Happy New Year From Des Moines New Age Shop & Community Center!!!!

Happy New Years!!!!
Guess who I got to kiss at Midnight, I will give you a hint….he is ridiculously adorable & the Wubb of my life !!!!
This year has gone by quickly…but unlike many years before I feel that I can account for where 2018 went.
2018 has been filled to the brim with experiences, lessons, hard work, growth and so much more………its been a tough year in many ways….but through it all there has been alot of LOVE!!!!!
Im Hopeful that 2019 will bring opportunities & positive growth, and that we will all use at least 315 of those opportunities wisely….the other ones are for the stay in bed and eat pizza days opportunites lols!!!!!!
Shout out to my Peeps, Happy New year!!!!!
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