Fresh in: Mercury Retrograde Relief Oil at the Shop!!!!!

Hey Folks,
Iv been abot behind on my postings due to bein so sick, but I will be catching up quickly over the next week 🙂

Mercury Retrograde Relief Oil

First on the Dockette:
Mercury Retrograde Relief oil roll on!!!!
I have wanted to make the Planetary retrograde oils for a LONG time and Iv finally put them out for sale, Im super excited to share these with all of you!!!! There will be more coming soon, but I felt that Mercury RX outta be first up 😉

Mercury retrograde Relief oil (made with Therapeutic grade essential oils, picked with intention) helps to ease the effects of Mercury retrograde itself,
It clears communication where foggy, helps to bring trust, brings luck ,and cuts out mental fog!
That way you can put the retrograde to work for YOU & utilize it to its fullest potential!
Because remember a Planetary retrograde is just a different set of opportunities 😀

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