So this is what Iv been doing this week.

Last Saturday started out with me at an artshow vending table for the Shop,
and then toward the end of the day came a call that I never expected.
This call led to me maxing out every credit card that I had to get an emergency flight down to Phoenix, Thank god for credit cards!!!!
Dennis & I were there until Thursday.

My father was admitted to an ICU in Phoenix as a John Doe with no wallet or car keys on him.
He passed out from heatstroke , fell backwards- hit his head- and managed to burn roughly 10% of his body very badly (it was 115 degrees that day and so the Asphalt cooked his skin like an egg).
Luckily a young man named Santos who was working at the Jack in the box where it happened , saw my Dad fall and called an ambulance.

Dad lives!!!!

#bannerestrella hospital(where he was taken) has my intense gratitude,I can never Thank them or the Social worker who dug through everything to find me(all that she knew was I lived in Iowa, was his daughter, and my first name) properly.

I had to ID him through FB messenger.
He was not expected to survive.
Happily he has survived sustaining some organ damage, trouble speaking,and needing skin grafts.

#grateful #thankgodhesalive #heatstroke