Weekend Forecast- Tarot & Rune

Howdy All,

Weekend forecast

Today (Sat. Oct. 22nd) I am pulling from the Mermaid Tarot and the Rune cards 🙂

*We are also at 2 places this weekend, Des Moines New Age Shop annnnnnd out at the Holiday Inn for a Healing Fair ( Sat. & Sun.)- so Huge shout out to the whole crew for really pitchin in! Come on out and see us at both spots!

Tarot – 3 of cups & 10 of cups reversed.
Lotsa celebration and fun but its not exactly what we need.

Rune- Laguz reversed.
Delays, undirected thoughts, alot of daydreamy mindset

So enjoy the party and the fun but remember to make good decisions as Monday its back to reality.

We are also in our Halloween party season and a psychic always makes it more fun!
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