Virgo Season FREE CLASS EVENT at the shop!!!!!

Hey Folks,
We always try to do sumthin fun around the start of Fall here at Des Moines New Age Shop.  This year I wasnt sure what I should do, then it hit me- its also Virgo season!!!!!

Virgos LOVE to learn and to help others, so what better time to hold a FREE CLASS event?!?!??!

So in honor of of the spirit of Virgo season-
Virgo season free class event!!
Lets start FALL OF RIGHT!

From Tonight til the last day in October, all of our classes are FREE TO THE PUBLIC!!!
We have a new classes that we will be premiering during this as well ūüôā

*regular class prices resume as of November 1st*

For more info please call the shop at ph#515-276-7755

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July Classes!!

We are holding an Independence day 50% off sale on all classes at the shop for the month of July!!!!

After all “what better way to make yourself Independent than through Knowledge”

July Classes:

July 5th, Tarot 101, Thursday, 7pm-8:30pm

July 6th, Paint your favorite gemstone, Friday, 8pm-9:30pm

July 7th, Intuitive art healing group, Saturday, 1pm-3:30pm

July 10th, Gemstone therapy basics, Tuesday, 7pm-8:30pm

July 12th, Wire Wrapping Basics, Thursday, 7pm-8:30pm

July 17th, Spirit Guide Basics, Tuesday, 7pm-8:30pm

July 19th, Thread wrapping basics, Thursday, 7pm-8:30pm

July 20th, Meditative rock painting, Friday, 8pm-9:30pm

July 24th, Crystal Grid Basics, Tuesday, 7pm-8:30pm

July 25th, Astrology Basics, Wednesday, 7pm-8:30pm

July 26th, Tarot 202, Thursday, 7pm-8:30pm

July 27th, Painting class: How to paint a Tree of Life, Friday, 8pm-9:30pm

July 28th, Intuitive art healing group, Saturday, 1pm-3:30pm

July 31st, Rune Basics, Tuesday, 7pm-8:30pm

For More Info please call the shop at Ph#515-276-7755

Friday Night Talks Are Back Baby!!!

The Friday night Talks at Des Moines New Age Shop are back!!!!!!
And the poster is done lols!!!
Iv decided to switch it up tho, Iv decided to do it on a donation basis and erase the attendance fee.

That way if a person doesnt have the money, they can still attend 

1st up- Supernatural Safety, 7/6 , at 7pm –¬†

2nd- Crystals for Abundance, 7/13, at 7pm-

3rd- Energetic Shielding, 7/20, at 7pm-

4th- Programming your crystals, 7/27, at 7pm-


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So¬†let’s¬†get down to the ugly truth!!!!!
We are all a little lazy when it comes to maintenance, self-care, discipline, organization, etc.
So why would I be any different (Just cause¬†I’m¬†chasin¬†enlightenment,¬†doesn’t¬†mean that¬†I’m¬†any less human),
When I recommend stuff,
it is going to be easy care, low maintenance, straight to the point, and budget-friendly (well as budget friendly as possible lol)
So in that vein, I give you the pendulum!
It’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can do all kinds of cool things with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dowse for lost stuff, find waterways, divine answers, you can use it as a tool to tap into the Akashic records (Compendium of all that is, was and will be), check your chakras, some even use it to communicate with spirits, etc.
In short, IT ROCKS!!!!!
And¬†it’s¬†super simple and¬†user-friendly!
Fun facts:
There are a few different records, but we do know that it was used for divination at least as far back as the Han dynasty in China.
It isn’t until centuries later when the use of the pendulum as a divination tool can be found in Europe.
One of the earliest European uses of the pendulum was through Dowsing.
**Dowsing: *a way of searching for underground water, minerals, or anything invisible, by observing the motion of a pointer (traditionally a forked stick, now often a pair of bent wires) or the specific changes in direction of a pendulum, in response to unspecified unseen influences.**
Some of the earliest stories of pendulum use for divination comes through Italy and traveling gypsies. To escape persecution for possessing ‘tools of the devil’, early gypsies would wear their pendulums as necklaces.
Neat, Hunh????
Basic How to:
  1. Grab a string or thinner chain and put a weight on the end of it (Generally,¬†I use crystals, but¬†I’m¬†really into shiny’s ūüėÄ). Make the weight with enough heft that the wind¬†won’t¬†catch it, but light enough that your not gonna get arm strain. Or just drop by the shop and buy one from me lols ūüėÄ
  2. Now, brace your elbow on a stable surface (this ends a lot of arm and hand shake, we all shake slightly- so no worries).
  3. Now, hold up your forearm with that elbow braced on a stable surface and suspend your pendulum from between your forefinger & thumb
  4. Still your pendulum as much as possible, then ask it POLITELY which way is yes
  5. Now ask your pendulum which way is no.
  6. Now ask it a few tester questions ( stuff you already know the answers to)
  7. Then phrase all of your questions in a yes or no vernacular, and your set!!!!
It is truly THAT easy!!!!
Make sure you have something to put it away in when you are done with it(pouch, box, etc)
Always say THANK YOU when you are done using it.
Always be respectful, it is a tool like any other divination instrument, and they all have personality- so¬†don’t¬†piss ’em¬†off!!!!!
Cleanse your pendulum if it starts to feel off (uncomfortable feeling when you hold it, shakes a lot, gives no answers or is wrong A LOT!).
Basic cleaners apply here- Salt, selenite, sunlight (Depending on the material the pendulum is made out of, i.e. don’t put a fluorite or an amethyst pendulum in direct sunlight or you will have murky grey quartz)!
Ask your question a few times, but remember (just like with Tarot, Oracle, etc) if you just keep asking the same question over and over again…Your pendulum will either start screwing with you and give¬†you¬†some pretty ridiculous answers or it will quit talking to you altogether.
If you have ever had an Askhole friend (Askhole definition: Someone who constantly asks for your advice, but never takes it. Asks the same crap over and over again, and never listens.), eventually you just quit dealing with them because its a waste of your time.
That is exactly what happens with your pendulum! 
Don’t¬†be the Askhole friend!!!
Chakra check method:
I put this in as an example of non-divination work that can be done with a pendulum, and also to help with energetic monitoring.
This is the method that works best for me, and the people that I help.
But by all means, feel free to find your own.
Hold your pendulum over each of your seven chakra centers.
I usually start at the Crown and work my way down from there. So Crown, Brow, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root.
(*Standing up is the easiest way to do this in my experience. Some people prefer to lay down, but they are a good deal more limber then I am.)
If the pendulum swings counterclockwise, your chakra is blocked.
If your pendulum swings clockwise, your chakra is in fine form.
If your pendulum stays still, you need to do some deep work on that chakra.
Want to know more?????
Want to go farther with your pendulum???
Contact Des Moines New Age Shop about my¬†course,¬†Pendulum 101¬†😀
OR…. Just message Des Moines New Age Shop on their FB page
****But don’t¬†just take my word for¬†it,¬†get out there and research it!****
      ~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS

“Who Is On The End of My Psychic Hot Line?” Lecture

Hey Folks!
Past Life reader
Dr. Susan Kellogg is giving a talk that you are NOT gonna want to miss!!!!!!!!
She is speaking on tuning into your innate psychic senses before her Sessions as the shops featured reader on Saturday May 26th, at 12pm…She will speak for 45 minutes and cover the subjects mentioned below:
“Who Is On The End of My Psychic Hot Line?”
Everyone has an innate “psychic” sense.¬†We are constantly sending and receiving thoughts and feelings.¬†We can pick up daily impressions from our inner guidance (angels/guides) to help us make better decisions.¬†Those hunches, still small voice messages, feelings and inner visions come to us throughout the day.¬†¬†We can also be influenced by the thoughts or feelings of others, those in or out of the physical world.
To be really free and empowered, it is essential to know “who is on the other end of the line.”¬† We will explore the spiritual facts of different levels of spirit communication, and solutions to keep tuned in and tuned up to that higher source of inspiration.
Dr. Susan Kellogg¬†— with¬†40+ years of service as a spiritual educator and consultant, trance-trained medium, and chakra healer .¬† Trained by mentor Dr. Francisco Coll, founder of the Americana Leadership College and current Wayshowers College, Dr. Kellogg has traveled internationally sharing practical tools and techniques to help a person “become their own best healer and psychic.”