Cinco de Mayo practical joke from the universe….I guess lols

So today has been a Kah-Razy flipped upside down day!
***Huge shout out to Nicole for being Awesome today!!!!!***
Featuring a snaffu involving Dennis getting trapped in an elevator while retrieving artwork and #desmoinesnewageshop being closed half the day due to noone & everyone knowing who was supposed to be there…..still not sure how the communication lines got so tangled!
We do apologize for the inconvenience, looks like the universe was having abit of Cinco de Mayo fun with us lols
Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!
We will see you on Monday at 11am 🙂

Dennis & Tony before being rescued

*oh and luckily Dennis & his elevator buddy Tony didnt have to go all Donner party!!!! They were rescued !lols

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