Tuesday Night Talk: Portals video!!

Hi All, So Des Moines New Age Shop has resumed the Tuesday night talks!!!

*We had a few technical difficulties lols

Tonight, We will be covering the subject of Portals (Spirit Portals, dimensional portals, Etheric portals, they are called by a few different names)!!

Video link here: Tuesday Night Talk: Portals

A Subject that is Woefully under-discussed, and one that I keep getting questions about at the shop.

Tonight’s topics include: How to open them, how to close them, where they lead, different types of portals, and more.

With a couple of special guests, Rev. Mike bales (Drakowarkan) & Spiral Healing Energies’s Antoinette Brown.

Special Guest Contact info:

Spiral Healing Energy’s Antoinette Brown

Cell phone #515-996-7199 Email aybrown@email.com

Rev. Mike Bales

Rev. Mike Bales Email drakowarkan@yahoo.com

*Angel Lynn , Toni Marlatt & Psychic Jeffrey were not available tonight, so we will be doing a follow-up discussion when their schedule allows!!!

There will also be a follow-up article coming out on Des Moines New Age Source( Des Moines New Age Shops blog) in the next few days, find it on desmoinesnewage.com .

For more info, please contact Des Moines New Age Shop at desmoinesnewage@yahoo.com or the shop phone #515-276-7755 or message us on Facebook. #spiritportals#portals#dimensions#tuesdaynighttalks#desmoinesnewageshop#metaphysical#newage#parapsychology#fairyrings#entities#paranormal#paranormalactivity#wicca#wiccan#pagan