at the Shop!!

Hey folks!
Gonna give a quick heads up #desmoinesnewageshop will be open the Friday after Thanksgiving..Black Friday and also will have extended hours that day along with Saturday & Sunday 🙂
Our hours those two days will be 10-9! Sunday hours are extended to 11-7 for this weekend!
Stay tuned for Black Friday Deals!
#blackfriday #extendedhours #theremaybehotciderandcoffee #fallfun

Tarot Reading & Reiki Special Event at the Shop!!!

Hey Folks,
Tomorrow night we are holding a Special event at #desmoinesnewageshop 🙂

Tarot readings by Dennis

10 minutes for $30
*And when you get a 10 minute (or longer) reading , you get a free Reiki treatment

Reiki Blasts $20 per person
Reiki Sessions $65 per person

For more info, please give the shop a call at #515-276-7755

#tarot #tarotreading #reiki #energyhealing #buyonegetone #specialevent #happypsychics

Masquerade: Clothing Pop up Shop on Nov. 17th at the Shop!!!!

Fashion Goddess present,
Its 1st Clothing Pop up shop with very affordable prices, featured outfits on flyer and other sexy, sophisticated styles will also be added as well.
We will have light drinks and finger food.
So please join us on

Saturday, November 17th, from 11am to 7pm at

the Des Moines New Age Shop

for Fun😍, Drinks 🍹🍷 and Shopping 🛍 💅🏾

Rocks & Readings on November 25th at the Shop!!!!!

Hey Folks,
We have a huge treat for you guys!!!!!
Shamans Dream & Michael Whitcomb will be making a special appearance at Des Moines New Age Shop on Sunday November 25th from 12pm-5pm !!!!!!
Join us with our friends Mary and Michael Whitcomb from Shaman’s Dream.
They will be displaying a wonderful selection of crystals, gems, and minerals for you to add to your personal collections to aid you in your ritual and spiritual work.
Michael will be offering the following services:
*Aura Readings: $60
This is a 3 step process which includes an aura smudging, an aura scraping, and a holy water blessing and protection.
*Astrology Readings: $60
Focusing on your birth/natal chart.
This is a blueprint on who you are and who you are becoming.
*Intuitive Tarot Readings: $60
Michael will use his enhanced intuition to give you insight on the questions you need answered. Each session will give you insight and empower the path that you are on.
For More info, Please give the shop a call at #515-276-7755

Day of the Dead Psychic fair today at the Shop!!!!!

Hey all,
Our Day of the Dead Psychic fair is Happening TODAY at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!!!

Frm 11am-7pm Come out and ogle our Merchants wares, visit with our fun Readers and healers, have coffee & cookies, and get your questions answered at our lectures & demonstrations!!!!!
Also learn some new skills!!!!

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