Phone in orders, curbside pick up and more available at the Shop!

Greetings Folks,

….We at #desmoinesnewageshop want to let you know, if you wish or need to shop for items but don’t want to leave home- we will gladly take orders over the phone and Facebook, your item list will be Intuitively picked and we will ship them out……

  • If you want to pick your items personally and are not able to or do not wish to leave home ,

most of those of us that help at the shop have phones that are capable of video chat through Facebook where we can show you the selection of items you wish to see so then you can pick out your exact crystal or sage bundle and or any other of our items and we can ship them out.

*We could also bring them out to you in the parking lot too if you wish to pick up an order instead of waiting for the package in the mail.

The shipping fee depending on how large the order runs around $5. We can process card payments over the phone at the shop (515-276-7755) or you can PayPal us.

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