Product of the week: Amethyst cluster pendants at the Shop!!!

Fresh in from Arizona:
Here’s the product of the week for 11/26-12/2 Amethyst Cluster pendants!

These lovely pendants are made of gorgeous amethyst clusters plated into base metal!
Amethyst is good for intuition heightening and for dream recall!
Its a great anti depressant, and It is also known as a stone that is good for helping break addictions.

When you visit the shop during the above mentioned dates,
mention what the product of the week is and you will receive a 10% discount off your purchase.
*As a heads up this discount is stackable with our black friday coupon or our $5off your 2nd visit coupon….it also applies to Classes, Readings & Healings. *

For more info about this product or about the promotion,
Please reach out via Facebook or give us a call during shop hours at 516-276-7755.

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