Restocked: Palo Santo !!!

We have Restocked on our Palo Santo at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!
This stuff is AMAZING!!!
#palosanto can be used instead OF or as a compliment TO #sage ,
Now it differs from sage in that it actually fills the space with positive vibrations. It has been known to stop arguments, bickering and fighting.
It also releases pent up negative psychic energy.
*which makes it phenomenal for the holidays, family get togethers, cabin fever, tension/stress removal.

Our suggestion is to use a combo of Palo santo, sage and #sweetgrass to really blast out the energetic nastiness and ring in the positivity AWESOMENESS!!!!!!
*we have started making bundles of these 3 smudgers at the shop, That way its alittle more convenient 😀

#cleansing #energeticcleansing #clearing #smudge #stressremoval #awesome