Tuesday Night Talks -Tonights topic: LIVE Tarot ,Spirit Guide & Oracle readings!!!!!

For tonights Tuesday night talk (which will be broadcast on our Facebook page- #desmoinesnewageshop -as a facebook live vid)
I’ve decided to do a little something different.
Tonight I’m going to explain a little bit of how the spiritual guidance and inspiration blast got started and why.
*also I know I haven’t done a SG&IB in a while….been super sick*
and also tonight -for anyone who’s tuning in- I’m going to be doing live #tarot ,#oracle and spirit guide readings for a little fun.
So make sure you tune in at 8 p.m. to Des Moines New Age shops Facebook page.
I will be broadcasting this one from home as I’m still not feeling better.

The decks I will be useing

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