Product of the Week!!!!

Here is Des Moines New Age Shop’s chosen Product of the Week for this week,
8/20-8/26….Shimmer Scent Balms!

The shimmer balms at this time come in two scents… Phoenix Fire and Dragon Dust. These are made by the owner herself and hopes to expand the selection! There is also a large selection of none shimmers as well.

They are a solid perfume and they come in either a metal tin or in a container that looks and works like a chapstick tube! Each of these different solid perfumes are made with essential oils, organic beeswax, and grape seed oil. There are also stones added to work in conjunction with the oils as a boost. All the balms are designed with a metaphysical purpose in mind, these purposes helped give each specific balm their name. These lovely balms also are reiki charged! Shimmer balms have makeup grade mica powders added in to give them the shimmery look!

In regards to metaphysical properties the Dragon Dust Shimmer was created with power and protection in mind while Phoenix Fire is very good for grounding and centering and helping with transitions in regards to manifesting good health and prosperity.

If you come into the shop during the dates listed above and you mention that this weeks product of the week is Shimmer Scent Balms you will receive 10% off your purchase. There are a couple exclusions we wish to mention…this discount isn’t stackable with another discount and unfortunately, will not apply to readings or healings.

If you have any further questions please give us a call at the shop at 515-276-7755 or please send us a message or comment!
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