Tarot card pull of the day!

3 of wands- Reversed

Howdy Folks,

For Today’s Tarot card reading (Thurs. Sept 23rd) from #desmoinesnewageshop , we have a nifty message.

(Btw, I am pulling from the Tarot of the Mermaids deck- I picked this one up a long time ago from The Tarot Garden. They have amazing Decks!)

*Also , Our Tarot card reader will be in the shop today 🙂 If you would like a more personal reading – Dennis is wonderful and he uses the Ancestral path tarot deck.

3 of Wands- Reversed:

With the change of seasons from Summer to Fall, there is a strong drive to go within and slightly withdraw. So find the biggest, fluffiest blanket that you can and curl up onyour sofa with a movie or two. But remember to also take care of your responsibilities, it is not the time to let them slide. Honor the need to Withdraw and enjoy the coziest of seasons and remember to keep on keepin on with gratitude for this time of year!

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Link to Video reading below: