Clairvoyant Psychic Medium AngelLynn at the Shop tomorrow!!!!!!

Howdy folks,
We are doing a vendor spotlight on some of our Vendors, Readers & Healers who will be at the All Hallows fair this Saturday, Oct 5th from 11am to 7pm


I’m Angellynn,

I have been a practicing psychic for 23 years. I heard a calling to help people. Life is hard on all of us, when I heard a voice say go be a psychic I was so clueless that my gifts had names. Like talking to the deceased I had been doing that for 2 years when someone told me that was called mediumship.

As the years went by I got better and better at it. No one on this earth is God and we can not be a 100%. When i released the fear of my own human mindset i became better at it. One of my gifts I’m so very proud of and that’s bringing your loved ones threw to help the healing process. 2nd one is somehow I’m an emotional healer. One thing about all of us we are human. If our emotions are intact life is just a little bit easier.

I give the information that spirit gives me to inform you. And, with that you can make better informed decisions on your own life. 

Above all I do this for you. Very few of us are on there path I feel very blessed and humble about my gifts. I thank spirit each and every day for these gifts. 

A way to reach me is by my cell 515-779-0340. You can text all you want. I’m on messenger with my Facebook. 

Angel is so much fun to chat with & she is very empathetic, Come on out and say Hi to her  between 11am & 7pm

And Dont miss her Spirit Gallery group mini reading!!!

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