Weekly Mystical Forcast, Brief!

Weekly Mystical Forecast

Hey All,
So we are feeling the full swing of Mercury Retrograde right about now.
My Guides mentioned that I should do a quicky #tarot pull for this week for everyone- and here it is 🙂 #desmoinesnewageshop

Shadow card – all about letting go & moving forward toward the future. It also indicates abit of a loss of innocence or waking up to reality.
*a great card for moving out of the year of the #metalox & into the year if the #watertiger

Main card- being out of balance, stress ,anxiety

2nd main card- the weeks focus will be on the material world, getting by under the strain. Dont take it too far.

Further into the week- alot of new ideas attempting to come through but facing creative blocks & doubting our gut instincts/intuition.

*This week we will all need a while lot of emotional maturity to handle things.
Grab some #rosequartz #hematite #selenite #bluecalcite #blacktourmaline for this week!

For a more personalized /specific reading, come and see Bluntforce Tarot this week(Mon.,Tues, Thurs., Fri., Sun.). Dennis will point you in the right direction!

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