Florida water & Blue water now available at the Shop!!!

Brand spankin new:
Just right for the spooktacular time of year, we are now offering both #floridawater and #hoodoo #bluewater – both products are made and blessed #inhouse at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!

*The frequency and volume of requests for Florida water (which is a mainly blessing, cleansing and offering water) , Blue water(Protection, blessing) and other hoodoo items has been on the rise. After looking at some wholesalers of these items, Their products seemed …off, and ya’all know that I need to be 100% confident with the #metaphysicalsupplies that I bring to you.
And so after much consulting & testing, we will be bringing you a variety of these products.
Keep in mind, everyones products will have SOME variations- ours is no different.
There are many different recipes for most of this stuff. Our products are high quality and unique to us, while honoring the traditions of these requested items.

As always, these come from a need in our community 🙂

*Almost every in house made product comes as a solution to a problem ,situation or issue that our customers face.
It is the same with our #blog , most of the articles are in response to a question, quandery, dilemma or issue that has been brought to our door. #aintitfunnyhowlifegoes

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