Witch’s Brew Bodybalm has arrived at the Shop to help Winterize your skin!!!

Brand Spankin New:
Witch’s Brew Protective & hydrating Bodybalm has arrived at #desmoinesnewageshop !!!!
*Quick note:
Ive been wanting to bring some “Winterizing” personal care items into the shop for the last few years, but it really hit home last year when I went through more moisturizers-creams-even vaseline then anyone should have to for Wubbybear and I to keep our skin from cracking and bleeding….and we still had issues!
So I began doing hardcore research on what mixture of natural stuff that I could use for Baby Wubb & I’s skin THIS winter season ( & Fall too!), which is how I came up with a few of the product recipes that I will be introducing in the Shop over the next month or so…starting with these LipBalms & Bodybalms!!!
These are made In House with all natural ingredients( Toddler& Mama tested, Toddler & Mama approved lols).
I used a blend of Coconut oil (hydrate, protect, condition, antibacterial, antifungal), Virgin Olive oil( hydrating, great carrier for essential oils, etc), Vitamin E oil(super awesomeness,¬† etc), Beeswax (firming agent, adds a layer of protection for skin, love the bees, etc), essential oils( for their Metaphysical & Aromatherapy properties), Reiki (metaphysical properties)….there are more properties to each of these but this post is getting too long lols!

And since we are closing in Halloween season fast, I was in a festive mood while designing the labels lols

The 5 blends that Im starting with are:

Serenity Potion No.1- Orange & Frankincense essential oils- these fight off depression , promote happiness & joy..Frankincense is a natural seratonin booster.

Healing Potion No.2- Rose & Vanilla- Anti stress, anti grief, promotes emotional healing

Perkiness Potion No.3- Peppermint & vanilla- positivity, money attracting, opens sinuses, keeps you awake-alert- perky

Mystic Potion No.4- Lavender, Patchouli, Rose, Rose absolute, Frankincense- anti anxiety, relaxong, helps heals grief & stress emotional baggage, happiness boost, helps when your overwhelmed and irritable, draws prosperity & abundance, helps with manifestation,  etc

Calming Potion No.5- Rosemary & Lavender- calming, grounding, centering and negative energy protection

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