Dry Hair during the coldsnap, Coconut oil!!!!!!!!

Holy cats!!!!
I have more manageable Hair!!!!!!
After the #coconutoil grease slick set for 2 days(It felt sooooooooo nasty, but at least I wasnt worried my hair would break off), I couldnt take it anymore and washed my hair.
Then I put more CO on the ends to middle shaft, and VWallah, I have that awesome “can do anything with” wavy kinda hair-almost lols!!!
But suffice it to say, Im enjoying the #nofrizz …my hair is soft, but alittle oily/sticky in back.
Still, today I brushed my freshly dried hair and clipped it into a half up ponytail with ZERO Frizz. This NEVER HAPPENS TO ME!!!
After I brush my curls it looks like birds could nest in my hair, until I braid it up for awhile.
Now off to try a facial moisterizer that Im working up 🙂
My face skin feels like a Crocodile!!!

*However , on a brighter note, My #WitchesBrew #lipbalm and  Hand & body balm are keepin the rest of me nice and Smooth!!!!!
*Also Wubbster looked especially Handsome in his new shirt frm Grandma so I had to include a pic of him!!!!

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