True Hearts Fortune fair is this Saturday at the Shop!!!!!!!

This Saturday!!!!

Howdy Folks,
We are proud and excited to announce our 8th Annual True Hearts Fortune Fair from 11am to 7pm at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!

We will have and awesome group of readers, healers and merchants!!!!
Admission, demonstrations & lectures are free, We will also have coffee & Cookies to warm you up 🙂
*not sure if Im gonna be able to bake up something special but I will try 😉

Vendors(So Far):

Psychics for Hire- Palmistry, Spirit Guide readings, oracle readings, astrology readings (Traditional & Eastern) , compatibility readings

Spiral Healing Energies- chakra balancing, Angelic reiki , Egyptian healing, Hilot healing, angel card readings, Access bars conciousness

Wundercraft Emporium- Handmade jewelry , organic skincare products, dreamcatchers, wands, and more

Tarot by Maddie- Tarot readings , oracle readings, spiritual counseling

Essential Therapies- Healings

AngelLynn- Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Pet Psychic

Psychic Jeffrey- Psychometry, Intuitive Palmist, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Trance medium

Noble Insights- Psychic reader, Reiki Master , Inspirational signs, Chakra candles, Reiki gardens and more

Ervin Chiropractic- Free consultations & screenings

Blunt Force Tarot- Straight to the point Tarot readings.

Demonstrations(So Far):

11:15am-Candle Blessing Ceremony- Antoinette

2pm- Spirit Gallery- AngelLynn

2:45pm- Sound bath- Spiral Healing Energies

6pm- Message Circle – Psychic Jeffrey

6:45- ArchAngel Reiki share- Spiral healing energies

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