What the Heck is Orgonite???


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His name is Mr. Bryce Hanna, and Young Mr. Hanna will be answering the question that I have been getting quite alot lately……..What the Heck IS Orgonite?

Mr. Hanna is the owner of Creative Energies, a local maker of Orgonite and a Purveyor of Crystals-Gems-Minerals and such(Creative Energies will be vending at our Halloween psychic fair!!!).

Which , I felt, made him the perfect choice to write this piece, So please..ENJOY!!!!


                                                                    What is Orgonite?


Orgonite is a substance created using a combination of organic resin, metal, and a quartz crystal. It has numerous benefits to both health and spirituality, primarily through its ability to cleanse the negative energy of the environment surrounding it.


In the first half of the 20th Century, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist and researcher came up with a model for the energy of life. He observed that we are constantly surrounded by field of energy and different vibrational frequencies, a large spectrum of which affect us mentally, spiritually, and physically. He called this life force “Orgone Energy” (the same spectrum of energy known in other cultures as chi, prana, ether, etc.) and observed that there was both a positive and negative side of the spectrum. He then observed through a series of studies that organic material attract and hold positive Orgone energy while inorganic materials such as metals attract negative Orgone energy, each repelling its opposite.


The original “Orgonite” was not what we know it as today. After exploring the effects of different material on the Orgone energy field Reich devised what he called his “Orgone Accumulators.” These were large boxes with the inside structure lined with alternating layers of metal and wool or other organic substances. He conducted studies on this and found that the more time people spent sitting within these structures, the greater the intensity of emotion they felt.


Fast forward to the 21st century in which many more strange effects of ordinary objects on the ever present energy around us have been discovered. We now know that quartz and other crystals possess individual energy fields that impact our when they enter our proximity. Scientist John Hutchison also observed that quartz crystals possess piezoelectric properties, meaning that they release a spectrum of positive energy when pressure is applied them. This unique properties of crystals combined with the effects of Reich’s Orgone Accumulator create the positive effects of Orgonite as we know it today.


Orgonite has a multitude of benefits to both health and spirituality. It clears the positive ions (the charges in the air responsible for the stuffy feeling before a storm and the increase in pain from ailments such as arthritis) by absorbing the excess and converting them into negative ions (the opposite charges which possess a number of positive health benefits). It has also been shown to increase the vibrancy of the electromagnetic energy field or “aura” surrounding the body, cause a lift in mood and energy, and aid in plant growth.

“It’s All About Energy!”

Bryce Hanna- Creative Energies

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