By Psychic Jeff

Mediumship is the art of living in 2 worlds.

There are 2 main types of mediumship, Conscious mediumship & Trance mediumship.

Edgar Cayce once said, he was told to do only 2 readings per day, the reason for this is because it takes some much out of you when you are reading. The readings pose no other threat to you but to drain your energy.

When you are a medium you see both the spirit world and the material world- You live in either one…but generally have a foot in each world. Walking in both worlds gives you a very different perspective on people & the world in general. ***Sometimes you see a person’s past lives, There are times when you are picking up what a person was before. Which can give you an interesting perspective on that person.***

The two main types of Mediumship:
Conscious channeling– is when you are in a state of awareness. you are aware of the material world but are halfway into the spiritual world. 50% of  YOU is  in the spiritual world. This means You are only responsible for half of what you say.
Trance channeling – is when you are 90-100% in the spiritual world. This means that 90%-100% of what you say is from the spiritual world. To reach a state of trance channeling, you must put yourself in a deep deep trance. When trance channeling, the deeper that you go, the longer it will take for you to come out of the trance- a kind of intense energetic Jet lag. Trance channeling will be more draining for you. The biggest problem that a trance medium has is the time it takes them to come out of the fog, because you are in a different world. The spiritual world is a very different world then the material world…we must never forget that. 
Both are draining but the trance channeling, going deep, it takes me a long time to come back to the material world. To Ground myself in this world, if you will.

Now, the best thing for Trance channeling is a quiet room & a person with a notebook. When you are in a trance, the person will ask questions. These questions are anything that the person wishes to know, There are no guidelines or limitations on the questions that can be asked- Absolutely no limitations on fields of inquiry.
Once started, Spirit takes over and begins to talk. Often the Regular speech is noticeably different from the spirit talking,  When the spirit says it is cool- it means that the temperature is reducing, NOT that things are great. *Most of our modern slang & colloquialisms are of zero use in spirit vocabulary and only bring about confusion. Spirit speaks a much different language.

That is why it is so difficult for a person to walk in both worlds, it takes either a great deal of practice or a great deal of effort. The best thing for a person to do is to accept the reality of both worlds, but in doing so you must let people around you know where your head is at. Without letting them know, they will believe that you are nuts- to put it bluntly.

All mediumship is a division between two worlds. The medium becomes a bridge between those worlds where information can be conveyed.

Abit about Psychic Jeff, Manifestor of spirit talk:

I have 50 years of experience in the field of clairvoyant Psychic mediumship.  My gifts manifested as a child but were first verified at 12 yrs old. I was fortunate in the intellectual openmindedness of my home environment. Growing up in an environment where there was open discussion of metaphysical matters, and conversations on such subjects as interdimensional travel, life on other planets, UFOs , etc, helped to allow me to be open with my gifts and to expand my mind. In my opinion, The home environment makes a wealth of difference.

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Psychic Jeff is at Des Moines New Age Shop Wednesdays & Saturdays from 2 pm to 7 pm , or contact him by phone at  Ph# 480-562-1738

Psychic Jeff

“Mediumship is important for Information” Psychic Jeff

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